Monday, May 30, 2011

Mighty Thor #2 & FF #4

Hmm... I really don't have a clever introduction for these two comics... Um, they're both published by Marvel! There, at least I tried...

Mighty Thor #2:

Summary: We kick things off with Thor and Sif attempting to train the Brigade of Realms by having them face off against a Stone Colossus. Unfortunately, the Brigade kind of sucks, which leads to Thor and Sif stepping in to put the Colossus down. Later on, Sif notices that Thor was still favoring the wound he'd received last issue at the World Tree. Thor decides to deal with the wound(which was seeping with strange energy) by ignoring it, figuring it would go away... Probably not the doctor recommended way to deal with the situation, but what can you do? Odin, still acting a bit crazy, places the seed Thor retrieved from the World Tree inside the Destroyer armor for safekeeping, and then makes Heimdall swear that he'd always be loyal to him. From there the Silver Surfer arrives on Earth and heads to Broxton, warning the citizens of the town that their best move was to vacate their homes immediately... Uh-oh... From there the Surfer heads to the site of Asgard and tells Odin that he sensed great power coming from the city(the World Tree seed), and that he wanted to give it to Galactus, since the power would satisfy Galactus's appetite for a while. Odin says nuts to that, so the Surfer gestures at Odin menacingly, indicating that an attack was imminent. The Surfer's attack is interrupted by a blindside attack by Thor, which ends this one.

Thoughts: Well, I loved pretty much everything about this one. From the mystery of Thor's non-healing wound, to Odin acting weird, to the REAL Silver Surfer(not that horrible Greg Pak version) showing up at Asgard, to the impending Thor/Surfer, Thor/Galactus battles, I didn't have a single complaint. I only picked up the first issue of this series on a whim, and boy am I glad I did! I've NEVER been that interested in Thor, but if Matt Fraction keeps up the awesome work, he'll have converted me into a full-fledged Thor fan!

Score: 9 1/2 out of 10.Ooooo, it's gonna be ON now!

FF #4:

Summary: While Reed Richards and the Council of Doom(roll call: Dr. Doom! Valeria Richards! Nathaniel Richards! The High Evolutionary! Diablo! The Wizard! The Wizard's AIM lackeys! The Mad Thinker!) debate how to deal with the menace of the alternate dimensional EVIL Reeds, Invisible Woman gets a call from Old Atlantis asking for her assistance since a faction of Old Atlantians were making a power grab against the throne. With Thing gone(he stormed away after one of those annoying Future Foundation kids bothered him), Sue decides to head to Old Atlantis with Spider-Man, who was hanging around the Baxter Building eating sandwiches, and Alex Power. The arrival of the Not-So-Fantastic Three helps the rightful rulers of Old Atlantis gain some ground against the revolting parties. However, the revolting Old Atlantians stand around smirking, which causes Alex to throw a hissy fit... Weird... We soon learn that the revolting Old Atlantians were smirking because their allies, the Mole Man and One Of The EVIL Reeds, had arrived to join the battle on their behalf. Sue, having been kept in the dark about the whole, “EVIL Reeds” thing, is shocked to see her “husband” arrive on the scene. And that's where this one leaves off.

Thoughts: Meh. That's pretty much the first thing I thought when I put this issue down. It wasn't actively bad or anything, it just did nothing for me. The Council of Doom parts were kind of boring, especially since it's obvious that Nathaniel knows what needs to be done, making the entire Council itself unnecessary. The parts with Thing bugged me, because I could care less about the FF kids, while Sue's parts were just okay. In other words, meh.

Score: 6 out of 10.But... But, WHY WOULD THEY BE SMILING?!?!?!?!?!?


  1. Sue Richards was bad ass in FF#4. i love her confidence it practically gives me a boner. she should start saying to people "don't you know who i am!? i'm the Invisible Woman bitch!"

  2. Sue pretty much doesn't seem to need the rest of the team. Hell, just send her out there alone and let her kick ass. If anything, the rest of those mooks are holding her back!

  3. so glad your reading this thor book and likeing it
    this merging with the silver surfer in this story line is perfect

  4. I'm glad too! I honestly didn't expect to enjoy these two issues as much as I did, but it seems that Matt Fraction is slowly turning me into a Thor fan.