Monday, September 14, 2009

A VERY long week.

Between this Wednesday and Friday, I have an insane amount of schoolwork to contend with. Literally every one of my classes has either assigned a test or a paper to be handed in this coming Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. For two classes(Accounting and History)this is the first test of the semester, which means that if I want to make a good impression, I have to ace these tests. Extra study/essay time means I have less time to preform my blogging duties.

I honestly doubt I'll have the time/patience/energy to post any new reviews until at least Friday. I'll continue to post new scans to the scan site(here)and I'll also be checking out my favorite blogs for updates, but my blog should be pretty slow this week. I'm sure I'll make the time to post something nightly, but it's probably going to be on the short side. Well, that's all for tonight, don't forget to check out the picture blog, as for me, I'll be delving into the similarities and differences between the early Sumerian and Egyptian societies... Yay...

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