Monday, May 9, 2011

Freedom Fighters #9 & JSA All-Stars #18

Two DC titles today, both of them the final issue of their respective series. Needless to say, Chairman Johns never wrote for either series, therefore they're both expendable. Yep, I'm in one of THOSE moods... BEEE-AWWWWW!!!

Freedom Fighters #9:

Summary: The Freedom Fighters are still grousing over the fact that they were being shut down by the government because they had become too expensive. The Human Bomb tells the team that he could care less, since he had become mistrustful of the government the past few issues. While that's going on, a Mr. Trumont is meeting with the president, trying to convince the president(who is rocking the 70's porn star mustache) that Human Bomb was a menace that needed to be locked up. The president disagrees, but does tell Trumont that if Bomb ever appears to be a menace, Trumont could take him into custody, which causes Trumont to break into one of those little villainous smirks. Later on, Ray, Black Condor and Human Bomb head out to halt some strange monsters from rampaging through the streets of Los Angeles. The trio of heroes seem to have things relatively well in hand until one of the monsters cuts into Bomb's containment suit, which causes his powers to begin to leak. While Ray finishes up the creatures, Condor flies Bomb high into the air where he explodes harmlessly. Condor lands with the unconscious Bomb, at which point a helicopter containing Trumont arrives. Trumont demands that Condor hands over Bomb by order of the president, and the heroes reluctantly do, ending this issue, and series.

Thoughts: Well that was an odd way to end a series... It didn't really wrap anything up... Sure, the Freedom Fighters themselves have been officially disbanded, but with Bomb being basically abducted by Trumont, this seemed more like a continuation of a story then a definitive ending. As it was, I really had no complaints with this issue, although like I said, the ending was a bit odd. I guess I'll be waiting until DC inevitably launches yet another Freedom Fighters series to see what happens next...

Score: 7 out of 10.Sorry, but that is one UGLY costume!

JSA All-Stars #18:

Summary: The All-Stars try to figure out how to stop the rampage of the ultra powerful Prince, all while he tries to figure out how to return to “his” world. The All-Stars are still dubious that Prince is from another dimension, and believe him to be crazy. Anyway, Prince heads to the All-Stars headquarters since his plan to return home has something to do with the All-Stars base, and is met by that annoying robot, Roxy, that annoying girl, Cyclone, and Judo-Master, who I have nothing bad to say about. Prince does something that tears up reality, but Roxy sacrifices her human body to prevent the tear from endangering the entire eastern portion of the US. In the end, Prince seems to make it back to his reality(I guess he wasn't crazy after all?), while the All-Stars carry on, just without a series to call their own.

Thoughts: Could you notice my complete apathy towards this issue? I figure if DC could care less about any comic that doesn't start with the word “Bat” or is written by Chairman Johns, why should I care? Seriously, every frigging advertisement in this comic had Chairman Johns' name attached to it... “Join the Corps! Read the GL saga! Written by Chairman Johns!” “The Flash Omnibus: Written by Chairman Johns!” I don't even GET the whole Flash omnibus thing, since Wally West was a figment of my imagination, and thus never happened... How is DC gonna do an omnibus consisting of like 14, 15 issues? But yeah, the bottom line here is that DC sucks, and will continue to suck as long as Chairman Johns is allowed to rape the company and force his singular vision onto everything DC does. As for this issue, like I said before, who cares?

Score: 4 1/2 out of 10.Sure, do the same thing you've always done... Just not in your own comic anymore!


  1. what did u thank of batwoman elegy
    and will u be geting the new batwoman series when it comes out

  2. I actually didn't read Batwoman: Elegy, although I've heard nothing but good things about it. As for the Batwoman series, I think the real question is will it EVER come out! :P Seriously though, I doubt it. I'm trying to cut down on DC books because I'm SO pissed at their current direction and move back to Marvel(as well as third party publishers) comics. If it gets RAVE reviews, I'll probably grab it, but I'm not planning on picking it up.

  3. well these two issue s did have at least something going for them. Phantom Girl on the Freedom Fighters cover and that full page of Power Girl from JSA you feature in this posting.

  4. Sadly neither of those women were able to save these two books... :(