Thursday, June 23, 2011

Mighty Thor #3 & Wolverine #11

Two more Marvel comic books that have been extremely impressive lately, Mighty Thor and Wolverine. Will they be good this month? I don't know yet, ask me again at the end of the reviews!

Mighty Thor #3:

Summary: This issue starts off with several citizens of Broxton telling Volstagg that they've suffered enough since the Asgardians became their neighbors and didn't want to deal with them anymore. Offended, Volstagg heads back to Asgard to complain. Meanwhile, at Asgard, Thor and the Silver Surfer are having a bit of a throw down. Odin demands that they halt their fighting so he could learn exactly what the Surfer wanted. The Surfer tells Odin that Galactus craved the seed from the World Tree Thor recovered back in the first issue of this series, since that seed could potentially rid Galactus of his planetary hunger forever. Odin tells the Surfer that Galactus couldn't have it, so the Surfer responds by telling the Asgardians that Galactus would be taking it from them whether they liked it or not. With the Surfer gone, Odin tells Thor that all Galactus really wanted was to use the seed to become a god, not sate his hunger, which leads to an angry Thor declaring war on Galactus and the Surfer. On the moon, the Surfer informs Galactus of what he was told on Asgard about the seed. Back in Asgard, Loki sneaks into Sif's bedroom, but is discovered and nearly impaled if not for the timely arrival of Thor. Loki runs from the room, while Thor tells Sif that the Asgardians were going to war against Galactus. Later that night, Odin and his best warriors suit up in their... um, Asgardian space suits and fly from Earth to take down Galactus.

Thoughts: I could have done without the Volstagg stuff, but then again I could do without Volstagg period, and the stuff with Loki was kind of out there(was he trying to steal Sif's hair?), but everything else here was very good. I enjoyed the mini-battle between the Surfer and Thor, which looks to have been the opening act of the Asgardian/Galactus showdown that should be taking place next issue. Now granted, I've become a bit of a Thor fan as of late, but I don't care how many Asgardians you set against Galactus and his most powerful herald, those Asgardians are in for a world of hurt. But however next month's battle plays out, I'll most definitely be there.

Score: 9 out of 10.Those Asgardians are asking for an ass-kicking!

Wolverine #11:

Summary: This comic's action takes place in two separate time periods, the past memories of a member of the Red Right Hand, and the present, where Wolverine is battling some female assassin named the Shadow Stalker in the RRH's compound. I'll start off with the RRH members storyline. While watching Wolvie fight Shadow Stalker, the woman thinks back on her life remembering when Wolvie murdered her father when she was a little girl(her old man was a member of the OSS), as well as the time Wolvie and Sabretooth murdered her husband(who was a member of the NSA). While at the funeral of her husband, the woman is approached by a representative of the RRH, who tells her there was a large group of people who have been hurt by Wolvie, and were getting together to come up with a way to get revenge. The woman joins up, but begins to have second thoughts, so the leader of the RRH takes the woman to a ritzy nursing home and introduces her to Victoria Creed, Sabretooth's mother. The RRH's leader hands the woman a hammer and tells her to punish Tooth by taking away his mother. The woman doesn't want to, but gives into her rage and bashes Tooth's mother's brains out with the hammer. After that, she never considered leaving the RRH again. The Wolvie part of the story is actually pretty easy to deal with, in the end, Wolvie defeats his foe and presumably kills her, promising the RRH that he was still coming for them. The RRH members seem unafraid, but their plans aren't exactly moving along smoothly with Wolvie literally at their door. This issue ends with Daken entering the RRH's inner sanctum and telling them HE'D be willing to help them hurt Wolverine.

Thoughts: No real complaints here. This issue did a good job of showing us all what a scumbag Wolvie was back in the day. Just by seeing the story of the one RRH member, it's easy to imagine a band of people who blame Wolvie for the deaths of their loved ones getting together to punish him for his transgressions. The fight between Wolvie and Shadow Stalker wasn't that important, and was treated as such. It was just a way to get an action scene into this comic I'd imagine. And as one of the biggest Daken fans you'll ever find, it should go without saying that I enjoyed seeing him hook up with the RRH to torment his father even more.

Score: 8 1/2 out of 10.Jeez, Wolvie could be a real scumbag at times...


  1. damn im so happy with the thor book now the last saga by freaction was Extremly controversial most saying it was shit but all the problems it had have just blown away with this new saga

    the lok and sif thing is kinda werid
    but if u recall in the last issue loki was bout to be killed be the stone collosuss and sif saved him im thinking loki just kinda developed one of those childhood infactuations with the hot older girl and her saving him definatly helped
    justa thought
    cus lol lokis not really evil no more so i dout he was stealing her hair to create some kinda evil magic clone of her or somthing

    damn i shoulda kept reading wolverine i stoped after he first 5-6 issues

  2. Great point on the Loki/Sif thing, Movieartman. Maybe he does have a childhood-type crush on his brothers uber-hot girlfriend. The only thing is if you look at the picture really close, it looks like Loki is holding a knife, and it seems positioned right at Sif's hair, before she gets up. I doubt(HOPE!) that Loki isn't up to any nefarious things with whatever he was doing there, because I'm REALLY enjoying Kid Loki, but I think there was more going on there than meets the eye.

    As for Wolvie, it's been solid. Not spectacular or anything, but really solid. I was a big fan of possessed Wolvie, and Jason Aaron's story is moving along nicely with Wolvie hunting down these old people(The Red Right Hand) who have a legitimate beef with him... I'll be interested to see how he reacts when he comes face to face with these old men and women who want nothing more then to make him pay for all the terrible things he's done to their families.

  3. oh no i wasent denying that he was trying to cut a loch of her hair thats as plain as day
    it was just i was thinkin maby he was doing so like just as some kinda meaningfull token to remember her bye in case she gets killed in the battle agenset galactus or somthin

  4. this is why I don't read Wolverine anymore, I was already not that hot on Frank Tieri's portrayal (He writes a great Sabretooth though!)
    because this new group of writers cater on Logan 's worst impulses & make him an asshole who slices & dices too casually, & whose only purpose now is to be the misused cashcow, in fact I'd be all for Victor to come back from Miami , gut Logan & become the protagonist, at least Creed isn't an hypocrite like this New Wolverine. The last awesome Logan I read was the Rucka run,it saved him from the shit he endured since that shitty origin!But even before, Logan suffered a decline that makes the bone claws stuff harmless (because when I look back, you still can root for him in those comics! the dilemma & edge were still here!) then Morrison used him as a mongrel idiot, Whedon's was just a fucking mockery (I need a beer! hello homer simpson!), Austen 's was an annoying little bitch, then Yost & Kyle came we had X-23 but instead of using the x-men EVO portrayal ( how I actually like the wiser Logan) they make him the lapdog of douchelops & bang Domino, with whom he has no history with!the Romulus crap was so aweful I'm baffled no one said "wait it 's horrible!we wasted sabretooth for this?" & While I know you're a Daken fan , I'm sorry but mohawk-wolvie has been horribly sold & thus felt gimmicky, & not even good!the only way for me to tolerate him is if they bring back omega red, Sabretooth to the glorious status they had in the weapon x ongoing, you said yourself that he fits a different role in Logan's enemy collection!Daken to me is tame, he's the kid that hates his dad, Victor on the other hand is that nice guy you meet at the bar, & when one day you'll come home , tragedy will hit you "on his own words "pretty things break too easily", the sabretooth one Shot Gillen did was actually perfect in showing why Victor loves making wolvie's life a living hell, & while you should hate him, there's something delicious when he's in action!But strangely, his loss is what buried " mainstream" Wolverine for me. one of the few reasons I drew weapon end, if anyone has a suggestion ,let me know I'll be glad to hear it!

    PS ; I'd really love to know your opinions guys on the Stryfe revamp & other comics deviations...

  5. Ah gotcha, Movieartman. That actually makes tons of sense, keeping the lock of hair as a keepsake. The only thing is when it comes to Loki, I'm always waiting for the other shoe to drop... As much as I love him as a kid who isn't the monster older Loki was, you know it's only a matter of time before we get older, evil Loki back...

    I don't think Wolvie becoming claw happy is a new thing, I can remember reading a few of those Essential X-Men trades back during the Claremont run where Wolvie would kill if need be. He may have upped the body count a lot lately, but he's always been the killer on the X-Men, which is why I hate him on the Avengers, whose charter explicitly states, Avengers don't kill... Anyway, I've read plenty of Sabretooth comics, and every comic Daken has appeared in, and I'd say Daken is more complex than Tooth is, as well as coming across as more sympathetic. Tooth's strategy is almost always, "Attack, slash, kill!!!" everything in his path. There are a few notable exceptions(like Tieri's Weapon X, where Tooth was a bit more cunning), but for the most part, he's always seemed kind of one dimensional to me. Don't get me wrong, he's an excellent foil to Wolvie as the guy Wolvie COULD have been, but most writers seemed happy to write him as a simple berserker. Daken is more likely to concoct a vast plan to ensnare his target, which I find refreshing in the regular, "Slash/destroy everything!" characters in Wolvie's books. Yeah, his main thing is his daddy issues, with both Wolvie and Romulus, but most villains have that one main motivating factor, no matter who they are. Daken's current, "trying to be better than Wolvie" kick is a nice take on the character, as he's still obsessing about Wolvie, but instead of simply trying to replace him, he's now trying to one up him. But then you know I'm a huge Daken fan, so I just can't see any other Wolverine character as superior to Daken, not even Wolvie.

  6. It's not the killing that is the real problem, it' s the fact that when Wolverine developped an interesting personna, he did only when it was necessary or in a berserker rage state.
    As for Victor , he SEEMS to be kill slash destroy but other than Tieri,HE WAS ALREADY CUNNING! there's also Hama (in his first mini series he discovered that Graydon Creed had a hilarious turn at the end), Rucka (return of the native ...), Joller( Mary Shelley overdrive! check it & you'llsee why lost agem like Creed!),Lobdell( the issue where strapped to his chair, he basically tells prof X's failures & repressions, or when he manipulated BoomBoom...)
    Nicieza (when prisonner in the mansion, the tension between him & Gambit was just awesome, He knew of the shady past of Remy & Remy wanted nothing more then to off the bastard...but Jean was more than pissed when he kept telling them that Logan is essentially a blood thirsty animal (well, Victor, nowadays you are right,if you wanna replace him you're welcome..) & mopes the floor with him & cementing herself as one of my favs, no phoenix BS, Jean by herself was a pure fuckin badass!)
    So no, Sabretooth was always MORE than just a killer like those hacks are thinking , & now I think he surpassed the foil status, now Wolverine Howlett (yes I love OLd Logan but fuckin hate James Howlet) is the distraction...

    As for Daken, I definitely don't think he needs that Romulus BS in his past. & if he offs Howlett after a good "Hah! IN YOUR FACE OLD MAN!", then Victor would applaud & tell him "oh look what you've done, you broke my favourite toy...well you're the only one I'll try to cockblock now, kiddo, hope you'll enjoy a game of living chess.. ya seem more fun than the runt &oh... find something else than that pheromone stuff.. this nose can resist wasabi..."
    Of course this Chess game will involve a city , murder , corruption , manipulations & a lot of bloody meat in the end up until Daken 's next birthday (not that it bothers him, this time he tries to one up a guy who WANTS to actually play...& it makes things more interesting)

    Now wouldn't this turn of event be better, & as you can see as anti- Daken as I am , I still try to find a situation that would pit him & Creed at their best ( don't ask for Vulcan, he is a case of "Let's drink to forget!" & to his credit Daken did not have old characters slaughterd left & right to introduce or make him look good)
    Oh & BTW, the x-factor deviation