Wednesday, June 15, 2011

New Comic Day! June 15th edition.

Hey all, it's Wednesday, so you KNOW what THAT means... It's time for another installment of New Comic Day!!! Now this is usually the time when I ramble on for a while and then talk about the last week and such, but I have something ELSE to mention... Something pretty exciting that will hopefully make this blog that much better! As of today, I've opened X-Man's Comic Forum! Uncreative name aside, I'm hopeful that this forum will give those of you who read this blog another place to talk comics. The forum is still in it's VERY early stages, so it kind of sucks right now, but hey, it can't hurt to join up and make the place more lively, right?

Okay, back to the whole New Comic Day thing I'm supposed to be talking about... As always, we'll start with last week's books... Last week I chose Batman and Robin #24 as the Pick of the Litter, and MAN did it disappoint me! I wound up giving it a 7 out of 10, which pretty much means I thought it was average... I was expecting WAY better then a simple “average” from that comic... Last week's Runt of the Litter was Birds of Prey #13, and it was better than I expected, garnering a 6 out of 10 from me... So my Pick underperformed and my Runt over preformed... Welcome to Bizarro World everybody!

With last week out of the way, it's time to tell you guys what I picked up at the shop today! Batgirl #22, Hellblazer #280, Power Girl #25, Superman/Batman #85, Teen Titans #96, Invincible #80, Avengers #14, Avengers Academy #15, Daken: Dark Wolverine #10, Fear Itself: The Home Front #3, Fear Itself: Youth in Revolt #2, Generation Hope #8, Invincible Iron Man #505, Uncanny X-Men #538, X-Factor #221, Alpha Flight #1, Captain America Corps #1 & X-Men: Prelude to Schism #3. That gives me a grand total of 18 books this week, a rather healthy number if I do say so myself! Now, this week's Pick of the Litter basically comes down to two books, Daken and Invincible... I'm going to give the SLIGHT edge to Invincible, simply because Daken might go through some growing pains as new writer Rob Williams tries to put his own spin on the series. This week's Runt was also kind of tough... There were LOTS of titles that could have gotten the Runt label, but I'm going to give it to Generation Hope #8. I normally LOVE teen-centric comics, especially teen-centric mutant titles, but Kieron Gillen just hasn't been able to get this series together, in my eyes at least. I mean this series is SO much worse than Avengers Academy it's not even funny... But then again, I'm not enjoying Gillen's Uncanny X-Men work either, so maybe my problem isn't so much Gen Hope, but the writer... So there we have it, another Wednesday in the books. Before I go, I'll once again ask anybody interested to check out the forum because if nobody goes/joins, it'll probably become a rather boring place! As always, here's THE Random Scan of the Week. Until next time, X out.

The Random Scan of the Week!God did I love the West Coast Avengers!


  1. Invincible won't disappoint, and I'm hoping Batgirl is as awesome as it's been for it's whole run, especially to show DC they made a mistake by bumping Steph and Bryan Q. Miller.

  2. Invincible is on the TOP of my new comic pile, and will be the book I'm reading in a few minutes when I sign off!

    AGREED about Batgirl! I'm still kind of shocked Miller is totally gone... I mean if nothing else, Batgirl seemed to be beloved critically... I mean we loved it, whouldn't that count for something?! :P

  3. It's Comic book daaaaay!?! Oh yeah! Well, I'll be awaiting the Batgirl review as well as Dark Wolverine.
    Can't wait for the invincible review either!

  4. You won't have to wait long for either Wolvie OR Invincible, I'll have them both up sometime tomorrow afternoon! How's that for service! :P