Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Mighty Thor #1 & Avengers #12.1

Hey X-Maniacs, I have SIX Marvel reviews to post today, as I finally finish off last week's comics. Just in time for THIS week's comics... Sheesh. It just never ends. And yes, I love it! :D

Mighty Thor #1:

Summary: Thor and Sif head down to the root of the World Tree to find the Tree's Seed, which Odin needed to... fix the Tree I guess. Thor and Sif encounter some massive bug-like creatures and are attacked by them, with one of the bugs wounding Thor. Loki hops down and assists Thor and Sif, leading to the bugs being defeated and Thor getting his hands on the Seed. Thor hands the Seed over to Odin and retires to his chambers, where he reveals to Sif that the wound he received from earlier wasn't bleeding, but was glowing... A fact which naturally disturbs Thor. Meanwhile, in the far reaches of space, the Silver Surfer senses a huge power source(the Seed perhaps) and heads towards Earth to investigate, since a power source that large could feed Galactus for ages.

Thoughts: I really have no complaints here at all. There was also a back story with the people of Broxton, Oklahoma trying to rationalize their faith in the face of the “gods” who were basically living next door to them. While I enjoyed it, there really wasn't any reason for me to put it in the review, since it didn't really seem to lead to anything. The Thor stuff was good, I'm REALLY enjoying prepubescent Loki, and the impending battle between Thor and the Surfer over the Seed should be REALLY good. I'll definitely be adding this one to my pull list.

Score: 8 out of 10.Why is Galactus drooling?! He doesn't literally eat planets...

Avengers #12.1:

Summary: Spider-Woman gets sent on a mission from Agent Brand(what is it with her lately?!) of SWORD to track an unknown alien energy signature that had landed on Earth. SW finds the alien, a Spaceknight, but is soon set upon by a half dozen villains and defeated. Brand informs Steve Rogers of what happened, and Steve puts together a team of Avengers to deal with it. Unfortunately though, no Hawkeye... The Avengers locate SW's last known location and do some scanning, picking up a faint trail. As for SW, she's been kidnapped by the Intelligencia, a group of super-smart villains... Although they have the Red Ghost on their team, thus making me wonder just how smart they actually are... The Mad Thinker and Wizard taunt SW while MODOK, Red Ghost and Klaw work on the Spaceknight, hoping they could find a way to use it's powers. Iron Man leads the charge as the Avengers locate the villains, and knocks the Thinker and Wizard away from SW. The heroes locate the lab with the Spaceknight and deal with the villains there, but are surprised to see the Spaceknight light up like a Christmas tree. When the light show subsides, ULTRON(!!!!!) is standing where the Spaceknight had been. Thor immediately attacks Ultron, who stands through Thor's best shot(!) before teleporting away in a large explosion since he was unprepared to battle the Avengers yet. The Avengers clear out the cobwebs and Iron Man explains that he couldn't track Ultron because Ultron had successfully blocked his signal. This issue ends with a surprisingly pessimistic Iron Man explaining that the return of Ultron meant the end of humanity was coming, as he had seen from an earlier trip to the future.

Thoughts: Nothing else about this comic book mattered to me with the exception of Ultron's return. Ultron is not one of my favorite Avengers villains, he IS my favorite Avengers villain! If Brian Michael Bendis can tell even a halfway decent Ultron story(and not turn Ultron female again...), then the upcoming Age of Ultron storyline should be EPIC! The main story with SW and the Avengers hunt for her was okay, but like I said, nothing else about this issue meant anything. Ultron is back, and that's all that matters to me!

Score: 8 1/2 out of 10.Ultron!!!!


  1. perfect reviews and yes ultron kicks ass (persoanly i liked it taking a female body in mighty avengers but anyone drawing that other than frank cho would have just been dumb lol but it did make scense that its female bdy was a mimic of wasp)

  2. I'm a HUGE Ultron fan, and I REALLY love classic Ultron! I mean I just couldn't get into the female Ultron story, especially since he had already tried to create his own version of Wasp(in Jocasta, and later on with War Toy/Mockingbird). But yeah, I am SO looking forward to a HUGE Ultron story!