Saturday, May 28, 2011

Jason Todd mania is running wild!

Hey there X-Maniacs! Your humble servant and/or Shaman of Mutantkind here with a little bonus post! I should have four new reviews up tomorrow(probably two early-ish in the day, and two later on), as I rapidly deplete my new comic pile for a change. See, that's what happens when I don't buy out the entire comic shop on Wednesday! I can actually keep up with the new books I buy! But that's not what I wanted to talk about. My recent displeasure/dissatisfaction/blinding hatred of the not-so-wonderful world of DC has had me wanting to expand my collection of DC back issues... I mean instead of spending money on and reading something I KNOW I'm going to hate(ie: anything written by Chairman Johns), why not buy and read something I'd probably enjoy WAY more(ie: anything NOT written by Chairman Johns)? Which is what I decided to do... But what to buy... I mean there are A LOT of options... So I figured I'd look into the character chronologies for various favorite characters of mine...

It was then I realized which character I HAD to focus on... None other then THAT Robin, Jason Todd! And thus began my several day old quest to find/own Batman #357, the comic Jason first appears in. I looked through dozens of online comic shops and kept coming up empty... From the big comic shops to the small ones, NOBODY seemed to have that damned issue of Batman! So finally I went to my place of last resort.. eBay. Sure enough, there it was, Batman #357! AND it had free shipping along with a buy it now option! Needless to say, I brought it as fast as I could, before common sense smacked me in the back of the head and caused me to second guess the logic behind spending over 20 bucks on a single comic book. So good, I had the first appearance of one of my favorite DC characters(or at least I would in about a week's time)... But I needed more! From eBay I headed to and went on a spending binge that would make a junkie blush! By the time I came down from my high and realized what I had done, I'd placed an order for 30 Batman comics from the 80's where Jason made an appearance... Which comics you ask? Well, allow me to list them good sir or ma'am! Batman #359, #360, #361, #363-366, #408-414 as well as Detective Comics #524, #525, #527-531, #543, #544, #547, #568-570, #572, #573 & #579... That's a lot of comics, but I'm going to rationalize it all by saying that it was a gift to myself for the successful completion of the school year! A lame excuse to be sure, but an excuse nonetheless!

So now the question becomes, what should I do with all this Jason Todd goodness? I doubt I can review every one of those comics here on the blog as well as take care of my regular weekly books... Contrary to popular belief, I'm not an inhuman blogging machine. I was toying with the idea of starting up a new blog and dedicating it to Jason, but that would require a good amount of work, as well as causing me to neglect my duties on this blog. I could do a post running down the main points of what I read, but where's the fun in that? I could do a Retro-Picto Review for a few of the issues like I did for these comics, but again, that would take time away from my regular reviewing duties... I could always do nothing, a personal favorite of mine... So what to do... I guess I'll leave that up to the few of you who managed to stay with me through this LONG-WINDED post. What do YOU think I should do? Drop me a comment, and give me some idea as to which way I should go with this... Or don't. Either way is fine by me. I guess that's it for now. I'll post my decision some time next week(probably when Bats #357 arrives), and we'll take it from there. As always, thanks for reading, and I'll leave you all with some fun with Jason. Until next time, X out.So Jason killed a rapist... If you ask me, he should have gotten a medal!


  1. You know I'm gonna mark out over this post right? Lol congrats on finally finding the debut of Jason Todd, and spending twenty bucks... man, you are a good one. Hell, my NAME is Jason Todd and I wouldn't do that... Anyway, as much as I'd love a Jason Todd blog, I say Picto Reviews are the way to go amigo, they'll be funny, poke fun, and I personally enjoy them, which is a win win win.

  2. HA, I kind of had the feeling you'd like this post, JT! :P It took a few days, but yes, I FINALLY found that issue of Batman with Jason's debut. I hardly EVER spend that much money on a single comic(as a matter of fact, I think this was the most I've ever doled out for ONE comic), but it was Jason Frigging Todd! He's one of the FEW comic characters that I'd be willing to shell out that type of moolah for.

    The two options you mentioned are actually the two options I'm the most torn over... I kind of like the idea of a blog dedicated to Jason Todd, and I should have enough material to prop that blog up for a good year or so between reviews and pictures... But I'm just not sure if that's the way to go... As for the Picto Retro Review, those would be a blast to do, but they do take a good amount of time, between doing the review, scanning the pics, editing the pics, putting it all together, etc... Plus it would be REALLY hard to top my last Picto Retro Review! Honestly, that's the direction I'm leaning right now though. But you know me, between now and the day I get those comics, I'll have changed my mind 872 times and probably come up with something completely different! :P

  3. Woooo good to know Jason is a select few, along with Nate Gray, Bart Allen and... who else?

    Hm... well if you DO decide on the Jason blog, I'd gladly help and love to be apart of it, as a fellow Jason fan, and I'm sure we could make it better than Saint Barry, since ya know, the bar is SOOOOO low.

  4. Well Nate is one of the FEW characters who I've managed to collect EVERY SINGLE ONE of his appearances. I mean every one. I have almost all of Bart's appearances, although I'm still short a few Flash's and some other assorted books. I think I have all of the Jack Knight Starman appearances, back when James Robinson was a comic writing GOD, and not whatever he's currently become. I'm actually pretty good with Superboy appearances as well. Connor Hawke's another one, I think I'm just sort some JLA appearances. I SHOULD have all of Daken's appearances, but I'd have to check to see if that's true first. And now I'm working hard on Jason. But out of all of those names, I'm only positive about Nate.

    HA!!!! Ah yes... The Saint Barry blog... We did set the bar rather low on THAT one, didn't we...

  5. That's pretty damn impressive, but you forgot the most important one... Simon Valentine, Boy Genius!!!!!

    Haha the bar's so damn low for the Saint Barry Blog that it's underground.

  6. "That's a lot of comics, but I'm going to rationalize it all by saying that it was a gift to myself for the successful completion of the school year! A lame excuse to be sure, but an excuse nonetheless!"

    I use that excuse EVERY time I buy a lot of comics. My mom says that's excuse it getting old since I've been out of school almost two months. Lol.

    But as for what I think you should do about the posting of these comics, I'm going to have to agree with JT, Picto Review seem a lot easier to do than a completely new blog for it. And also, so you don't burn your self out. I think doing a weekly J.Todd post will keep you sane and not overload you with too much reviewing along with your numerous weekly posts. I mean after all, you did just graduate, you gotta relax and chill a little bit, do some reading with out having to review. ^_^

    Hope I was of some type of help. :)

  7. I love that you still use the end of school excuse to rationalize comic purchases! It'll be two years from now and you'll be like, "Hmm, I should buy myself some comics to celebrate my graduation from a few years ago! :P

    I kind of like the idea of doing a post once a week. That'll keep me from going insane and dreading the posts. Plus I could always do a couple whenever I have some spare time, and post 'em whenever... That sounds like a pretty good plan... For now! :P

  8. Lol, as sad as it may sound I think I'll be using that excuse for quite some time. Or the ol "All I do is work, buying this comic is a treat" line. Lol. I tend to use that one too. My mom just looks at me and shakes her head.

    Aww I'm glad I could be of some type of help. I mean you already popping out at minimum of 8 reviews a week so trying to keep up with that AND doing J. Todd will fry your mind. :( We can't have that. I can't wait to see these reviews as well. Do you know when you're going to start doing the awesome J.Todd reviews?

  9. Hey, that's a good excuse too! That's one I'll use on myself, even if I'm NOT working! :P

    I'm not sure... I figure they'll probably get here towards the end of this week, so at the earliest, probably this time next weekend... Depending on how many new books I pick up at the comic shop on Wednesday! :P