Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Those Avengers...

One more day until New Comic Day, so that means one more filler post. Today we'll swing back to Marvel and I'll post a few of my favorite scenes from the awesomeness that was the West Coast Avengers. Why the West Coast Avengers? Why not?

Let's see, we have the happy, loving couple that were Hawkeye and Mockingbird.

Hawkeye showing how much respect he has for his mentor, Captain America.

Ultron using one of the best insults ever on Iron Man.

And finally, some heart-warming stuff between Ultron and his “father”, Hank Pym.


  1. shit hank really was just dareing ultron to screw with his life

    check this

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  3. Lmmfao. Then you'll REALLY see some Avengin'! You tell em Hawkeye! Goddamn Captain Methuselah, skimping on the avengin! He may have missed the whole encyclopedia Britannica, but if ANYONE knows about some avengin, it's good ol Grape face.

  4. Well, if a crazy robot was calling you on the phone to taunt you, Movieartman, I'd bet you'd be angry too! :P I checked out that link, and MAN I can't wait until that next issue of Thor drops!

    And that right there is why Hawkeye > Every Other Comic Book Archer, JT... Even Roy! He's easily one of my favorite characters in either company, archer or not.

  5. Hank ,I love ya, & you really don't deserve the bad reputation they dare saddle you with...but lay off the robotics ,please, except if Aaron Stack demands a bordel, & try to build a chocolate factory or something about size-changing house furnitures (btw kudos for that sex scene with Janet, you gain a medal for the most realistic use of a power I've seen in a comic...)

    PS: to Tony, Steve, Janet, Hank,Clint,Wanda,Vision,Scott, Jack, Jen,T'Challa,you guys are indeed awesome