Thursday, May 26, 2011

Amazing Spider-Man #662 & Venom #3

Next up are two Spider-Man related comics, the second(and final) part of Spidey's first meeting with the Avengers Academy kids, as well as Venom. Both should be really good, the only question is how good???

Amazing Spider-Man #662:

Summary: We continue with Spidey's REALLY bad day as a substitute teacher for the Avengers Academy. Not only did Spidey's lesson plan in class bomb, he took the kids out on patrol and they wound up getting mind-controlled by the Psycho-Man, and were now trying to kill Spidey. After a lengthy battle, Spidey manages to get through to one of the kids(the Avengers Academy class leader, Reptil), who in turn manages to help his teammate, Veil, shake free of the Psycho-Man's mind-whammy. Veil manages to use her powers to help the rest of the Academy kids shake the Psycho-Man's influence, which leads to the kids attacking and demolishing the Psycho-Man's body, causing him to return to the Microverse. Before he goes though, the Psycho-Man does take some solace in the fact that the Academy kids were so full of negative emotions, that they were already irretrievably lost to Spidey and the Avengers, at least in the Psycho-Man's eyes. Naturally Spidey sees things differently, and is proud that the kids managed to break free of the Psycho-Man's influence and defeat the villain. From there, Spidey takes the kids back to the Academy, and this story is a wrap. We also had two little quickie stories, another Infested: The Road to Spider-Island and a pretty good one and done story by Frank Tieri.

Thoughts: Well, I didn't enjoy this issue as much as the prior one, but then again, since I gave the last issue a perfect score, it would have been kind of tough to have enjoyed this issue as much as that one... Still, it was really good, and it was great to see Christos Gage taking his Avengers Academy kids out of their book and having them guest star in one of Marvel's top selling titles. Here's hoping this storyline has managed to get the Avengers Academy series a few new readers, because it really is a hell of a good read.

Score: 8 1/2 out of 10.Heh heh, he called them delinquents.

Venom #3:

Summary: Venom(Flash Thompson) is still in the Savage Land trying to destroy the Vibranium shipment the Crime-Master wanted to get his hands on. Thanks to Venom's tussle with Kraven last issue(who I STILL say should have remained dead!), Flash has lost several hours, and was having great difficulty keeping the Venom symbiote under his control. While Venom is decimating the Crime-Master's goons in the Savage Land, Crime-Master's top operative, Jack O' Lantern, has managed to kidnap Flash's girlfriend, Betty Brant, since the Crime-Master had discovered Venom's civilian identity last issue. Flash manages to destroy the Vibranium mining plant, and gets out of the Savage Land with a helicopter full of Vibranium. Mission accomplished, right? Not so fast! The Crime-Master contacts Flash via the helicopter's radio and tells him that Jack had kidnapped Betty, and that they'd release Betty... Provided Flash brought the shipment of Vibranium to the Crime-Master in New York. Meanwhile, Peter Parker discovers Betty's ransacked apartment and dons his Spidey clothes to search for her. Flash, rapidly losing control of the symbiote with each passing second, manages to make it to New York, and reluctantly turns the Vibranium over to the Crime-Master, who tells Flash that he had 5 minutes to get to Betty before the warehouse she was in exploded... Ah villains... So damn dramatic... Flash rushes off while the Crime-Master gloats about the fact that he now had the US's newest super-spy running errands for him. While nearing the warehouse, Spidey intercepts Venom, figuring that Venom had somehow recalled Spidey's secret identity and kidnapped Betty to get at him... Awesome. Spidey tears into Venom, while Flash attempts to get away to reach the warehouse and Betty. However, by this point, Flash has been bonded to the symbiote for too long, and the symbiote takes complete charge, with the lone thought in it's mind being to kill Spider-Man. Back at the Project Rebirth facility, Flash's superiors see the Venom/Spider-Man battle on TV, and figuring Flash had completely lost it, push the button to fry Flash's brain(!).

Thoughts: Wow, that was one hell of a comic! There wasn't a dead spot anywhere in this one. The entire thing was action packed, AND told an awesome story. Plus the obligatory Spider-Man appearance(you KNEW he was going to show up eventually!) made perfect sense, and didn't seem forced in the least. I really don't have any major complaints here at all... The story was really good, the art was really good, and the cliffhanger left me salivating for the next issue. What more could I ask for?

Score: 9 1/2 out of 10.The huge bomb behind Betty labeled "TNT" is pretty damn hilarious...


  1. Haha that TNT bomb cracked me up when I read that issue. Venom has been AMAZINGLY good, even since the .1 issue in Spidey, I'm loving that series. BTW I read that Spidey issue, I liked the Main story but I really liked one of the smaller back stories with the dude who Pete offered a job, I thought that was a really good read.

  2. That TNT bomb was hilarious! I mean it was like an old cartoon bomb, with "TNT" written on it! How awesome is that?!

    I REALLY enjoyed that back story too. That's why I mentioned it in my review(briefly). Frank Tieri is a guy who should really have a regular ongoing somewhere, because he's a really good writer... I absolutely loved his Weapon X work... Now the real question is did the main story sell you on the Avengers Academy series?

  3. That was such a Joker type bomb, it made me an even bigger fan of Jack, with his brand new dental work...

    It... Did not. I like a few of them, but not enough to invest in the series, but when I get some extra cash and after I read Runaways, I MAY pick up the first trade. Simpatico?

  4. Yeah, I got to say, Rick Remender took a c-list villain(at best!) and turned him into a great, funny, Joker-esque type character. That bomb ruled all.

    You BASTARD! And here I was, picking up PG on your word! Bastard! :P Nah, I hear ya. Too bad these comics didn't turn you into a fan. That series would have been a great way for you to dip your toe in the Avengers waters, since it's got an Avengers connection, but without all the years of history. Plus then I'd have somebody who reads that series to talk about it with! Who knows, with Marvel the first trade is probably long out by now. Hell, the second trade might be out too!

  5. Exactly, I mean I'd never heard of Jack prior to this I mean I'm not the most well-knowing Marvel guy, but still, he's made me really like that character. I hope he becomes Flash's Green Goblin in a way.

    Lmao, fuck you guy! It took me a YEAR to get you to pick up Power Girl, so you keep trying. But nah, honestly I probably will check it out, considering we just bought the last four books of BKV's Runaways run... plus, I still got that REBELS trade and I wanna read Lisha's BKV Mystique trade, but I'll get to it eventually, I swear. Just keep reminding me :P

  6. Trust me, amigo, I'm sure there were a whole SLEW of people who didn't know who Jack was! But that's what's so great about what Remender is doing. He took a character nobody was using or cared about, changed him up and made him awesome.

    "Lmao, fuck you guy!" HA!!!!! Is it wrong that that comment made my night? Ah JT... What would I do without you? You are truly the Pokey to my Gumby... Hmm, that just sounds... wrong somehow... Anywho, you have a lot of REALLY good trades to get through as it is, but I will say that they are all canceled/gone, while at least Academy is still alive and kicking. But yeah, with a sweet line-up like you have in front of you, I don't blame you for not picking up Academy yet. But when you finish up those trades, if you STILL haven't gotten that Academy trade, I will come down on you like the hammer of the GODS!!!!!! :P

  7. Exactly, I love anyone that would rather improve on an unused character than try to make one for no reason at all.

    "Lmao, fuck you guy!" HA!!!!! Is it wrong that that comment made my night? Ah JT... What would I do without you? You are truly the Pokey to my Gumby..." Lmao, THAT made my night, especially since I used to watch Gumby, so I get that random ass reference. And I'll get those trades one day, just don't threaten me with the hammer of the GODS... maybe the hammer of the Demi-Gods or something I could handle...

  8. Exactly! Jack was there, already had a cool look, and wasn't being used. It was a great move.

    That Gumby reference really came out of nowhere... It must be getting late if I'm busting out stuff like THAT... :/ I will say that it made me laugh REALLY hard that you didn't deny it though... Pokey! :D

    Okay, for you JT, I'll rephrase it... If you STILL haven't gotten that Academy trade, I will come down on you like the hammer of the DEMI-GODS!!!!!!

  9. Couldn't agree more, I'm wondering who else will transition into Venom's rogue gallery... Spot maybe?

    Lmao I didn't did I? I'd rather be pokey than one of those damn blockhead things... GOD I HATED THOSE!

    Ah, now Thaaaat's better! :P

  10. There are like DOZENS of c-list(or lower!) Spidey villians out there! The choices are endless! I mean take Spot for example... He'd be perfect for a slight revamp and slot in Venom's rogues gallery!

    Then it's settled. You're Pokey, and not a Block-Head thing. I don't know how I feel about riding you though... :/

  11. I actually mentioned Spot because I'm a big fan of his character. And whats that dude that was in Spidey not too long ago named Overdrive, he grew on me and I'd love to see him and maybe a few symbiote based villains like Shriek pop up

    Lmao... You don't know how much strength it's taking for me to not make a joke mentioning Falisha in this conversation.

  12. Dude, you see! In like just a few sentences, you mentioned a mess of c-list Spidey foes! There are a mess of them out there! You could have a field day!

    Don't do it, JT! I'd be obligated to tell her! And you don't want that to happen! :P

  13. Sorry to break you two's convo up BUT, I am!! And I'm back to tell you X, that I got caught up on my comics, Venom most importantly and OMG this series is GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD.

    Like there are so many things I like about the series already. I don't want to bore you with it, but Flash is so awesome, lol. The cliff hanger in this issue is going to bug me until issue four comes out. Gets a ten in my book.

  14. I am SO glad you liked the Venom stuff, Lisha! It's been getting better and better, and if I wasn't trying to tone down the 10's I've been handing out lately(I've been giving out a lot of 9 1/2 instead!), I could easily see this issue have gotten a 10 from me too. It was DAMN good! Waiting until the next issue is gonna be a painful experience!

    I'm also glad you disregarded the Gumby/Pokey stuff... :/