Monday, May 9, 2011

10 Thoughts On... Irredeemable Vol. 2

Hey all, it's your humble servant, X, here with another 10 Thoughts post. This is actually one of my inventory posts(yes, I really DO have inventory posts saved to my computer!), as the impending end of the school year, coupled with Mother's Day made it impossible for me to get a fresh post up. But hey, an inventory post is better than no post at all, right? Right?!?

Irredeemable Vol. 2. Collecting Irredeemable #5-8... Just four issues again?

Synopsis: So far the Plutonian has destroyed his home city as well as an entire country, causing the deaths of millions. His former teammates are desperate to stop him, but before they can do that, there are two questions that need to be answered... How can you hurt the most powerful man on Earth, and what caused him to snap? One of those questions is answered definitively in this volume...

-Plutonian taking Volt's arm? Awesome AND creepy! The best kind of awesome!"Hey wait, I didn't mean that literally!!!"

-I find it pretty funny that everybody is pretending that Bette wasn't having an affair with the Plutonian before he went crazy... I mean how obvious does it have to be?! Did the rest of the Paradigm have to walk in on the two getting busy?!?

-So Modeus seems to be at the secret base of the Plutonian... Or is he?!

-I liked AND didn't like the Modeus robots alerting the Plutonian to their location. On one hand it made sense since they knew they had fulfilled their purpose in “life”, and thus would be destroyed/decommissioned, so they wanted to try to eliminate the Paradigm first. On the other hand, did they really think the Plutonian was going to let them live? Seriously, he's crazy! I doubt he'd bat an eye at pulping some robots...

-I kind of wonder what the Plutonian's deal is... In the first trade it seemed like he could have killed his ex-teammates at the cemetery, but he didn't. But in this trade he flies straight to their base when the Modeus robots alert him. A part of me figures that he WANTS Qubit and the rest of the Paradigm to kill him. Then again, maybe he's just way crazier than I am, which makes it impossible for me to figure him out. Then again, I AM pretty crazy...

-The little kid corpses in the playroom? INSANELY creepy!!!The fact that the Plutonian actually POSED the dead kids creeped me out the most here!

-Ah, so the Plutonian had inadvertently allowed thousands of children to die... Although in all honesty, it wasn't his fault... He couldn't be everywhere at once.

-And then the coup de grace, Samsara discovering the Plutonian's role in the deaths of the kids. It seems that action(as well as the guilt for causing the plague coupled with the way his girlfriend broke up with him) is what drove the Plutonian totally out of his mind.

-Did I enjoy seeing Charybdis kicking the ever loving hell out of the Plutonian? Yes. Yes I did. Which is what makes this comic so great to me... How often do you actively root AGAINST the main character of a story? And enjoy doing so?Yeah! Hit that bastard again!!

-The ending with Charybdis basically declaring himself the leader of the Paradigm was interesting to me in that it's not brawn that's going to defeat the Plutonian, it's going to take brains to halt his path of destruction. It was great to see SOMEBODY bloody the Plutonian's nose a bit, even if it filled them with too much confidence in the end.

Score: 9 out of 10. Yeah, I went with a 9 here, same as the first trade. Mark Waid is doing a great job of keeping me interested in this series. Granted, the four issue trades IS bugging me(I guess Marvel spoiled me with their 6 issue+ trades releases), but other than that, I have no gripes here. As a matter of fact, there are still plenty of little things here that I'm really looking forward to. After reading this trade, I picked up trades 4 & 5(I already had 3), as well as the first two Incorruptible trades. And I plan on putting this series on my pull list. So kudos to Mark Waid. You succeed in pulling me in!You KNOW that this is my current desktop background!

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