Sunday, May 22, 2011

Supergirl #64 & Weird Worlds #5

Two more DC comics, two more mediocre scores... Jeez, the last few comics I've read have been downright depressingly average/bad...

Supergirl #64:

Summary: With Robin, Fake Beetle and Miss Martian under his thrall, Dubbilex tells Miss Martian to tear all of the information about Krypton out of Supergirl's head while he went off to deal with his father(actually a computer). Dubbilex destroys his “father” because it said he was acting irrationally(that'll learn it!), at which point Supergirl flies into the room and attacks. Dubbilex isn't too worried, since he figures he can just reach into Supergirl's mind and stop her from attacking him, but he is surprised to learn that he couldn't halt SG's attack. Miss Martian walks in the room and explains that when Dubbilex took over her mind, he left her a backdoor into HIS mind, which she used to regain her own senses as Dubbilex went around mind controlling others. A quick punch in the face later, and Dubbilex is finished. Cadmus takes possession of Dubbilex and put him back in the tube he came out of, and that's pretty much a wrap.

Thoughts: Hmm, my DC reviews are getting shorter and shorter as I lose more and more patience with the company... How unfortunate. Was there anything incredibly wrong with this comic? No, not really. SG had a threat to face and wound up beating it with a little help from her friends. Unfortunataly, I just don't find myself caring about this charater or this series anymore... Since Marvel screwed up DC's plans of making Nick Spencer the new ongoing writer of Supergirl, DC is changing writers AGAIN with the next issue, and to be 100% honest, I have NO idea if I'll be picking that issue up. As of right now, I'll probably be dropping this title, but who knows, maybe between now and Wednesday(when I go to the comic shop) I'll have changed my mind. But right now? I honestly don't expect to be posting another Supergirl review on this blog anytime soon.

Score: 5 out of 10."Don't worry, Lois, if your husband dies, I'll be there to protect Metropolis." "Thanks... I guess..."

Weird Worlds #5(of 6):

Summary: As always, three stories in this one. First up is Lobo, who is still hunting down his bounty money(from the people he killed a few issues back...). Anyway, Lobo and his former bounty, S'Glayne, manage to get to the treasure room of the planet and discover S'Glayne's father there. S'Glayne's father shoots his son, ending that story. The Garbage Man story involves Garbage Man talking to a bum preacher on a train, while attracting the attention of the Batman(Bruce Wayne). The Tanga story involves Tanga talking incessantly and annoying the hell out of me.

Thoughts: How's that for a quick review? As usual, the Garbage Man story was my favorite, the Lobo story was simply okay, and the Tanga story was nearly unbearable. If you've read any of my other reviews for this mini-series, it's basically the same thing. Next issue is the last for this mini, and to be perfectly honest with you, I'm glad, because while this isn't a horrible mini, I could definitely be using the $4 I'm spending here elsewhere...

Score: 6 out of 10.Lobo's life is weird...

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