Friday, June 10, 2011

Heroes for Hire #7 & Heroes for Hire #8

Well, it seems I completely forgot about one of the new comics I picked up last Wednesday... I was sifting through some of my back issues, looking for something to read, when I came across Heroes for Hire #8... Don't ask me HOW it made it's way into one of my many back issue piles, but the important thing is that I found it! So in one sitting I read Heroes for Hire #6, #7 & #8. For this review, I'll review issues #7 & #8, but rest assured, the scores you see for those two issues could easily apply to issue #6 as well...

Heroes for Hire #7:

Summary: This issue continues from last issue(hmm, maybe I SHOULD have reviewed issue #6...), with Spider-Man taking the place of the injured Paladin tracking some Atlantian drugs smugglers for Misty Knight. The truck Spidey attached himself to enters a warehouse and while Spidey is trying to describe the scene to Misty, some goons catch wind of him and start shooting guns with demonic bullets at him... Well that's different! While Spidey is busy dodging the demon gun bullets, Paladin is making his way to the warehouse, broken ribs and all. Misty tries to convince Paladin that he needed to get medical attention, but Paladin refuses to allow Spidey(somebody he can't stand) finish his job for him. Spidey manages to get away from the gun-toting goons, but ends up running right into Batroc the Leaper and his ninjas. As for Paladin, he sneaks into the warehouse and is immediately confronted by Paladin's ninjas... D'oh! Batroc manages to lead Spidey to a large caged in area surrounded by a bunch of cheering low-life criminals. Batroc tells Spidey that he was now going to entertain the crowd, and that if he tried to escape, several goons with demon guns would blow him away. With that, a large gate opens up and the Scorpion, along with a mess of dinosaurs smuggled from the Savage Land charge out to attack. Misty, who was listening to her two operatives get themselves in a mess of trouble, decides it was time for her to leave her computers and head to the warehouse to help Spidey and Paladin.

Thoughts: Wooo, I REALLY enjoyed this issue! First off, I've always liked Misty Knight, and one of the things I really enjoyed from Heroes for Hire #1 was the fact that she was serving as an Oracle-like character, running things and directing heroes from behind the scenes. Had the Puppet Master not shown up in Heroes #1, I probably wouldn't have missed an issue... Anyway, as with pretty much anything written by Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning, this was an exceptionally good comic. I honestly can't think of anything I want to complain about, so I'll just move on to the next issue.

Score: 8 1/2 out of 10.I've got to say, I'm really liking Scorpion's new duds...

Heroes for Hire #8:

Summary: While Spidey is busy trying to dodge Scorpion and a mess of angry dinosaurs to the delight of a bunch of cheering criminals, Paladin is busy trying to prevent a bunch of Batroc's ninjas from decapitating him. With her heroes in trouble, Misty Knight grabs a gun, hops on her motorcycle and heads towards the warehouse where Paladin and Spidey were battling for their lives. Paladin manages to knock out the ninjas, and turns around to find a bunch of goons holding demon guns... Sheesh, can't a guy catch a break?! Luckily for Paladin, he DOES catch a break, as Satana, who he placed a call to upon learning that the goons in the warehouse were packing demon guns, appears on the scene and incinerates the goons and their guns. Satana tells Paladin she could do a spell that destroys all of the demon guns in the area, but that she'd need some time, leaving the still injured Paladin to watch her back. As for Spidey, Misty arrives in the room Spidey was fighting for his life in and attacks Batroc, who was happily watching the carnage. Seeing that the calvary had arrived, Spidey launches one of the dinosaurs at Scorpion and jumps out of the cage to help Misty deal with the gun-toting goons. Before the goons with the demon guns could open fire on Spidey, Misty or even the idiot criminals who came to watch the cage fights, Satana finishes her spell, blowing up the guns(and the goons). From there, Spidey takes care of Batroc, while Misty polishes off the remaining crooks, just as the police arrive on the scene. Paladin and Satana also arrive, with Misty thanking Satana for her help before Satana teleports away. Spidey also takes his leave and Paladin and Misty head back to Paladin's apartment so Paladin could finally patch himself up. While Paladin is busy, Misty does a sweep of his apartment and discovers that whoever was behind the Atlantian drugs, Savage Land dinosaurs, and demon guns had placed several bugs in Paladin's apartment. Misty lets the mystery villain know that she coming for him, while the mystery villain sits back and tells Misty to bring it.

Thoughts: So the mystery villain is the Purple Man right? I mean it SURE looks like the Purple Man, and who better to pull the strings of the Puppet Master. Anyway, once again, I really enjoyed this issue, and much like issue #7 before it, I can't think of any major complaints. It starred Spider-Man, Paladin and Misty Knight... What's not to like?!

Score: 9 out of 10.Well that's ONE way to deal with Scorpion!


  1. HA! i told you Nate you'd like those issues. good reviews i couldn't have said it better myself. i loved the three way banter between Misty, Paladin & Spidey. there was so much great dialogue such as the Star Wars references, Paladin's cab ride and the way Spidey was clowning on Batroc. and the way the drew Misty's back side in issue 7 was pretty nice too. although Satana damn near upstaged Misty in seductive hotness in #8. i'm not sure where the velociraptors came from or if they were really needed for the story but no big deal. i must say even though i am a ROM spaceknight fan it appears Abnett & Lanning had an easier time writing H4H then they did Annihilators.

  2. Yeah, I've got to hand it to you, Dave, you were right on the money with these comics. I REALLY enjoyed them. Like you said, the Misty/Spidey/Paladin banter was great, and I found myself really enjoying Paladin here for the first time in a while(probably since Captain America from the late 80's/early 90's). I can officially say that I am hooked, and this series will be a part of my monthly pull list now.