Sunday, May 22, 2011

Justice League of America #57 & Superman/Batman #84

Justice League of America #57:

Summary: This issue begins with Obsidian revealing that he WASN'T really in cahoots with Eclipso(as it seemed at the end of the last issue) and instead spirits the JLA to safety... Or at least this incredibly lame version of the JLA. While the JLA plot against Eclipso, Eclipso goes into a LOOOOONG spiel about what his master plan was. Basically, he wants to kill God. Not a god, lower-case “g”, but God, upper-case “g”. It seems Eclipso was a fallen angel or something and has been holding a grudge against God for a long time now. He uses the captured Zauriel to call out to the Spectre, who arrives on the moon and immediately throws down with Eclipso. However, for some reason the Spectre's powers wane when he's away from the Earth(because God loves the Earth more than anything else or some such nonsense), giving Eclipso the opportunity to kill Spectre and steal his powers. Now powered by the Starheart AND the Spectre, Eclipso stabs the moon, breaking it in half.

Thoughts: Um, okay. There was a whole lot of Eclipso talking in this one, about stuff that for the most part, I could care less about. So he was a fallen angel, or he used to have the Spectre's job, or SOMETHING, but he was cast out by God, and has had a mad-on for God ever since... Except for the fact that he's never actually bothered to say any of this until this storyline... I mean I'm not Mr. Eclipso-Knowledge or anything, but you'd think I'd have recalled reading that Eclipso was mad at God SOMEWHERE else... That doesn't really seem like the type of thing you'd keep to yourself. Meh. On the plus side, we finally know what Eclipso's plan is, he wants to destroy the Earth, since God apparently doesn't love all of his creations equally, he only loves his Earthly creations and all of the various alien races can go screw themselves. Sorry Supes, but according to James Robinson, God hates you. As for the JLA, they didn't really do much more then appear on like 5 pages, and since that damned ape is still on the team, I have to say, I was happy that I didn't have to see much more of them...

Score: 6 out of 10.Did that damned monkey say, "Tally ho!"?! Why am I still reading this series...

Superman/Batman #84:

Summary: Superman and the magical JLA from the future make their final run at the Sorcerer Kings, who turned the Earth into a hellish, demon filled mess. Needless to say, we get a big, old magical battle, which ends when Superman plunges his magical sword into the demon the Kings had summoned several years back to assist them. With the demon injured/dying, Supes flies through the portal the Kings were going to use to send the demon back in time with to assist their past selves(man is this confusing to type!) defeat Batman and the Shadowpact. Supes arrives back in the present, and uses the last of the magic he absorbed in the future to defeat the villains, ending their threat. The end.

Thoughts: This was one of those reviews I was dreading because I had NO idea how to do a summary of this comic... Superman is in the future with the future League, battling against the future versions of the Sorcerer Kings, while Bats is dealing with the soon-to-be, but not quite yet, Sorcerer Kings in the present, until Supes returns from the past to lend a hand... Argh! Confusing! Even though this comic was like taking a two-by-four to the head, I did enjoy this story overall... Go figure...

Score: 5 out of 10.Superman plus a sword equals overkill!

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