Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Avengers: The Children's Crusade #6 is still perfect!

Yep, just one review in this post, and it's the comic I was most looking forward to reading all week... Scratch that, all month... Hell, I've been looking forward to reading this one since the moment I finished the last issue actually! And boy did this issue not disappoint. If only every Avengers comic was like this mini-series has been... Hell, if only every comic book was as good as this mini-series has been! Well, let's not waste any more time, here's my review of the awesomeness that is Avengers: The Children's Crusade #6.

Avengers: The Children's Crusade #6(of 9):

Summary: Having regained her powers and memories, the Scarlet Witch isn't exactly what you'd call happy, as she also recalls decimating mutantkind and killing several Avengers, including her husband, Vision. With those thoughts in her head, Wanda decides to kill herself the same way she disassembled the Avengers, with an army of magic created Kree warships and Ultrons. While the Young Avengers ponder what to do, Hawkeye, Beast and Jessica Jones emerge from Avengers Mansion to see exactly what the hell was going on here. Upon seeing Wanda bursting with power, and the identical way so many Avengers died before(including Hawkeye), the three Avengers are taken aback, at least until the Young Avengers bring the resurrected Scott Lang over to them. After a quick explanation of how they retrieved Lang from the timestream and how Wanda was back to being Crazy Wanda again, Hawkeye contacts the rest of the Avengers and tells them what was going on. Iron Man tells Hawkeye to keep Wanda there for as long as possible, and to try to keep casualties to a minimum. Not wanting to see somebody like Wolverine murder the woman he felt was his mother, Wiccan has Stature bring him up to speak to Wanda. Wanda decried the fact that her husband, teammates and children were dead, and Wiccan refutes all of those points, telling her the Avengers were still standing, the Vision was still alive(in a way...) and that him and his twin brother(Speed) were Wanda's children. Not fully believing him, but curious, Wanda uses her magic on Wiccan and realizes that Wiccan and Speed are indeed her long thought to be dead children... Well, there it is, it's official now! Wanda makes the forces she created disappear, and lands to talk to her sons. While Wiccan is simply happy to have found his mother, Speed is more realistic, and warns Wiccan that the Avengers were simply going to come by to put Wanda down, as they had planned before the House of M. Beast approaches Wanda and tells her that with three words she took the mutant powers away from millions of mutants, and he was hoping she could undo the damage that she did. Wanda tells Beast that she doesn't want to unleash a worldwide spell like that again(because she's not Crazy Wanda anymore), but that she would be willing to try to fix a depowered mutant who wanted to act as a guinea pig. To that end, Jessica Jones recommends heading to X-Factor Investigations, which had taken numerous cases from depowered mutants wanting to know what had happened to their powers. Upon seeing the Scarlet Witch, and knowing that angry former mutants would probably try to kill her upon seeing her, Madrox tells the collection of Young Avengers and Avengers to leave before there was trouble. Wanda reiterates that she wants to try to undo what she did, so Rictor agrees to serve as the guinea pig, much to Shatterstar's dismay. Wanda walks over and grabs Rictor's face, hitting him with magic that sends him flying across the room. With that, the room shakes, and Madrox figures that now Wanda was going to bring his offices down on him, until Rictor reveals that he was the one who created that tremor, and that his mutant powers had returned(!!!). Madrox congratulates Wanda on her accomplishment and tells her that was one depowered mutant down, with about a million more to go. While Wanda let's that number sink in, the X-Men land outside Madrox's offices in force, not looking very happy. When asked what her plan was, Wanda simply states that she'd give the X-Men what they wanted the most, more mutants.

Thoughts: Okay, let's not even play any games here, I'm giving this comic a perfect score. Once again, Allan Heinberg and Jim Cheung have proven that they are the best writer/artist tandem in all of comics. There's so much I want to say about this comic, that I don't even know where to start... I mean we now know definitively that Wiccan and Speed ARE Wanda's sons. Yeah, it was practically a given anyway, but this issue put it down once and for all, they ARE who we thought they were. Besides that, we have Wanda back at full power. And NOT insane! I mean the fact that she gave Rictor his powers back could have huge ramifications throughout the Marvel Universe. First though, let's talk about Rictor... Will he be keeping his powers? I mean because if he did, that would be eight different kinds of awesome! I'm a bit dubious because, in a way, it seems like this mini-series is taking place in it's own little world... I mean with how long it's taken this mini to come out, when would Peter David give Rictor his powers in X-Factor? If he was to give him his powers back now, then we'd know that Wanda's spell was permanent. It's the laggy timing of this series that's throwing everything out of whack. Personally, I can't see Rictor keeping his powers... But then, he has them back now, so maybe he will. And what of the previously dead Scott Lang? Will he remain alive too? There are SO many ways this mini-series could go as we race towards the finish line, that I don't even want to throw anymore guesses out there. I'm just going to sit back, smile, and enjoy the best Avengers story that I've read in ages.

Score: 10 out of 10.Finally.


  1. Ok........ i dont know what to thank ive not reading this series (damn myself lol)
    i can tell just from what uve said and that panel this is amazing
    ok the problem is just woah what could they possibly do to end this good
    i really somehow dout she is gonna bring back all the mutants powers
    athought its what we want i just dont know
    what are ur hopes and worries for the end of this series

  2. the reason i dout she will be bring back the powers is due
    to with sizim coming up it seems like they are trying to spilt whats left of the mutant race and i asume sizim takes place after this due to her the x-men/wolverine seem to still be on good terms with each other sizim at least will have wolverine separate from the main x-men
    and as far as i can tell from sizims previews the mutant population hasent really increased
    sorry is this brings u down at all just a thought

  3. I don't think Wanda is gonna repower every depowered mutant. In a way she said as much in this issue. But I do think she could go around repowering a mutant here, and a mutant there. Maybe make an ongoing series with her and Quicksilver where they go around trying to make up for what Wanda did after House of M. With that said though? I don't think it's going to be permanent. I even suspect that Rictor is gonna lose his powers again, because if Wanda can give mutants their powers back, that makes Our Savior Hope redundant, which Marvel obviously doesn't want. But that's what so awesome about this mini, I have NO idea how it's gonna end!

  4. Wanda "there's a lot ,I'm afraid..."
    Wiccan "like how the hell did you change reality, while guys like Thanos risk their ass years to get cosmic items to do such things..."
    Wanda "well yes, to this day I don't know how I did it!"
    Wiccan " or how was I even conceived?"
    Wanda " this does need further research, Allan ...errr I mean Billy...BTW why do you dress like AOA Gambit?"
    Wiccan," I thought it looked cool...Still that was a fun romp even though I don't know why Doom tried to marry you... "
    Dr Doom " BAH! you young vainglorious insolent cretin, She wanted to marry Doom! For I , Monarch of Latveria, am forced to admit that all women can only fawn in admiration before Doom's godly endowments"

    Wasp"glad for you Wanda ..."
    Wanda " Janet it's been eons where were you?"
    Wasp" blown up to smitherins, because apparently Hank is more interesting while screwing robots, Life...Don"t talk to me about life...Fucking hacks..."

    Srsly , glad to see Witchie back , but being a jaded bastard by now & after seeing so many potential squandered, I'm beyond caring now...will they bring Janet back as a ghost next?