Sunday, September 6, 2009

A Quick Look at Green Lantern #45

Since I'm pretty sure I'm the last person to read this comic, I'm going to give this book the quickie treatment. This is a Blackest Night x-over issue and is written by comic book GOD, Geoff Johns. Doug Mahnke provides the pencils.

-We begin with John Stewart witnessing the rebirth of the planet Xanshi. Somehow the Black power rings have managed to put the fractured planet back together again.

-From there we get Sinestro and his Corps invading the homeworld of the Star Sapphires with the express purpose of freeing the Sinestro Corps members the Sapphires had captured. This leads to a battle between Sinestro and Star Sapphire Carol Ferris.

-The Lost Lanterns head to the homeworld of the Red Lanterns to collect the dead body of fellow Lost Lantern Laira. The Lost Lanterns end up running afoul the Red Lanterns, and during the battle between the two factions a swarm of Black rings begin to turn all of the dead on the homeworld of the Red Lanterns into Black Lanterns.

-Odym, the homeworld of the Blue Lanterns is still being assaulted by Agent Orange's constructs. Why? Because Orange wants to steal the Blue power battery. While Orange is concentrating on the battle, Black rings spread all over his homeworld, resurrecting all of those he murdered to maintain possession of his Orange power ring.

-Finally, back on Zamaron, Sinestro gains the upper hand against Carol and prepares to deliver the killing blow. Before he can act though, he is surrounded by an army of Black Lanterns, all of whom used to be members of Sinestro's own Corps!

I liked this comic, especially the scenes with Carol and Sinestro. As usual, the writing and dialogue was excellently done. While the rapid pace of this comic caused many things to get shortchanged(what happened to John Stewart?)I really don't have anything to complain about. For a score, I'll give this comic a 9 out of 10. Everything here was pretty good, but the battle between Sinestro and Carol was extremely well done.Sinestro attacking Carol with a huge Hal Jordan construct is just too awesome for words!


  1. I thought the Sinestro stuff (especially with the long lost lover)was really great. I kind of wish Sinestro had his own mini.

  2. The best snippet from this GL issue...

    Larfleeze: Yuhoh.

  3. Sinestro + Mini-series = $$$!!!

    Believe it or not Robert, had the Larfleeze pic not been a two page spread, I was going to post it(it's a pain in the neck to post two page spreads)!