Friday, May 20, 2011

Teen Titans #95 & Outsiders #39

Two DC comics that have been under performing big-time lately have been Teen Titans and Outsiders. Luckily the Outsiders is being canceled, while Teen Titans is still safe... For now. This is the penultimate issue of the Outsiders before it's gone, while I'm hoping this is the penultimate issue of the current Teen Titans storyline...

Teen Titans #95:

Summary: Kid Flash manages to find his captured teammates and instead of returning to the rest of the team with the news of their whereabouts, he decides to try to spring them himself. That's a bad move, as Rankor, the bad guy/god of this storyline manages to capture Bart as well. From there, Fake-Ravager turns on Superboy and attacks him along with another demon. Beast Boy, Solstice and Raven try to assist, but are all defeated. The two demons leave with Raven and Superboy, leaving Solstice and Beast Boy free, to ultimately foil Rankor's plans in some future issue... *sigh* The demons take SB and Raven to Rankor, and he puts them in his chair, and then makes his chair into a giant... um, stone chair of DEATH, ending this issue.

Thoughts: Please let this storyline end... Please let this storyline end... Please let this storyline end... Ugh. Hopefully my pleas will be heard and this storyline will END!!! It's now getting alarmingly bad. After reading this one, I want Solstice(and this storyline!) to go far, far away, never to bother me again.

Score: 4 1/2 out of 10.Bart vs a horde of flying bugs?

Outsiders #39:

Summary: While Geo-Force deals with the invaders who attacked Markovia, his Outsiders battle Black Lighting's Outsiders to a standstill. Some guy named the Herald(who is after Looker for some reason) appears on the scene and starts to blow a horn, but Metamorpho breaks the horn... Okay. From there we see Batman(which one, I have NO idea) flying towards Markovia. Amanda Waller contacts Bats via his radio and tells him NOT to enter Markovia, but Bats disregards her and continues on his way. Some big guy named Veritas appears before Geo-Force and tells him he caused all of the destruction to Markovia, and THEN asks Geo-Force to join his Old World Order... Geo-Force obviously turns this nimrod down, and is attacked by his one time wife, Geode. Geo-Force then proceeds to become a giant rock monster(yes really) and takes care of Geode, after which time he creates an earthquake that causes large crevices to form at Markovia's borders, effectively keeping everybody out... But wait! That's what Veritas wanted! Oh, and this issue ends with Waller deciding to nuke the whole damned country of Markovia to end this crap.

Thoughts: Why couldn't THIS be the last issue of this series... I can now say with confidence that you can add, “Writing a comic book story.” to the list of MANY things Dan Didio can't do. In plain English, this sucked. And no, I'm not looking forward to the next(and final) issue of this series. Here's hoping Waller DOES nuke Markovia and puts everybody in this one out of their misery... The “Old World Order...” Ugh.

Score: 3 out of 10.So Geo-Force is a giant rock monster now... Okay... I guess...


  1. Haha Old World Order, Bart fighting bugs. REBOOT PLEASE!!!! Just switch some Teen Titans to the Outsiders, give em Judd or Snyder or Miller or someone, mix in Arsenal and Cheshire to the Outsiders and let the writers run wild!

  2. There's SO many better ways these two series could have gone... Instead we get Bart vs bugs(which he jobbed to!) and rock monster Geo-Force taking on the Old World Order(and I didn't even make THAT up!!!)... Ugh...