Wednesday, June 8, 2011

New Comic Day! June 8th edition.

Hello from a SWELTERING upstate New York, X-Maniacs! It IS Wednesday, which means it's time for the yet another installment of New Comic Day here at the blog! I'm planning on blowing through this post, as I picked up InFamous 2 yesterday, and plan on playing that as soon as this post is up and posted, so hold on tight, we're gonna be FLYING! Before I talk about last week's comics, I just wanted to mention how utterly bizarre it is that DC has already stated that they were rebooting their entire company... Think about it, it's only the beginning of June, and the reboot isn't until September. As a comic fan, it makes NO sense to read any DC comics between now and September, since in the long run, nothing happening in any DC comic right now matters. If nothing matters, what's the incentive to buy new DC books? To read about something that will have ZERO bearing on things in a few months? You've got to think DC's sales numbers are going to take a pretty drastic nosedive throughout the summer...

Last week I chose Fear Itself #3 as my Pick of the Litter, and although the ending pissed me off like CRAZY(especially since it appears that a certain character I LOVE really did die there...), I still gave it an above average score of 9 out of 10. Of course if that certain character really is dead, that issue of Fear Itself will probably go down as one of my least favorite single issues of the year... Last week's Runt of the Litter was Secret Six #34, which received a respectable 6 1/2 out of 10. That score is a MASSIVE improvement for that series, so I'll have to say that last week's Runt far surpassed my low expectations.

As for this week, here are the comics I snagged from the comic shop earlier... Ghost Rider #0.1, Red Robin #24, Birds of Prey #13, Journey Into Mystery #624, Fear Itself: Fearsome Four #1, Fear Itself: Deadpool #1, Deadpool #38, Annihilators #4, Batman and Robin #24 & The Iron Age Alpha #1. My shop still hasn't gotten in Irredeemable #26 from last week, and my copy of Morning Glories #10 didn't arrive in this week's shipment... So that means, only 10 comics for me this week... Seriously, for me, THAT'S a slow week! With such a small pull this week, this week's Pick of the Litter is pretty easy... I'm going to go with Batman and Robin #24. Why? Four words; Red Hood Jason Todd. It doesn't get any simpler than that. This week's Runt is kind of hard to pick, because there really aren't any comics I'm particularly dreading... I guess I'll go with Birds of Prey #13. The last issue was horrible, so it stands to reason that this issue will suck the big one too. And that's pretty much that. See, when I want to do a quick post, I can! I'll leave you guys with this week's random scan, and say, as always, X out!

The Random Scan of the Week!This right here is one of the most horrifying Joker pictures I've EVER had the misfortune of seeing... What the HELL is the matter with his mouth?!?!?


  1. YES! I'm first! Thank you Comcast for messing up JT's internet!! Jk, lol.

    Well this is a pretty "Marvel" week this round. Lol. Sooo I'll be a lil MIA on the reviews lol. But I am looking forward to "Fear Itself: Deadpool" and "Deadpool #38"

    Lol, annnd I'm still waiting for a quick run down of Infamous 2! lol.

  2. hey i know u are not a fan of new avengers but will u be geting the new avengers issues tieing in to fear itself
    just curious they look good and mike deatio jr art looks sweet
    ooh and if u care daredevil will be joining new avengers soon
    hope ur weeks going swell

  3. sorry to go off topic here Nate but what happened to any Hero 4 Hire reviews last week? zap yo dumb ass!
    oh by the way i did a video review of Annihilators #4 today. oh i can just see how your gonna love this issue.

  4. Lmao, screw you Lisha! And what do you mean a character you like really did die? Do we actually have confirmation he's dead now?

  5. HA! Yes, you did it, Lisha! You beat JT!! :D

    I've already taken care of Fear Itself: Deadpool and after a quick proof read and a scan, I should have it up and posted in a few. As for InFamous 2, I'm LOVING it so far! It took a while to get back into the groove of how to play that game, it'd been a while since I played the first one, but now that I've spent some time with it, I'm blasting gun-toting morons and collecting blast shards like nobody's business!

    Yeah, I'll def be picking up the Fear Itself New Avengers tie-ins, Movieartman. So far I'm only NOT picking up that Spidey mini and the rest of the Herc stuff. But everything else I plan on getting. DD on the New Avengers might actually get me to give that title a shot... I didn't know that. Hopefully if I do decide to add it to my pull list good Bendis will be writing it!

    I totally forgot all about them until I saw them in one of my back issue piles, Dave... I read 'em and typed up a review for issues #7 & 8 last night, I just need to proof read them and post 'em. With the new books from today though, I might wait a few days before I put those reviews up so I can get the fresh stuff out first. Ah... It's gonna be one of THOSE issues, isn't it!

    According to Matt Fraction he is, JT... Somebody(Movieartman maybe?) linked me to an interview with Fraction and he comes right out and is like, "Yeah, he's dead, they'll be a funeral for him where a bunch of characters get together..." I think the link is in the Fear Itself spoilers post or the review for the latest issue of Captain America. The only weird thing about that interview was how forthcoming Fraction was with that information, but he was really tight-lipped about other things... So I'm hoping that he was lying to drum up more interest in issue #4. But yeah, it doesn't look good, and if this really was the end... Man, I'll have one hell of a rant to bust out!

  6. yep that was me and yeah he did seem to want to put it out officialy that he is dead a little too much
    heres the stuff about daredevil and new avengers

  7. I thought that was you! Thanks for the link, man. I'll definitely give that a read.