Monday, June 27, 2011

Fun with Two-Face!

Hey X-Maniacs, X here with what basically amounts to a filler post... You see, I've managed to read through and post reviews for every comic I picked up last Wednesday already! Well except for Silver Surfer #5, but I'm sure that comic sucks, so I'm in no rush to read it. I don't have any contingency posts left, and with the forum still going strong(in a way...), I really don't have all that much to say here... Oh, except you should totally be checking out the forum! It's awesome!! Join up!!! Become one of us!!!! Okay, shameless shilling for the forum done. For now... Anywho, back to the issue at hand, the fact that I have no issues at hand. I've been reading a mess of 1980's Batman comics lately, and a few trades(I just finished Chew Volume One, which was great), but nothing that I'd want to do a whole post on... So yeah... Well, when in doubt, post a random comic book scan! Here's a scan from Batman #411, which features on scene SO bizarre I feel compelled to post it!

Yes, this scene really did happen! On this one page you have Two-Face hitting Batman with a baseball bat and then sliding into second base while screaming safe, all while being chased by Commissioner Gordon and Alfred!!! That's right, that OTHER Dynamic Duo! I couldn't make something like that up in a million years! This page officially wins the “Weirdest single comic page EVER!” award, hands down.


  1. What a about that Hellblazer issue that you pick-up, last week?

  2. Crazy thought! I need to give Nate Grey another shot in deviations (hope you liked the Stryfe revamp, it'll be similar)
    Howver , I srsly want to know what writers you hate & the reason to, I already know for Johns, but what about the others?


  3. Lol. This scan is too much. I miss Two-Face. I hope he makes a come back this fall.

    And LOOOOVE the number of forum plugs. You're one slick man. lol.

  4. So... what's this about a forum? :P Nice shameless plugs X, Foley would be proud. As for that scan, I have a man to bat!

    Also, I love the fact he ran for second, dropped the bat, and yet everyone else just stands there puzzled.

  5. I think I have a Hellblazer and Fables comic to get to, but I am SO behind with both those series I have NO clue when I'll be reading either... I have like 20+ Hellblazers to read still, and I'm two or three trades short before I'm close to being caught up with Fables, Alien... One day I'll be all caught up though... Probably...

    Hmm... Which writers do I hate... Well, there's Chairman Johns because of the fact that he hates everything I enjoy about DC. There's Chris Yost/Craig Kyle because of what they did in New X-Men: Academy X, and I think that's it, Saidi... Those are the only writers whose works I refuse to read anymore. I dropped the current X-Men series because Yost took over the writing duties(and I'll pick it up again when he leaves), and I wouldn't read Red Robin while he was on it. There are a few writers whose work never clicked with me, but those are the only three guys whose work I openly boycott.

    Did you guys like subtly? :P I thought I was very sly with the way I plugged the forum, which can be found here:

    That entire page was just awesome, JT! He SLID into second base while the baseball players stood around in shock! AND he screamed out, "Safe!" when he did it!! AND ALFRED was chasing after him!!! That page is just... I don't even have a word for it!

  6. I started laughing at Two-Face's "double play" line and didn't stop until I'd finished the whole page. That's just classic. I'm not really as up on my Batman history as I should be, so when was that issue published and who wrote it? I'm guessing late '80s?

  7. Glad you liked it, Marc. I cracked up as I read it the first time too... It's just so insane! Let's see... It's Batman #411, which would have been Sept. 87 and I'm about 94% sure it was written by Max Allan Collins. I don't actually have the issue with me at the moment, so I'm not positive, but he was almost definitely the writer of that issue.

  8. well here's my opinion about a few comics pictures, you may agree with some of them...

    & this how the planet x & overall morrison run should have ended;

    enjoy & let me know what you think guys


  9. I've gotta say, Saidi, that I 100% disagree with your opinion of New X-Men, which I think is the best story told in superhero comics since the turn of the century. But to each their own!

  10. Actually Marc, I didn't even see heroism or a single decent person during that entire run so I can't even call it superheroism. Still, more power to whoever liked it, I'm glad you found something that entertained you.
    But just remember one this about Morrison, he created a juicy status quo that I'm still baffled he never used correctly because he was not even assed to try to know the characters to move from point A to B. he actually didn't give a fuck about the mythos, before you tell that I am against progress , THINK AGAIN because I LOVE change & evolution if it's logical & organic like Spidey getting married, Wally becoming the Flash, Harry being the best Green Goblin, Deadpool becoming a better person or Cable being the president of Rummekistan (of course everyone shat on that...)

    & now let's bring the reasons why his particular run produce a huge quantity of bile in my liver to be puked nigh-immediately...:

    _Cassandra Nova (a dead fetus came from the toilet & owned the x-men,remember to flush next time kids! I swear if a no name writer proposed this shit they'd fire him! & she 's EEEEVIL because...? & it baffles me people complain about Onslaught! at least Onslaught could be seen as Xavier dark impulses given form, & the heroes acted as competent heroes in that story unlike Morrison where anyone is a complete & utter tool! look I'm all for flawed personnas, everyone have their weaknesses , but here it's overkill,I don't see douchiness & being an asshole the same as being complex)

    _Beast is a little junkie bitch, you're a fan of McCoy? see everything that was cool about him be destroyed! & he is a cat because...the zoophile demographic needed something I guess...

    _Emma Frost's character!the bitch that was in his run was no Emma ( the white queen is tactful, classy & SUBTLE! Morrison was as subtle as a pole dancing nymphomaniac covered in ketchup screaming FUCK ME! oh & diamond powers ? suck my balls! )

    _Cyclops was a castrated moron , I call him Douchelops nowadays & boy do I wish to see Maddie Pryor come back & rip his heart out with her bare hands!

    His becoming involved in any kind of relationship with Paris Hilton! Not to mention where I come from, if you betray the woman who loved you & searched for you when everyone thought you were dead you won't even count as a human being...

  11. (continued)

    _Genosha destroyed by sentinels? you're fuckin kiddin me right! the acolytes eat these trash cans for supper!I mean it's not like they're without weapons , right! & beast cracks jokes at dead people whom spinal cords aren't even dry, heroism ladies & gents!

    _ the Xorneto shit:before you tell me about the genius concept of Magnus is terrorist twat because he's not Ian McKellen (eerrr...IMHO last time he worked well as a villain was Fatal attractions, just saying...) let me give you the fucking" genius " plan:I impersonate some chinese prisonner all this time to act later as a nazi buffoon & to fool the x-men on my asteroid on which i spent time & money god knows where it came from, I build a fearsome group with a fly woman , a chicken, a piece of cum dumpster jailbait, an old woman who'll rebel by saying genocide isn't IN anymore (I kid you not...) & a brain in a jar! Srsly, who needs Frenzy, Exodus, Fourarm, Scanner, Amelia, Unuscione, Chrome or Byron when I have that army! then I kill Jean in phoenix mode (srsly fuck the phoenix shit! did we really need it back? wasn't Jean doing well without space chicken?) because the plot said so & then Logan can behead me (& I didn't defeat them all because...)
    MWAHAHAAHAA, now where's my cocaine?

    _ his so called last story reeks of so much derailment & mysoginy that i refuse to acknowledge it as cannon. Suuure "all what I did was dying on you! live my best friend!" says Jean. suuure after all , she risked her life to save other people, she went to the future with him to raise Cable, & when he went missing , she & Cable searched the entire fucking planet to find him, You really want me to buy that their relationship that survived all that needed to be thrown in the garbage? but hey apparently heroic people are for dweebs, let's kill her in such an insulting way that it'll make you beg the question" who greenlit this shit?"
    the only good thing he came with were the culture, minority concept , Fantomex (& it took Tieri & Diabolik to make me like the guy!) & district X but the stories were awful or fuckin mean spirited.& let's not speak of decimation...

    wonder if I'll win the record of the longest post in your site X...


  12. You have undoubtedly won the longest comment ever award, Saidi! Wow, that was epic! Personally, I'd have to say Morrison's run was the last time I really enjoyed an X-run(expect for Brubaker's LONG Shi'ar storyline in Uncanny). Mike Carey can't write to save his life, I'm just not into Gillen's work, I hate Yost, Claremont's mind seems to have left him these past few years, Whedon was obsessed with writing “Kitty the Vampire Hunter”, Austen's run was... Austen's run, Fraction's run did nothing for me, so yeah. The problem is mainly the fact that Decimation completely ruined the X-books to the point that they've become nearly unreadable. I mean the writers don't have the old standby, "Here's a new character. He's a mutant and wants to be evil because a) he wants to take over the world, or b) he hates humans" Decimation destroyed that. Now all we get are “Oh no, it's Sentinels! Again...” or “Oh no, it's a bunch of bigoted humans! Again...”

    I personally LOVED the Magneto/Xorn reveal, and wish Marvel would have had the balls to keep it in continuity, and not allow Claremont to undo it ASAP. Were there bad moments, yes, Cassandra Nova, the "White Hot Room"(what the hell was that all about?), and I'd never really given it much thought, but a bunch of Sentinels, no matter how strong, killing 17 million mutants on a fortified island was pretty far fetched. But overall? I'd take that run over almost any other X-run outside the stuff that happened in the early 90's, which will probably always be my favorite X-stuff ever.

  13. Oh, and re: Nate and Osborn, I agree that Nate should have toasted Osborn's brains the MOMENT he saw what a mess the Marvel U had become since his death, but I'll always say this for Dark X-Men... It brought back my favorite character, so yeah, Osborn should have been left a drooling veggie, or better yet, Nate should have simply possessed him and did things however he wanted in Osborn's postion, but hey, if that's what it takes for me to see Nate again, I'll deal with it.

  14. Actually I stopped enjoying the core books a bit earlier , with the whole twelve shit( GAAAAAH! HOW DARE THEY FUCK UP WHAT COULD HAVE BEEN AN EPIC CONFRONTATION between NUR & NATHAN! THE CARTOON DID A GREAT JOB DAMMIT!). Basically my readings later consisted of solos & spin-offs:
    -Generation X sure did not really need to be saved thanks to Faerber's great run but Wood still did a great job & his run was a tear jerker when you think the treatment all of them from Emma to Penance will suffer is truly irritating (Lobdell & Bachalo or Lim or Pugh must write a forever series about this awesome team)
    - X-man was SAVED by Ellis & Grant, & it's a shame the arc where Nate would deactivate the genetic deterioration in his own body never came to pass, but the ending was really emotional...wouldn't you be tempted by an X-man forever By Grant/Kirk to see the original ending?
    -Cable had the excellent Rob Weinberg run that if fat Q did not interrupt would have lasted 4 years & revealed the logical 3rd Summers brother (I read the theory & I WANT A CABLE FOREVER MINI-SERIES by Weinberg/Ryan MARVEL! YOU OWE US THAT!
    -Gambit was revitalised by Nicieza & like the above titles , I say track it, it was fucking awesome & would have lasted 50 issues if Claremont did not pester it with fuckin Neo shit (Chris, just leave...), we really need a Gambit Forever by Nicieza
    -Tieri 's weapon X was the only book that felt like anything X-men at the time & treated, aside from solos , the x-men with some respect
    Then fucking Morrison came along (positive point; mutant culture & Jimenez artwork, Negative:it should be called "the douchebags leather edition!",Quietly draws fetus heads & I need to puke now...)& Claremont x-treme x-men(positive: Gambit had his awesomest costume ever & Larroca draws nice, Negative: FACT!Chris MUST retire!ENOUGH!)
    Then Deadpool( the only thing reasonable people followed with Joe Kelly) was doing well with Simone to be followed by the WONDER that is Cable&Deadpool, we had some good solos like Mystique,Bedard's Rogue, Layman's Gambit( it was FUN! & I love FUN!), Rucka's Wolverine (last time I loved Logan...), Sacasa's Nightcrawler,PAD's Madrox,District X & Kirkman's Jubilee but the core books starting from Morrison & ON SUCKED ON TOAST!I was so fed up with the deterioration of the team and its mythologies that it took just Decimation to give justification for dropping the book & writing MY own Continuity or fanarts. Decimation was the HEADSHOT, but the rest of the haybale had been immolated & raped by Morrison long beforehand while he could , with a better editor or a competent co-writer ,have done wonders.

    BTW check out X-factor forever , it's THE BEST X-men story of 2010 & Simonson is still better than Claremont (whose forever stuff was booooring but with pretty art...


  15. To this day, one of the things that frustrates me the most about Nate was the fact that Marvel allowed that damned Terry Kavanagh to write that series for so damn long!!! He never knew WHAT to do with the character! Every now and then there'd be an inventory story during the X-Man series written by somebody else, and it would ALWAYS be better than what Kavanagh was putting out... By the time Marvel went with the Counter X stuff, the writing was on the wall for all of those series, and no matter how good Nate the shaman was, the series was going to inevitably get canned, just like all the other Counter X stuff, which sucked. I still say if Marvel would have pulled that talentless Kavanagh off the X-Man series at around issue #25-30, and put Nate on a team(X-Force anybody!), he'd be one of the more popular mutants out there today.

    Let's see... The jury's still out for me on Weinberg's Third Summers Brother idea... I like parts of the idea, the time travel aspect would have had legs, but Apocalypse as a Summers? I just don't know... That's far fetched even by comic book standards! UGH! I'd completely forgotten about Xtreme X-Men! Man did Claremont simply fall apart these past 10 years as a writer or what?! LOVED Weapon X, even though there was one death in that series that REALLY pissed me off, LOVED Mystique, LOVED Cable/Deadpool, LOVED District X, THAT was one series that really should have been allowed to keep going, because it was fantastic... Huh, you know, you're right. The spin-off/solo X-books were WAY better than the main titles. I've heard about X-Factor Forever, but never gave it much thought. When I'm at the comic shop tomorrow I'll see if they have it in stock.