Sunday, June 19, 2011

Captain America Corps #1 & X-Factor #221

Back to Marvel, with a mini-series I know NOTHING about, and one of those X-books...

Captain America Corps #1(of 5):

Summary: This issue kicks off with some Eskimos discovering Captain America(Steve Rogers) frozen in his block of ice back in the day. Before events transpire the way they're supposed to, the block of ice suddenly vanishes from that reality. One of the Elders of the Universe(the Contemplator), heads to the Watcher's base on the Blue Area of the Moon, and tells the Watcher that Steve Rogers's's's were being plucked from all over the multiverse, and that if it continued at the rate it was happening, there could be a multiversal catastrophe. The Watcher, being the Watcher, tells Contemplator that was too bad, but he could only watch, leaving Contemplator to try have to solve this mystery on his own. To that end he grabs several Captain America related characters out of history, and explains what was happening. So who are these characters? The Captain America from the early 40's(Steve Rogers), the current Captain America, or I guess the former Captain America now(GRRRR.....), Bucky Barnes, US Agent(John Walker, right after his Cap run), American Dream(!!!), who was from the MC2 universe, and Commander A, the Captain America of the 25th century, who I know nothing about. Needless to say, these very different characters don't exactly believe the Contemplator, so he teleports them to one of the altered Earths, where they are immediately set upon by that world's police force, the Americops(!!!). After a quick scuffle, the Cap Corps decide to retreat to try to figure out what was going on, but unfortunately run right into the Ameridriod(!!!)

Thoughts: Yeah, I'm a sucker for Captain America history, and a total Captain America fanboy, so I really enjoyed this one... Sue me. I mean damn, this issue referenced Americop, the Ameridroid, and featured Bucky, Cap, US Agent(when he still pretty crazy), and American Dream... It was AWESOME! Hell, I don't even care about the storyline, as long as this mini-series keeps on giving me obscure Cap facts, I'm THERE!

Score: 9 out of 10.Yep, I'm going to enjoy this mini-series...

X-Factor #221:

Summary: We get started with Feral trying to attack Wolfsbane, but rapidly realizing that she was intangible. This confuses Feral, until Wolfsbane tells Feral that she had died, at which point Feral remembers that and vanishes. Confused, Shatterstar and Wolfsbane leave the church they were in and begin to head home when Feral reappears. Feral tells Wolfsbane that several creatures were interested in her unborn child, and that she was there to lead the creatures to Wolfsbane, since one of the creatures promised Feral they'd return her to life if she served as a homing device around Wolfsbane. From there a demon wolf attacks Wolfsbane, but is decapitated by Shatterstar. Unfortunately, the wolf's head grows a body and it's body grows a head, leaving the two heroes with twice the demon wolf. Deciding retreat was in order, Shatterstar and Wolfsbane steal a taxi and try to drive back to X-Factor's headquarters. While that's going on, Layla Miller is spreading salt in specific symbols around the building in order to keep any demons out. Meanwhile, Shatterstar and Wolfsbane are jumped by a giant lion goddess, and have to abandon their taxi. Two canine demons show up and attack the lion goddess since they wanted Wolfsbane's child for themselves. With the various gods and demons distracted, Shatterstar and Wolfsbane continue onward to X-Factor's building. We end this one with X-Factor's receptionist, Pip the Troll, calling his mystery boss and telling him to get over to the building since so many others were also after Wolfsbane's unborn child.

Thoughts: I enjoyed this one. It wasn't spectacular, but it was good. It had a horror movie feel to it, with Wolfsbane being heckled by the ghost of Feral, while she and Shatterstar were being chased by various freaks. The ending, with Pip revealing he was planning an apparent double-cross on the team was the perfect cliffhanger, as it makes X-Factor's base as perilous as the streets outside. I'm pretty interested to see where this whole pregnancy angle is gonna go.

Score: 7 1/2 out of 10.Yeah, she's a ghost.


  1. mwahahahaahahaha! a ghost? does it mean we'll get Synch back? (& I refuse to believe Skin was killed! it was an Austen comic dammit!)
    Feral ;" oh Rahne I don't even think you'll sleep anymore with me in this state! ready for a Sabor vs baby tarzan role play? I'll give 5 minutes to satart running..."


  2. Feral's ghost was flat out hysterical in this issue. She stole the show here, to the point I hope she sticks around in ghost form to hassle the team!