Friday, May 13, 2011

Green Arrow #11 & Superboy #7

Since Blogger seems to be up and running again(fingers crossed), I figured I'd start my summer by posting a couple of reviews, two Marvel's(which can be found here), as well as two DC's. I spent a good amount of time doing reviews(as well as getting a WICKED sunburn) after getting home from school today, so I'll be posting them over the course of this weekend. Before we get to the reviews though, I have two things I wanted to mention. The first is that I'll be using ImageShack to host the scans I put on the blog from now on. If anybody has any other FREE image hosting sites they want to recommend, I'm all ears. I tried Photobucket, but rapidly ran out of space... Besides that, I just wanted to say a quick thanks to anybody who's visited this humble little blog of mine... Last month was the first time I had over 20,000 pageviews for a single month! Not only that, but I recently got my 50th follower, so I bow to all of you, my loyal X-Maniacs. When I started this blog almost three years ago, I honestly didn't expect it to last more than a couple of months, and yet I'm still here, thanks in large part to all of you guys. So seriously, thanks! If things continue at this rate, I'll have achieved my secret goal, total and utter Internet supremacy!!! BWA-HAHAHAHAH!!!!! *ahem* On to the reviews!

Green Arrow #11:

Summary: Green Arrow, Galahad the Random Knight, Jason Blood, Dr. Midnite and Mr. Terrific all try to defend the White Lantern tree from Etrigan the Demon's horde of... um, angry vegetation. Galahad gets laid out, at which point Ollie grabs Galahad's sword and it transforms into a magic White Lantern bow... Sure, why not? Ollie uses the magic bow to blast Etrigan, who responds by transforming into a half-demon/half-plant monster... Ollie keeps firing at Etrigan the Plant Demon until he finally falls, in a rather anti-climatic scene. With that, the White Lantern tree thanks Ollie for his help and shoots white lights into the air, ending this issue...

Thoughts: I'm pretty much in shock here after reading this one... I mean what the HELL was JT Krul thinking?!? This was ALL kinds of bad. I don't even know where to begin. I KNOW Krul can write better stuff than THIS, so I'm gonna say that his hands were tied by editorial, which is what led to this... Man, it seems like anything even remotely connected to Brightest Day somehow manages to gain some of Brightest Day's sucktitude... I'll end this review by simply saying this: this was the last Green Arrow comic on my subscription, and after this issue, there's NO way in hell I'll be putting this on my pull list... So long, Ollie. It's been fun.

Score: 3 1/2 out of 10.Is Etrigan really more threatening as a Plant-Demon? Isn't being a demon enough?

Superboy #7:

Summary: Superboy and Psionic Lad head into space to investigate an alien spacecraft that had drifted into Earth's orbit. The two board the spacecraft and discover a single alien on board. The alien doesn't respond, and Psionic Lad notices that for some reason he was picking up two different sets of brainwaves from the alien. Psionic Lad warns caution, but SB is too stupid to listen and notices a plant-like creature on the alien. SB tries to pull the plant creature off the alien, so it sticks to him, forcing him to live through his worst fears(a world where he and Simon Valentine: Boy Genius had killed every hero on Earth). Ultimately Psionic Lad is able to help SB rid himself of the plant, at which point SB and Psionic Lad bring the space ship to Steel's lab. Steel tells SB that the plant creature was a relative to the Black Mercy, that the ship was full of these plants(as well as other weapons), and that the ship was headed for Smallville.

Thoughts: Not bad. The story was solid(if unspectacular), so I really have no complaints about this one. Well I do have one complaint... Why the HELL was Simon Valentine: Boy Genius helping SB destroy the world in SB's fears? Does Simon Valentine: Boy Genius have to show up in EVERY issue of this series or something?! Sheesh...

Score: 7 out of 10.What's an issue of Superboy without the obligatory Simon Valentine: Boy Genius appearance?


  1. You're welcome, glad I could save your blog with my comments and always refreshing to give ya 20,000 views :P Kidding, well about the second part anyway. But yeah buddy, I figured out a while ago that GA wasn't gonna get any better so I'm glad you dropped that, maybe you should pick up something about a Kryptonian.... with no S on her chest, just two breasts on her chest.... I couldn't resist. Anyway, as always great review, and I um... (whats the opposite of mark?) for planet-demons.

  2. It's ALLLLLLWAYS about you, isn't it, JT?! :P Well, Green Arrow was a subscription title, so I kept hoping it would improve, but unfortunately, it just kept getting worse! The only thing I am curious about is what'll happen with GA with Brightest Day FINALLY over... Does that dumb forest remain? Does it leave? However, I'm not curious enough to waste $3 to find out!

    *Sigh* You're just not gonna stop with the Power Girl thing, are you? Blame DC for me not collecting that series, not me! :D

  3. of course it is ya jabroni! And that's a good question, but luckily I can read reviews to find out haha. Man that series dropped in quality quickly.

    I blame YOU for not buying it off ebay, don't try to pass the buck to DC! :P

  4. And I'll be waiting to hear about it from you! :D It's like the circle of life... Only not. That series dipped in quality ONCE Winick left GA/BC. It never recovered from that awful Cupid run, and the stuff with Ollie/Dinah/Roy really hurt the GA character. Ollie's def a character who could use a good killing again.

    Pfft... It was TOO expensive! I couldn't rationalize the price PLUS the shipping! If frigging DC would put out their trades with any kind of speed, it would all be good. But they won't. So it's not! But it could be!