Sunday, June 5, 2011

Titans #35 & Weird Worlds #6

Two more DC books to get through before I switch back to Marvel later on today. And since I'll be posting again later on, that's as much of an introduction as I plan on doing for now!

Titans #35:

Summary: We kick this one off with Drago going through Cheshire's mind and learning her real reason for joining the Titans... She was hoping Deathstroke would kill her, which would punish her for “allowing” her daughter to die. Drago feeds Cheshire all sorts of things she'd want to hear, and leaves her conflicted as to whether she wanted to stay with him or not. The Tattooed Man returns to his neighborhood and learns that the goons he left in charge were using his name to keep the neighborhood in check by terrorizing everybody. Before the Tattooed Man can figure out how he felt about that fact, Vixen confronts him, which naturally leads to a fight. Meanwhile, Osiris wants to declare war on a country next to Kahndaq against the wishes of his recently returned sister, Isis. Back at Drago's headquarters, That Junkie Roy manages to free Cinder from her jail cell, so she in turn frees him, and they decide to split up to find Cheshire and Deathstroke. As for Deathstroke, Drago sends him into the caverns beneath his base to be eaten by crazed cannibals.

Thoughts: Meh. This comic was okay, but like pretty much every comic coming out of DC today, it's speeding towards the conclusions to the various storylines going on inside it. Honestly, this is a series that really NEEDS a reboot, as it took three of my favorite characters(Deathstroke, Arsenal and Cheshire) and made me not care about them... And I don't even fully blame Eric Wallace for that, he was just dealt a bad hand when he was given this comic. If you're given a bunch of destroyed tools, you can't really build anything good. All I'm gonna say is this: the DC reboot gives DC the chance to fix the hideous decision to kill off Lian Harper. Here's hoping they do the right thing and bring Lian back, even if it's as a baby or something.

Score: 5 1/2 out of 10.Slade talks a good game... For a blind man!

Weird Worlds #6(of 6):

Summary: Lobo manages to remove an evil alien from power on some planet and helps instill the rightful ruler, Garbage Man meets another swamp monster not unlike himself, but gets shot by some hick, and Tanga battles monsters. Am I forgetting anything? ......... Nope, that's about it.

Thoughts: Eh. The Lobo story bugged me since it had Lobo assisting somebody he was paid to capture. I mean Lobo is THE bounty hunter in the DCU, since when does he let his conscience dictate his actions? For that matter, since when does Lobo even HAVE a conscience?! The Garbage Man story, which had been my favorite tale for most of this mini-series, dealt more with some little abused kid and his friend, a random swamp monster, while Garbage Man was treated like, well, garbage. Bizarrely, the Tanga tale, which has been my least favorite story for pretty much this entire mini-series, was the best of the bunch this issue. It was finally amusing, unlike the prior 5 parts of Tanga's tale, where she was just unbearably annoying. Most of these characters will be returning in a few months in another mini-series, but I can guarantee you right now that I won't be picking that mini up. This mini just didn't give me enough incentive to plunk down $4 for another round of mediocre stories.

Score: 5 1/2 out of 10.Tanga wasn't that bad this issue... Go figure.


  1. Slade's blind Robin... and this time, it's FOREVER!!!!! .... or until the DC Reboot. :P