Sunday, June 19, 2011

Batgirl #22 & Teen Titans #96

Two DC comics here, both slated to be completely retooled during the DC Reboot of 2011. One of them doesn't need a reboot at all(BATGIRL!!!), while I can't say I'm upset to see the other one changed up. But that's September, let's deal with the present.

Batgirl #22:

Summary: For some undisclosed reason, Batman(Bruce Wayne... Huh, I guess I won't have to specify WHICH Batman I'm talking about soon...) tells Batgirl to head to Jolly Ole England and head to a hotel. Upon arriving in London, Steph is met by Squire(ugh), and the two head off towards the hotel. However, since this IS a comic book, the two can't simply arrive at the hotel with no problem, they end up running afoul some feeb named Orphan, who has managed to steal a sword that stops time(or something). Luckily for Steph and Squire, they aren't frozen like the rest of England due to them being in the room when Orphan stole the sword. They two girls track Orphan and stop him right before he was able to decapitate the frozen Knight. After a bit of a fight, Steph manages to steal the sword away from Orphan, which leads to him freezing. The girls unfreeze Knight, take care of a few bombs Orphan had hidden, and restore the sword to it's proper place, ending the threat. From there, Steph finally gets to the hotel, and is met by an unhappy Batman, who was wondering what took her so long.

Thoughts: Well, there were a few good laughs to be had in this issue, but for the most part, the story just didn't do it for me. Honestly, I think I'd have enjoyed this one WAY more if it was simply Steph doing the hero thing solo in London, because I don't like Knight or Squire... They bug me for some reason... Anyway, this was a good read, but for whatever reason, it just never clicked for me.

Score: 7 1/2 out of 10."Oy!" Indeed...

Teen Titans #96:

Summary: Solstice and Beast Boy set off to free the rest of the Teen Titans(yes really, THOSE two), from Rankor, some evil Indian god(or something, I really don't care). Inexplicably, Beast Boy manages to succeed where all of the other Titans failed, and frees the rest of the Titans from the prisons Rankor had placed them in, which also happened to be his giant walking chair... Oh god is this awful... The Titans land and discuss things while Rankor and his army hangs out and watches, and Raven bitches about Solstice being the problem... No, this comic is the problem! From there, Solstice hurls threats at Rankor, and this issue mercifully ends.

Thoughts: Well, at least Nicola Scott did the art for this one, because that was the ONLY thing it had going for it! This story starred Solstice, who we hardly know, and Beast Boy, who I hate with a passion... If JT Krul was looking for a way to punish me, this comic was it. Ugh, the sooner we get this series rebooted, the better... And I say that as somebody who HATES the idea of the new Superboy!

Score: 2 out of 10.At least the bad guys are giving the Titans a break...


  1. "Teen Titans...the comic so bad, it has X begging for the DC Reboot!" Haha, they should put that on the back of the trade!