Saturday, May 14, 2011

Batman Incorporated #6 & Red Robin #23

Here's the first of what I'm hoping will be a wave of new posts today! Unless I get too busy that is...

Batman Incorporated #6:

Summary: This issue gets started with a caucus between several smalltime mobsters from Pennsylvania meeting in Gotham to take their best shot at Batman. They hire a man named Nero Nykto who has oodles of information on Batman and his ever growing Batman Inc organization. From there we get several flashbacks of Bruce Wayne introducing his army of Batman robots, donning the Batman cowl and heading around the world to meet with and induct new Batman Inc members, plot against Leviathan, hook Red Robin up with the Outsiders(Red Robin and the Outsiders? I like it!), and make shadowy plans with mysterious figures. We learn that Leviathan(as well as his associate, Dr. Dedalus)were operating from a space station high above the Earth... Sort of like a James Bond villain, but I digress. This issue ends with Nero Nykto revealing that he was actually Batman, and beating the dumb mobsters into submission while reminding them that the Batman was everywhere.

Thoughts: I really enjoyed this issue... What's up with that? I mean I've really been enjoying(and more importantly, understanding!) Grant Morrison's Batman Inc work lately... Does that mean he's getting saner or am I getting crazier? Anyway, this issue basically showed us what was going on with Bruce Wayne, and how he was preparing himself and his allies for the impending showdown with Leviathan. So yeah, that's all good and all, but for me, nothing else about this comic mattered with the exception of one page, and one simple panel. We see Batman talking to somebody and offering them a slot in his Batman Inc organization as the Wingman... Now there were a few hints thrown out by Morrison here, including the fact that Wingman had a bad reputation and that Wingman knew Bruce was Batman... That's a VERY short list, a list that would be headlined(in my mind at least) by Jason Todd... If Wingman does happen to be Jason, I will be one VERY happy Batman fan! Once again, Grant Morrison is proving to be the Anti-Chairman Johns, giving us interesting, new stories, instead of recycling the same tired crap.

Score: 8 1/2 out of 10.Please be Jason Todd... Please be Jason Todd...

Red Robin #23:

Summary: Basically, Red Robin(Timmy the Saint) learns of a plot to assassinate Lucius Fox. He tells Commissioner Gordon and Batman(Dick Grayson) of the plot, but apparently not Lucius. Timmy the Saint and Bats stake out the restaurant Lucius was dining at and are surprised when he is shot from a guy in flying armor, armor reminiscent of the Scarab. Bats gives chase but winds up losing Scarab. Oh, and according to reports, Lucius died, although Timmy the Saint was indicating that Lucius's “death” was all a part of a larger plan. Anyway, Timmy the Saint convinces Bats to get Gordon to release the first Scarab into his custody so he could use her to draw out the current Scarab. Timmy the Saint takes Scarab #1 to Egypt, where he is jumped by a mess of other people in Scarab costumes, whose sole duty was to kill Red Robin.

Thoughts: Meh. I didn't really like or hate this one. Which you could probably tell from the review. It was what it was, a perfectly acceptable, if somewhat confusing, comic.

Score: 7 out of 10.That's not Superboy! What's Tim doing?!?


  1. Haha it was torture not telling you this in an email as soon as I saw the spoiler online that it MAY be Jason. That's all I care about, but I WILL tell you the title says Batman Inc 5 and you actually reviewed six. :P Only cause I'm an awesome friend.

  2. Thanks for the heads up on the title of the post... I had it right IN the post but not the title... Weird...

    I can imagine! Now imagine how sucky everything will be if it's NOT Jason! It'll be something like El Sombrero, and I'll finally have a legitimate reason to go MAD!!!

  3. Haha I was momentarily confused. Glad I could help though.

    Exactly, it'll be Jean Paul or something for some stupid ass reason, resurrected for the sole reason of becoming Wingman...

  4. Eh, I'm never momentarily confused, I'm constantly confused, as evident by the screwed up post title! :P

    Hey, maybe it'll be Dove(Don Hall) to FINALLY tie-up that loose end from Blackest Night! :P Imagine if it was something totally out of the blue like that? I think I'd go INSANE!!!

  5. I concur, you make mistake much like the non-intelligent ____, Sheiky baby no like when you make the mistake.

    Dude... my head would explode in utter rage and confusion.... that would be so... that would infuriate me.

  6. "non-intelligent ____" is probably one of the best insults/backhanded compliments EVER! Oh Sheiky Baby... What a card!

    HA! I just caught "the mistake"... As opposed to a regular, run of the mill mistake, that's "THE" mistake!

    Eh, in the end I'd just shrug and say, "That's DC!!!!!!!!" :D

  7. I'm going to go ahead an say that a lot of girls want Tim's dick, and where he just seems to go along with it most of the time, he is one of the few characters that's remained a virgin all the way up to the relaunch, despite girls quite literally presenting themselves naked before him. He's at least one of three things: saving himself for marriage, gay, or asexual.

    Considering all the women he's dated/have been interested in him, I really hope he turns out at least bisexual in the relaunch, because he picks out CRAZY, MESSED UP WOMEN and I'd just be more comfortable that, if he has to loose his virginity at ALL, he loose it with Kon instead of one of those girls, because you should do it with someone you trust... and I don't think he should trust ANY of his past girlfriends (except Cassie, but they were only dating because they both missed Kon and broke up shortly after getting together, so it doesn't really count?).