Tuesday, May 31, 2011

So long, DC!

So DC finally dropped the bomb everybody expected once it came out they wouldn't be shipping any titles the end of August(expect for the end of Flashpoint). It's now confirmed that DC is going to revamp their entire company and produce 52 new #1 issues come September... In the words of that jackass, Dan Didio, "This was a chance to start, not at the beginning, but at a point where our characters are younger and the stories are being told for today's audience." While Didio seemed to go out of his way to say that they weren't starting from scratch, they will be knocking several years off each character, all while fucking up years of character development and continuity. What I take Didio's quote to mean is that the plan is to take every DC character back to their 1970's places and start telling new stories from there... In other words, the 1980's and 1990's will have no longer even happened anymore. Sounds like we'll be back down to one Robin again, as Dick Grayson loses years of character development and will end up being Robin again. Did you like Clark and Lois being married? What about Batman Inc? Wally West as the Flash? Kyle Rayner as Green Lantern? Tough shit, because from the sounds of things, it's ALL being retconned away.

If this is true, I am officially done with DC Comics. Seriously, that's not bluster or me talking out of my ass, I'm dead serious, I'll drop EVERY single DC comic I'm currently collecting, and anybody who follows this blog knows that's quite a lot. If Johns and Didio have such a hard-on for the DC Comics of the 1960's-1970's, then why not do like Marvel did at the turn of the century and do an "Ultimate" type line. Keep your regular continuity and simply reboot the "All-Star" line that DC never fully invested in. That way you have the DCU that we fans have known and loved for years, as well as a DCU that's more easily assessable to newer fans.

Yep, this is a sad day to be a fan of the DC universe... Hopefully this is just Didio trying to build interest in his company, because if not, and we really do get a company-wide reboot, with 52 new #1 issues and loads of continuity thrown out the window, you'll only be seeing Marvel comics on this blog, as well as the occasional classic DC comics, because seriously, I'm not putting up with this, and I'll be more than happy to show my massive disapproval with my wallet. Please don't do this DC...


  1. DEAR GOD!!!!!!!
    this is not bloody right man ITS NOT RIGHT
    i thankfuly havent been reading any dc books sense....... forever
    and etcept for the new batwoman book i have no interest in anything dc especialy after this crap but i swear to god if they cancel the batwoman book heads will roll dammit

  2. I don't understand why they would do this shit... I'm hoping they literally mean a few years so Dick is... Nightwing or something< Tim is Robin and Jason is Red Hood with black hair... but I doubt it. Also... if that's the case, why waste time killing and resurrecting people over the last two years?

    Stupid...as...shit, basically just told the DC audience all their money spent on comics for the last two years with BN and BD was for nothin.

  3. HA! Good luck with that Batwoman comic, Moveartman... That thing keeps getting pushed back, and now with this latest round of stupidity from DC, who knows a) if they're still planning on releasing it, and b) how dramatically different it may be...

    Same here, JT... Why? The only thing I can think is that Johns wants to write the EXACT characters he grew up a fan of... I mean really, why else would this be happening? Is he THAT much of a whiny bitch that he can't write ANYTHING but Hal and Barry as GL and Flash?? While I kind of like the Dick is Nightwing thing, I don't know if I want to see Tim demoted back to Robin again, and Damian erased from existence... I thought Dick was doing a great job as Batman, and with there being more than one Batman now, it worked, and it was a spot he could have stayed in for years to come.

    "if that's the case, why waste time killing and resurrecting people over the last two years?" EXACTLY!!! That tells me DC has NO idea what they're doing... Is that really the kind of company you want to follow? One that changes their minds and makes HUGE decisions overnight? I seriously hope like HELL that there is SUCH a fan backlash from this... If people continue to blindly support the Didio/Johns regime, they'll just keep doing this shit forever...

  4. "While I kind of like the Dick is Nightwing thing, I don't know if I want to see Tim demoted back to Robin again, and Damian erased from existence... I thought Dick was doing a great job as Batman, and with there being more than one Batman now, it worked, and it was a spot he could have stayed in for years to come"

    Couldn't agree more... I really hope Grant doesn't let them change anything, I mean I'm not a Grant fan but he has enough pull to make sure they don't fuck up his Batman story, so hopefully that means Dick will remain Batman, Steph and them remain and ect. Sad thing is, I bet they don't even do shit they SHOULD change like give Jason his hair black hair back, bring back Owen Mercer, make Babs able to walk again... but nope. It'll probably be used to make Kyle not important, Wally disappear and Bart have an even smaller role.

  5. I don't really know what it means for the work Morrison has been pumping out since he's returned to DC... I mean he's been building this huge story for like 5 years or so in the Bat-books, from Damian, to RIP, to Bats Inc, and while I didn't like EVERYTHING Morrison has done, I have been enjoying the current direction the Bat books have been headed in. I mean what about this Wingman stuff Morrison JUST started working on... Does it just get killed now? There's something more to this story then we're seeing so far... There HAS to be!

    I'm more worried that Bart would dissapear, Wally becomes Kid Flash again, etc... There'd BE no Owen Mercer. There'd BE no Jason! Those are the things I'm the most worried about...

  6. question will u be at least finishing all the series uv been geting up to the whole upheavel (action comics)
    i can see the pointlessness of doing so but id thank ud want to finish the story arcs uv been geting
    (if thats out of my place sorry just curious)

  7. Speaking of Grant Morrison, I wonder what this will mean for his "Multiversity" series he's been working on ever since the end of Final Crisis. Sounds like this whole situation is enough to derail a book about alternate universes and what not, since it seems like the current DCU might end up being an alternate universe itself before too long...

    And JT, great point about all the recent resurrections...what's the point, if they're rebooting everything anyway? Maybe they just wanted an explanation for having all those characters being alive and well when the reboot happens -- an explanation that they felt the need to release hundreds of dollars worth of pointless tie-ins for. *eyeroll*

    Ironically, the fact that the DCU as we know it is going away makes me even more interested to read great DCU stories that I've missed over the years. Maybe I'm just feeling rebellious.

  8. Hey guys, courtesy of IGN:

    According to CBR, they've got a scoop on some details of the re-launch from "multiple sources throughout the industry." According to their post, fans can expect the following:

    -A Superman title written by Grant Morrison.

    -Wonder Woman #1 with a new creative team and none of the JMS changes.

    -Green Lantern #1 with Geoff Johns still at the helm and the effects of Blackest Night still intact. Meaning, most likely, the multiple corps.

    -Hawkman #1 by James Robinson.

    -Justice Society of America #1 with a new creative team.

    -Birds of Prey #1 without fan-favorite writer Gail Simone.

    -Teen Titans #1 spearheaded by Fabian Nicieza.

    I may like the Teen Titans depending on the squad because I'm a fan of Fabien, but none of those other things interest me in the slightest.

  9. i don't even know what to think of this but it's pretty fun to read people's reactions to the news. Nate, you really need to add a little profanity to these semi-rant postings. you must fully vent my friend otherwise all that angst is gonna give you blue balls.

  10. Oh yeah, I'll definitely be collecting the DC comics I've been currently collecting, Movieartman. It's not as if DC's gone to hell yet, I'm with them until they pull the trigger in this reboot, and then it's good-bye, so long, DC comics!

    That's exactly what I'll be doing, Marc. Picking up DC back issues and enjoying the "taboo" stuff from the 80's-90's. Hell, maybe since I won't be reviewing any current DC books come September, I'll do new Marvel(and indy) books and DC back issues.

    Chairman Johns is something else, isn't he, JT? So basically he's going to reboot all of the comics HE didn't work on, but he'll be keeping his Color Corps bullshit. You know, I think he's just passed Yost as my most hated comic creator. Oh, on the IGN article, they updated it and it now says that SOME characters will be getting extensive origin changes, while others will get MINOR changes... I honestly think that means Morrison's Bat works will remain the way they are(notice Batman isn't one of those books you listed with the new team, etc).

    Eh. There's part of me that almost doesn't even care, Dave... I mean I'll miss DC when I stop collecting, but honestly, they've been pissing me off for so long it's gonna be easy to cut the cord. I've been expecting something like this for a while now, so it doesn't piss me off nearly as much as it would have a few weeks ago.

  11. Hm... I wasn't aware of that X, and that would make sense. I just hope at the end of the day, the characters I like, Jason, Dick, Steph, Tim, Booster and etc. remain and aren't changed too much if at all, and that's a great point about the bat books. Most of my favorites are in those anyway, so hopefully their good. Now fix Arsenal's damn arm and Slade's two missing eyes.

  12. The confusing thing is this though... If some characters are getting massive changes and others are getting minor work done to them, how are the two characters going to interact? For example, let's say Batman remains practically untouched(seriously, he's the Goddamn Batman, does he REALLY need a retcon?), but Supes gets a big makeover(which he doesn't need...). Wouldn't Bats know Lois was married to Supes? Wouldn't Supes think Dick was Robin, not Damian? DC has a LOAD of work ahead of them over the summer to straighten all this out...

  13. DC just committed suicide.

    I am seriously speechless and...sad. :(

  14. "Fabian has posted a message on the DC message boards that he will not be writing the new Teen Titans #1.

    Don’t believe anything based on rampant fan speculation.

    Don’t believe anything based on a unsubstantiated comic book web-site “reporting,” since often what you’re reading is just a big game of internet telephone (this site said this, then another site picked it up and butchered parts of it, then a 3rd site picked it up from the 2nd site and butchered it further, etc.)

    Prime example: I am not writing Teen Titans."

  15. Well if that's the case, that's even LESS of a reason to be interested in Teen Titans... Unless Nicieza is being coy that is... Meh, the only way I'd be interested is if Stan Lee himself decided to write it. Other than that? No dice.

  16. I have pretty much any info that you would want over on my blog, if you guys need anything. I literally sat around for 45 minutes finding just about every scrap of information that is out there. I...don't know what I'm going to do, yet.

  17. Sweet, I'll definitely go check it out a bit later on tonight. I basically only know what was announced yesterday, as today I've been busy with the new books I picked up, so that post'll help me catch up on anything that I may have missed out on today.