Monday, September 21, 2009

Throwing down the guantlet.

I figure I'll try something a little bit different with the scan site, which you can conveniently find here. As anybody who has visited the scan site lately knows, I've been posting full page scans of various comic books in my possession. There is absolutely no rhyme or reason to the comics I've been posting either, I'll just reach into one of my many crates of comics and whatever I pull is what I post. However, I want to try something a little different. I want my fellow comic fanatics to give me requests on what they want me to post... But with a bit of a twist. Try to stump me. For example, instead of asking me to post a scan from the "Nightwing" series, ask me to post a scan of Nightwing and Batman arguing. Or ask me to scan a comic from a certain month/year, like say, June 1981. Or a battle between, oh I don't know, let's say Cyclops and Mr. Sinister. All I ask is that nobody sends me some totally impossible event, like Deadpool shooting Superman in the back in Gotham City or a page from Detective Comics #39. So there's your mission, should you choose to accept it. Let's see what you guys can come up with!


  1. Now that's what I'm talking about! These are just suggestions, please don't waste your time finding them all:

    - A picture of Ultimate Spider-Man with Ultimate Thor

    - A page with the Cyborg Superman and Steel together.

    - A picture of Bullseye attacking someone with the most random item ever (your discretion)

    - A picture of the Vision in his White Costume fighting something or phasing through something.

    - A picture of Dick Grayson (in any identity of his) fighting the Scarecrow.

    - The worst picture of Jack Knight with a goatee that you can find.

    - A page from a comic where George W. Bush is featured as the president.

    - A picture of a Sinestro Corps ring being offered to someone other than Batman or Amon Sur.

    Hmmmmm. Those aren't hard enough...

  2. Wow, you sure didn't waste any time Kello! I love going through my comic collection, I'd never consider it wasting time!

    Off the top of my head I think I can take care of all of those. The only one that was giving me trouble was the Pres. Bush one, but then I remembered he gave Hank Pym a medal and I can specifically remember W referring to Pym as "Pymmy"... Don't ask me why that stuck in my head! Tomorrow night I'll start posting what I've been able to find, keep trying Kello, you almost had me!

  3. Green Arrow (Oliver Queen) and The Flash (Barry Allen) arguing over which of them is Hal Jordan's best friend.

    Okay, that's way too difficult, so I'll just go with a panel that actually shows Queen and Allen talking together.

  4. Yipes, that first one would have been tough to impossible Robert! The second one sounds doable though.

  5. Blue Beetle and Booster Gold insulting Batman or Superman

    Atleast 3 different people commenting on wonder woman's body (different panels, not all in one)

    Joker making a joke about Catwoman

    A fist fight between Dinah and Ollie

    A picture with Black Canary, Wonder Woman and Power Girl, but no other characters.

    Don't know how many of those are possible but they seem do-able

  6. Oooo, we're getting tougher now! Thanks for the comment Jason(awesome choice of a name by the way!), I'm going to have to dig deep to find some of these pics.

  7. - An unexpected female hero hitting on Spidey.

    -The stubbliest Gambit you can find.

    - Someone making fun of Aquaman for being the "fish guy", or someone making fun of him in general.

    - a picture of a Rocket Red blowing up/ getting owned.


    - The most bugged eyed drawing of Impulse ever.

    -The oldest looking version of Iris West and the youngest looking version of Iris West, and the month/year of the comics they come from.

    - The most/least Asian looking versions of Linda Park West you can find.

    - The Flash warming himself somehow.

  8. Ouch, now these are WAY tougher Kello! I'm pretty sure(I think!)I can get them all, but the Spidey one may take some doing...

    Whenever I need a picture of someone making fun of anybody on the Justice League, I always turn to my Green Arrow comics, Ollie is always tearing his teammates!

    Hmmm, these will definitely take some serious digging Kello... Still, I'm cautiously optimistic that I can find 'em all though.

  9. Thanks dude, glad to see someone likes Jason Todd besides me. And nice job finding some of those so fast, lets see...

    Hal Jordan, Kyle Rayner, Alan Scott and Guy Gardner and/or John Stewart all in one pic.

    Alfred making a snarky remark to the Joker

    Someone talking about Superman's infamous mullet.

    The Creeper having a conversation with Batman

    Just for Young Justice nostalgia, a picture of Mighty Endowed

    Bruce Wayne/Batman yelling at each Robin (Dick,Jason,Tim,Stephanie & Damien)

    Superman yelling at Jimmy Olsen because I've honestly never seen him do it...

  10. Oh yeah, I'm a huge Jason Todd fan. I've gone on long rants from time to time about Jason's shoddy treatment in the DCU. He should/could be SO much bigger than he currently is.

    I think you may win the prize Jason, 'cause some of these seem TOUGH! Maybe too tough for even me! I'll have to really rack my brain for some of those scenes.

    From your comment, I take it that not only are you a fan of Jason Todd, you're also a fan of Young Justice? If that's the case, you've got some great taste in comics! IMO, YJ is one of the best teen super-hero comics ever.

  11. I just really got in to Young Justice but Im loving it so far, and Yeah I've always felt Jason could be better utilized, I've always wished for an elseworld where Jason was never killed, also one where Grayson never became a Robin.

    If you get a chance dude check out I wrote articles over there, it kinda died down in the past two months due to lack of readers but I'd definitely like your input on my reviews if you have some time.

  12. YJ was one of the first DC series I read from start to finish, and to be honest, if it wasn't for YJ, I don't know if I'd be as big a fan of the DCU as I've become.

    You've got to wonder just how different the entire landscape of the DCU would be if Jason had survived that fateful encounter with the Joker back in the day. That's actually a pretty cool idea for a post...

    Yeah man, I'd be more than happy to check out your site. I'll definitely take a look sometime tomorrow, I'd do it now, but I've got some early classes tomorrow, and I should have been sleeping like 2 hours ago. Expect lots of comments though, when it comes to comic books, I tend to go on and on(as you can probably tell)!

  13. Thats cool, the first DCU comic i read was actually Identity Crisis and thats what pulled me into comics. And thanks for agreeing to check out the site, I appreciate it, I'll definitely be commenting around here alot because I like your review style and whatnot.

  14. Identity Crisis was one of my first DC reads as well. That was one of the best mini-series I'd ever read, and one of the reason's I became a huge Deathstroke fan.

    Thanks for the kind words Jason, they're much appreciated, and by all means, comment away! I love talking comics, and I always respond to any comment left here.

  15. Awesome, will do X-man. Just for the record im also a big deathstroke fan, 5 favorite DC Villains are Joker, Jason Todd, Black Adam, Deathstroke and Hush...even though he's being ruined in Sirens and Streets of Gotham.

  16. Our top 5 list's aren't all that different Jason. My list would go something like: Deathstroke, Lex Luthor, Zoom, Hush, Sinestro.

    Deathstroke is just flat out awesome. Nuff said!(I'm not sure if you've checked out "DC Universe: Last Will and Testament", but if you haven't, as a Deathstroke fan, you definitely should!)

    I absolutely loved Hush's initial appearence, I actually own the Absolute Hush Hardcover. I have the first few issues of "Streets" and "Sirens", but I haven't gotten around to checking them out yet. After reading your comment, now I kind of don't want to!

    Jason Todd isn't in my top 5 because I refuse to see him as a villain! Black Adam's another character I have a tough time classifying as a villain... I know he does a lot of bad stuff, but in his own way he's almost heroic.

    Lex Luthor is up there, he's way more complex a character than anybody realizes.

    Zoom(Hunter Zoloman)is another villain who is more complicated than one might think. I'm a huge Zoom fan.

    There's just something about Sinestro I really like... I can't quite figure out what it is, but it's there.

    I was just over at your site Jason, and I have to say, I really enjoyed it. After reading your thoughts on the Blackest Night books from last month, I'm interested in reading what you thought about this months books.

  17. I know what you mean about Jason Todd and Black Adam, they walk that fine line in the middle, kinda like Venom often does. I also am a fan of Luthor and Sinestro but they never made my top 5, but if you could recommend some stories or arcs with those two and with Zoom I'd definitely check them out. I'm actually gonna look up the Deathstroke you just mentioned after I finish reading Superman Secret Origins #1.

    And thanks for checking out the site, glad you thought it was interesting. I haven't been following the GL Corps but if you recommend it I may have to, seeing as how we kinda have the same taste in books.

    I read BN Superman today and it was pretty good, I don't think it was good as issue one but I liked it, and BN 3 was cool in the sense It made me care about Jason and Gen but I didn't like the convenience of how the Indigo Lanterns just popped up to save the day, and Im really looking forward to BN Titans.

    Now since we have so much In common, I have to ask, what are your thoughts on Booster Gold?

  18. DC Universe: Last Will and Testament was written by Brad Meltzer had the EPIC battle between Deathstroke and Geoforce during Final Crisis. Deathstroke was as badass as they come in that issue!

    Luthor was awesome all throughout Geoff Johns' run in Action Comics, if memory serves me correctly he played a big part in the "Up, up and Away" story line and the(awesome)"Last Son" storyline. I think what I like most about Lex is the way he legitamately feels Superman is the villain, while he(Lex)is the hero. That really shines through in those two stories.

    I've been a fan of Sinestro since the Sinestro Corps War storyline in Green Lantern/Green Lantern Corps. Sinestro is another villain who has his own weird honor system.

    As for Zoom, The Rogue War storyline around Flash #220 and the Final Crisis: Rogue's Revenge mini-series really showcased Zoom and his insane attempts at making Wally West into a better hero.

    Yeah Jason, I said the exact same thing about the Indigo Lanterns, they just seemed like a convenient plot device Geoff Johns is using to explain everything.

    GLC is one of the comic books I recommend to like everybody! GLC is one of my favorite monthly books for sure. However I will say that the Blackest Night x-over stuff has really interupted a lot of the great things that were going on in that series.

    What do I think about Booster Gold? I love Booster! I've been following that series since issue #1, and tomorrow night I fully intend on reading Booster #24. While I thought the earlier issues were better then some of the recent stories, things have been picking up with the last couple of issues.

  19. Im definitely gonna look into everything you mentioned, I already read Last Son, which I loved. So I'll definitely check out yout recommendations.

    It's also great to see another Booster fan, I've been a fan of him since his episode of JLU, then reasing 52 and now his awesome comic series. Its always good to find someone else who likes Booster, sometimes I feel like im alone in the world when it comes to that, Lol.

  20. Yeah, sadly Booster gets no love... I mean come on, the guy's saved the entire multiverse! What else does he have to do to get some respect??? Poor Booster. I think it was the 52 series that got me interested in Booster too.

    Last Son was really a great story, wasn't it? Some people I know really didn't like it, but I loved it. That storyline also had one of my favorite Lex Luthor scenes, where he kills a Kryptonian at the Fortress of Solitude and says to himself, "So that's what it feels like to kill a Kryptonian... Feels good."

  21. Lol I loved that line. I also loved the part with Metallo trying out all of the different Kryptonite's. That was awesome. Speaking of that Im also a big fan of the Superman/Batman series. I've been trying to convince my girlfriend to read it but she hates that its like 64 issues in...yet she read 52. Lol.

    Booster's comic is awesome due to the fact that they throw little hints in. Like when reading 52, Skeets mentions that Guy Gardner does something Pivotal in the Blackest Night, which is awesome because that was like 3 years ago so it really makes it seem like their from the future, and it gives me something to look forward to with Guy.

  22. I have the first four trades of the Superman/Batman series, but it's one of the MANY things I still haven't gotten around to reading yet... You'd be surprised if you knew just how many unread comic books I have laying around my place!

    Whoa, I totally don't remember that line with Skeets from 52! I do remember that Rip Hunter had a whole mess of hints he'd scrawl on a chalkboard, and I used to spend a whole mess of time trying to decipher what each hint meant. You know what, I should really pull that series out and give it a really quick re-read...

  23. Yeah, I know what you mean, i was going through somne of your old posts and saw all the backed up Marvel comics you hadn't even read yet, I just imagine your house/apartment/dorm to be filled with boxes of comics that you've arranged into make-shift furniture, lol.

    And yeah that'd be a good idea, I try to go back and see if I notice anything on Rips Blackboard that's happened since then, I remember something about Batman and Robin and I gotta assume thats about Dick and Damien but yeah, when I read that Blackest Night line it was awesome, because I just read 52, back in like July.

  24. I've got crates and boxes filled with comics, comics in bookcases, as well as piles of books all over the floor! One entire room in my apartment has been totally taken over by my ever growing collection. You know how most people have a living room, a bedroom, etc? I have a comic book room, and it's def my favorite room in my home.

    Hmm, now I have to try to remember exactly where I put my 52 comics...

  25. See thats awesome, I can only imagine how many comics you have overall. I have alot but nowhere near that much, I'd probably by alot more if I had a job but being 19 and unemployed means I have to limit my comic resources and resprt to the Library, but eh, whatever I gotta do to read comics I'll gladly do.

    Im thinking about rereading Justice, as I read that earlier in my comic reading "career" so now that I know more I may catch more stuff.

  26. Honestly, no exaggerating, I have over 200 trades and well over 8,000 regular comics at last count(and that was a couple of months ago)!

    My collection really picked up after I finally got a job, in like a years time my CB collection really grew by leaps and bounds, mainly thanks to eBay.

    I know I say this a lot, but Justice is one of those series I have but I haven't been able to read yet... I tend to buy way more comics then I'm able to read thanks to school, work and of course video games. As crazy as it probably sounds, I have a couple of hundred books I've brought but haven't been able to read yet!

  27. I know what you mean, I dont have nearly as many as you but I have alot of things I haven't gotten around to yet, I wanna go start the current Wonder Woman Series but I haven't found the time, I read JLA Act of God today and im reading Adventure Comics #2 as I type this, wanted to read it before I read your review.

    But as I recall Justice was awesome, Its on my bookshelf right now so I may re-read it sometime soon.

  28. Yeah, everybody seems to say Justice is awesome. I really should read that and DC: New Frontier, which is another mini I've always heard great things about. Maybe after I finish the GA's I'm currently reading...

    WW's series was great in parts, the Rise of the Olympian story was extremely good, as was the opening storyline, a lot of the stuff in the middle was forgettable though.

  29. My girlfriend's read the Wonder Woman series and she pretty much said the same thing, but I haven't heard anything about New Frontier, I know you haven't read it but do you have the gist of it? I wanna know if I'd be interested.

  30. I think(but remember, I could be WAY wrong here)New Frontier was like a bridge between DC's Golden Age heroes and their Silver Age ones. Established heroes from the 30's/40's meet up with their counterparts from the 50's/60's. I know the mini was HIGHLY acclaimed and won a whole slew of awards, including an Eisner award and Harvey award for best limited series, so it definitely has some stellar credentials!

  31. Hm...I'll have to check it out. From the description it reminds me of that episode of JLA where they met a bunch of "comic book heroes" from the past. Either way it sounds like an interesting read.

  32. I think after I finish up the Green Arrow "City Walls" trade I'll finally give New Frontier a read... It's been laying around for close to a year, it's probably
    about time I gave it a read!

  33. Hm, Lemme know how you like it, and I'll check it out. I went and got Outsiders from issue 1 up to the current one so I'm gonna read that today, and probably watch Borat, I watched Superman Batman Public Enemies last night and loved it, even though it was like 85% like the comic, it was still pretty awesome. Check it out if you get a chance.

  34. Sweet, I'd love to get the current Outsiders run. I picked up the two most current issues but(you probably guessed it)I haven't gotten around to reading them yet.

    To be honest, I'm not much of a movie person. The last movie I actually watched from start to finish was X-Men 3. I'm probably THE only Batman fan who has yet to see Dark Knight. I spend most of my time playing my PS3, rooting for my various sports teams(can't wait for hockey season!)or of course reading comics.

  35. Wow, you havent seen it yet? Im tempted to mail you my copy of Dark Knight. I know what ya mean though, Im more of a wrestling fan than a big sports guy, say what ya want, lol. Im actually a trained pro wrestler, finished up my training two years ago, but besides that Im a big movie and comic book guy.

    Also Im a trained Camera man and editor, I just edited a music video today to that Public Enemies movie between reading comics, if you feel like checking it out I'll shoot ya a link.

  36. Wow, a trained pro-wrestler? I used to be HUGE into wrestling a few years back. As a kid I used to watch and record every single WWF/E pay-per-view. Before I moved I had dozens of wrestling tapes. I still keep up with things online, but I haven't actually watched a wrestling show in prob about a year or so.

  37. Yeah, if you ever saw the one Legged Wrestler Zach Gowen, he was in the WWE for a while, I trained with the guy who trained him. I haven't done much because I was 16 when i finished training so school has taken over my life of course, but cool to see you were also a wrestling fan.

  38. Oh yeah, I remember that guy, I think he had a pay-per-view match with Vince McMahon(which he lost I think). So what do you think, will I be seeing you on my TV someday or not?

  39. Yeah he did, had a program with Vince. And Hopefully some day, Im starting back working shows soon so hopefully if Im lucky one day I'll find a spot on the roster. You may have to start watching wrestling again. Lol

  40. I definitely would start watching again too! I gotta know, is there a certain wrestler you pattern yourself after? And do you have a fav guy right now?

  41. Well Im a bigger dude, Im 6'2'' 280, but alot of my favorites are guys who can work any style like Kurt Angle, Shawn Michaels, Edge, but my favorite wrestler has always been Chris Jericho. The guy can do it all and he's awesome on the mic.

  42. When Jericho returned and didn't win the title right off the bat I remember being pissed! He's def the total package, always was. I also used to be a huge fan of Kurt back in the early 2000's. He could have an awesome match with a broomstick back then, and his promos were always strong. My all time fav though would have to be the Rock. Nobody could touch his promo work, he was solid in the ring, and he was always willing to put guys over strong. It's a shame he didn't stick around.

  43. know your wrestling. I agree with everything you said, and if you wanna see a good match check out Kurt Vs. Taker Vs. The Rock, It was in Detroit, I was there and it was amazing.

    Im also a big fan of The Rock and I wish he'd return, even just periodically but I can see why he'd rather do movies.

    Also, I dont know if you've ever notice this, But Jericho's been in the WWE for ten years and he has never, literally never wrestled The Undertaker.

  44. Yeah, The Rock's last few months in the WWE, when he was Hollywood Rock was just 100 levels above the promo work everybody else was doing. If memory serves me correctly, he was in a program with Austin, and he would walk around with a guitar singing derogatory songs about Austin, he was frigging hilarious! Man, Rock's feuds with Austin were almost always epic.

    Wow, that's really strange, but you're right, I can't recall their paths ever crossing either, that's probably for the best though, cause I doubt Jericho would be on the winning side of that potential feud.

  45. Lol I remember that. Man that was awesome. One of my favorite hyped feuds was their feud at Mania 17 with the My Way by Limp Bizkit video package. Man that was a great time to be a wrestling fan.

    And I agree with you, But im sure they could put on a classic. If you ever have the chance though, watch Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels from Wrestlemania 25, without a doubt one of the best matches I've ever seen.

    Its in my top three, with Kurt vs. Benoit from the Royal Rumble 2004 and HBK vs. Jericho in a Ladder match.

  46. Ha, yeah, not that long ago I wound up watching that video package on Youtube! I don't know if there was ever a better build-up to a feud then there was for that one. I hated the ending of the march, but the build-up was great.

    I remember Kurt and Shawn having a few awesome matches, which I might consider among my favorites, but I specifically recall loving the Hogan/Rock match from a Mania a few years back, the match itself wasn't much, but I remember the atmosphere and the crowd just being RABID for that one. I always liked the big Rock/Austin matches as well, mainly because they meshed so well in the ring together. I think it was one of their last matches together when it was like 7 straight minutes of finishers and ref bumps... Technically it wasn't a masterpiece, but the excitement was off the charts.

  47. I literally watched that video package three days ago. And Yeah the atmosphere was crazy for Rock Hogan, the in ring stuff didnt even matter at that point.

    And yes, I can't believe I forgot Angle vs. Michaels, thats another of my favorites. Man those guys put on a hell of a match.

    I remember that match as well, But do you remember Rock vs. Hogan 2? They did it at No Way Out and it was some lame finish where the lights went out then Hogan was knocked out and Rock pinned him, Man that was horrible.

  48. I can vaguely recall the second Rock/Hogan match-up... But barely. I must have tried to block it out!

  49. Yeah, It'd definitely blockable. I remember reading the Rock was tapped to play Black Adam in the Captain Marvel movie but they cancelled it. I would've loved him as a villain, he's good at it, plus Adam's one of my favorites and Rock looks just like him. I also heard he was supposed to play Namor.

  50. Rock as Black Adam would have been perfect! That seems like a role that would be tailor-made for him... Namor, not so much!

  51. Yeah, I was trying to tell my dad how awesome Rock would be as Black Adam but my dad kept saying Rock looks like Namor, Hell he looks eerily like Adam. Plus his voice and build would be perfect. Part of me wants that movie to be made just so Rock can play Black Adam.

  52. If the Rock were ever to play Black Adam in a movie, even I would try to take the time to see that one!

  53. Hm...I'm conflicted on who would play Captain Marvel to be honest, but that'd be awesome, to see Rock with the Black Adam um...Tights I guess, spandex, whatever with the Big Lightning bolt. That'd make such an awesome promo pic.

  54. Pfft, I could care less as to who would play Capt Marvel, as long as Rock is Black Adam. The more I think about it, the more convinced I am that Rock is PERFECT for that role in every way.

  55. To me he has the potential to make that one of the biggest Comic breakout roles in a while in Hollywood. I can imagine the buzz that'd create. Its weird how much he looks like Teth-Adam.

  56. "Its weird how much he looks like Teth-Adam."- Exactly! And I bet he'd be able to pull off those hokey super-villain lines perfectly too.

  57. The moment I'd look forward to the most is when they first show him, because I know he'd be in a dark room and the camera would pan up to see a shot of him in his chair just like in this panel. (I think its from 52)

  58. Damn, Black Adam is awesome! That's why I'm kind of surprised to learn you've never read JSA. He actually joined the team back in the early 2000's before eventually leaving them to take over Kandaq. Black Adam on the JSA was awesome, and who didn't become a BA fan when he tore that dude in half in the 52 series!

  59. Dude...I REALLY gotta read some JSA, I didn't even know he was in the JSA thats awesome. Man he was so awesome in 52, then when he turned over a new leaf and got screwed...when that Sobak dude ate Black Adam's um..bro in law I guess, My heart sank lol, I felt so betrayed. I love comics that can suck me in like that.

  60. Adam joined the JSA early on(if you want I could find you an issue/date), and he wound up leaving to liberate his country. The stuff in Kandaq was actually a JSA/Hawkman x-over(I'm blanking on the name though...).

    Yeah, there was a lot of awesome in 52, but the stuff with Adam was exceptionally awesome. 52 turned me into a big fan of Adam, the Question and Lex Luthor. I wish Countdown was half as good as 52 was.

  61. Yeah, I'd like that if you don't mind. I can't really picture Adam working with a team, let alone Hawkman.

    I also became a big fan of The Question due to 52, plus I'd started liking him on the Justice League Unlimited cartoon after getting the DVD's. And the stuff with Luther and the everymen was awesome..everything about 52 was awesome. The only stuff that bored me was the space travel with Starfire and Animal Man.

  62. Agreed completely. The Starfire/Animal Man stuff did nothing for me. Question was pretty cool in the few episodes of JLU I saw him in.

    OK, after some searching, Black Adam asked to join the JSA in JSA #21(April 2001). He officially left the team in issue #45(April 2003)and the JSA/Hawkman x-over where Adam liberated Kahndaq was called "Black Reign" and ran through JSA #56-58 and Hawkman #23-25. Wow, I'm like a walking comic book database! :)

  63. Besides Lobo popping up and me getting to stare at Star...I about Starfire that was a total waste of space in 52.

    Wow, you're like a robot of sorts. Thanks dude, I'll look into it, one of my friends is a big JSA guy but I haven't talked to him in a month or so, may be time to do a little comic borrowing.