Wednesday, May 25, 2011

New Comic Day! May 25th edition.

Hello fellow comic fans and assorted enemies! It's Wednesday, which means it's time for me to produce my favorite(and only!) weekly post, New Comic Day! Why is it my favorite? Because no thought goes into it, as opposed to my regular reviews, where hardly any though goes into them. Last week I picked up something like 500 comics from the comic shop... What? That's what it seemed like! Okay, fine. I didn't actually pick up 500 comics, just 23, but still, that's a ridiculous number! Before I reveal how many comics I picked up today, it's important to remember the past, even if the past in question was one week ago... Last week I was most looking forward to Hawkeye: Blindspot #4, and while it wasn't as amazing as the prior three issues, I wound up giving it an 8 1/2 out of 10, a very respectable score. To be honest, if not for Avengers: The Children's Crusade, Hawkeye: Blindspot would probably be my favorite mini-series of 2011... And the year isn't even CLOSE to being over yet! The comic I was least looking forward to reading was Supergirl #64, which came away with a lackluster 5 out of 10. In related Supergirl news, I dropped that title today at the comic shop, but added Birds of Prey, as my subscription for Birds finally ended with issue #12. While Birds hasn't blown me away, it's been better than Supergirl...

There. Last week is taken care of. Now for the good stuff! What did your humble servant, and shaman to wildebeests everywhere, X, pick up from the comic shop earlier today?? Well wait no longer, here's what I got: Action Comics #901, Detective Comics #877, Gotham City Sirens #23, Amazing Spider-Man #662, Daken #9.1, Deadpool #37, FF #4, Iron Man 2.0 #5, Mighty Thor #2, Namor #10, Onslaught Unleashed #4, Secret Avengers #13, Uncanny X-Men #537 & Venom #3. Damn, that's 3 DC comics compared to 11 Marvel books, for a grand total of 14 comics for the week... Last year at this time(May 26th to be exact), I picked up 16 comics, 9 DCs and 7 Marvels... DC has really fallen hard in my eyes... That's sad, because there are a lot of DC characters I truly enjoy reading about, but that company has really sucked the big one lately... But hey, DC's loss is Marvel's gain, as the House of Ideas is getting way more of my time, money and blog space. Following along those lines, this week's Pick of the Litter is a Marvel comic, Amazing Spider-Man #662 to be exact. Issue #661 came away with a rare perfect score, so here's hoping this issue keeps up the awesome. This week's Runt of the Litter is Onslaught Unleashed #4... You know, the second issue of this mini-series was so bad, I STILL haven't read issue #3 yet... But in true X style, I'll be picking up issue #4 anyway, even though I'm fairly certain I'm going to hate it passionately. And that just about wraps up today's little piece of awesome. I'll post THE Random Scan of the Week, and then get to reading. Until next time, X out.

The Random Scan of the Week!Green Arrow callling Tony Stark a fatcat? Awesome. Hawkeye then calling Green Arrow on it? Priceless.


  1. So ya know I gotta ask buddy, did ya get last week's Peej? But anywho, your haul looks pretty cool, sucks that Supergirl sucked but I'd swap that for Birds anyday, even if Birds has been rather lackluster.

  2. Lol. Damn it, even with internet problems JT still manages to comment first. This is unbelievable.

    But anywhooo it's amazing to see how much as changed in your comics in the span of a year. DC is slowly losing a fan. :( Damn shame. But I'm definitely looking forward to your Sirens review as well as Venom. *sigh* I need to get caught up on Sirens AND start Venom.

    Have fun reading!!! ^_^

  3. I know, Lisha! I was kind of shocked to see JT get in before you again! It makes me wonder about these alleged Internet troubles he claims to have... :P

    I asked the owner of the comic shop about both Power Girl and Heroes for Hire(which is another title I'm interested in picking up), but he didn't have any issues of either series left... :( He said he usually only buys one shelf copy of each, and that somebody else JUST put PG on their pull list, which is why there weren't any extra copies laying around. I also couldn't find Batman #357, but then again, I can't seem to find that damned comic ANYWHERE! Getting my hands on that comic is rapidly becoming a HUGE obsession for me... Anyway, I did add both PG and H4H to my pull list, so I'll be in on the PG conversations come next issue. If it sucks though... *shakes fist angrily at JT*

    I should actually have a review for Venom up as soon as tomorrow, Lisha, since I plan on reading Spidey and then Venom first from my Marvel books. GCS might take a bit longer, but maybe by the time I get to it you'll have caught up! :P

  4. Lol, I don't know how he does it X. It surprises even me!!

    And really, really glad to see you picked up Power Girl. I don't think you're regret it one bit. Judd is an amazing writer in this series. And if he can take me from being a anti-Peej woman to a #1 fan, that has to tell you something. :)

    And I'll definitely be looking forward to the Venom post. Maybe it'll get a flame under my butt and get me to reading it soon. Doesn't help I'll be picking up more stuff on Friday from the comic shop. Lol. Hopefully this weekend I can read some Venom. Lol. No promises though!!!

  5. Yeah, with all the praise you and JT have heaped on PG, as well as Winick being the writer, how could I NOT start collecting PG?! :P

    Oooo, That Venom comic was GOOD, Lisha! Both JT and myself were really high on it!

  6. Lol, well I guess you are right about that. Just as you were right about Runaways. We're going to pick up Vols. 4-7 tomorrow, IF they have it which I really hope they do. If not, I'll get what they have lol.

    And I skimmed down to the scores on both of your reviews and I'm highly satisfied. Can't wait to get a chance to catch up. lol.

  7. JT mentioned how much he enjoyed Runaways on a different post too, Lisha. The wild thing is, believe it or not, the series actually gets BETTER! All I'm gonna say is make sure you only get the issues written by BKV, because everything else was HUGELY disappointing!

  8. It gets better? I don't know if I can handle such goodness at once!?!

    And yeah he really is enjoying it, had us pick up the rest of BKV's run of Runaways yesterday at the comic shop. Lol.

    He's waay ahead of me, I'm only on the second trade lol.

  9. Oh wow, JT is way ahead of you... I have to keep my mouth shut so I don't give away any spoilers!

  10. Lol. That's usually how it goes. I get a load of trades, if JT wants to read them, I just hand them over to him. He has a lot more free time than I do. Lol. So it all works out.

    I'll be taking Runaways to work today. I tried getting into reading Sirens, couldn't do it. Lol. But do give thoughts about the first seven issues. Lol. You won't spoil anything for me!

  11. I'll wait until you're about where JT is... I remember the series as a whole, so I'd hate to let a HUGE spoiler slip because I thought you were already past it.