Saturday, May 28, 2011

Daken: Dark Wolverine #9.1 & Deadpool #37

We're still in the midst of my Marvel books, as I take care of two comics from the X-family of books. It's Deadpool and Daken, so you KNOW it's going to be good!

Daken: Dark Wolverine #9.1:

Summary: This issue gets started with Daken confronting an older mobster in Madripoor. You see, Daken has pretty much taken control of all of the crime in Madripoor, but there were still a few hold outs, such as the older mobster. Daken slices his way through the mobster's security and enters the mobster's office, where the ballsy mobster tells Daken that he only did business with other businessmen, not someone like Daken. The mobster then goes on a bit of a tirade, telling Daken that he was only capable of destroying things, not creating, and that the only reason Daken wanted to conquer Madripoor was because his father had done it before him... Oh tag! Having heard enough of the mobster's insults, Daken shoots the mobster in the head, before leaving to contemplate the mobster's words. Wanting to prove that he was better than his father, and COULD do more than simply destroy, Daken heads to Avengers Tower to tell his father that he wouldn't be seeing him anytime soon since he wanted to live his own life. From there, Daken heads to Los Angeles to carve(literally?) his own path in life.

Thoughts: This was the first issue of Daken that wasn't written by Daken's creator, Daniel Way... Needless to say, I opened this comic with GREAT trepidation... I mean Way(as well as Marjorie Liu these past few years) has guided Daken since the beginning. To me, he's synonymous with Daken! I don't think of one without the other! Stepping into Way's HUGE shadow is Rob Williams, a writer who I know very little about. I think he wrote a Shadowland mini-series(or one-shot) about Ghost Rider that I hated, but other then that, I knew nothing about his work. So like I said, I was pretty worried... However, if Williams can keep up the kind of work he showed here, I see I have nothing to fret about! This issue was really good. As a matter of fact, it was Daniel Way good! And that's about as high a compliment I can possibly give Williams. Now we'll see if he can continue the great start and continue making this one of my favorite monthly books. If this issue is any indication, it looks like he will.

Score: 9 out of 10.I'll definitely be using this as my new Window's background!

Deadpool #37:

Summary: So Deadpool wants to die... Now for a normal person, there are plenty of ways to off oneself. But for Deadpool, a guy with a super-charged healing factor which can fix him up from practically any injury(including decapitation at one point!), suicide isn't really a possibility... Or is it?! After some thought, and an angry visit with Wolverine, Deadpool figures out that if ANYBODY can kill him, it's the Hulk. To that end, Deadpool decides to torment Bruce Banner, forcing him to transform into his angry, green counterpart. Unfortunately for Deadpool(but fortunately for Marvel's coffers), Hulk isn't interested with putting up with Deadpool and refuses to take the bait. Try as he might, Deadpool simply can't anger the Hulk enough to force the Green Goliath into a deadly assault. Instead, the Hulk simply swats Deadpool away like a bothersome fly and continues on his way. After landing a few miles away, Deadpool sets off a radioactive bomb in Hulk's face, with a note attached to it telling Hulk there was plenty more where that came from... Now good and pissed, Hulk charges towards Deadpool's location, ready to shut Pool up... For good!

Thoughts: What can I say here? This was a good, fast, fun read. In other words, it was everything you'd ask for from a Deadpool comic book. Was it perfect? No, but it was a hell of a fun read that has me looking forward to next month... What more could you want?

Score: 8 1/2 out of 10.I'd bet a lot of people would love to do that to Deadpool...


  1. I loved Hulk flicking DP away like he was nothing, especially because I rarely read Hulk so I forgot he could talk normal, so when he was all eloquent and calm my mind was momentarily blown. Also, glad to hear Daken is apparently in good hands without Way, I'm afraid of what'll happen when Dan Way leaves Deadpool.

  2. om sorry but the shadowland: Ghost rider was freaking badass
    it desrved 7 0uta 10 points just for clayton crains art work (NO one draws ghost rider better than crain :)

  3. Hulk just flicking DP away was EPIC, JT! It had me laughing, because you KNOW like half the Marvel U wishes THEY could do that! I was shocked by just how good Daken was actually... I was bracing myself for horrible, but it was actually a REALLY good story! Hopefully it stays that good now!

    It's been a while since I read Shadowland: GR, so to be honest, I barely remember what it was all about. I do remember it was very loosely connected with the main story though, which might have been what bugged me. I don't remember the art though.