Saturday, September 26, 2009

Magog #1

Magog #1: Writer-Keith Giffen Penciller-Howard Porter

What Happened: This story opens with Magog visiting Sudan, Africa and finding several atrocities, including soldiers who have enslaved villagers, lopped off their arms and fitted them with some sort of device that forces them to obey. Magog discovers what he can from one of the soldiers and then proceeds to annihilate the rest of the evil-doers. We learn that the villagers were basically zombies and that the control devices were the only things keeping them "alive". Magog has an old marine buddy do some digging about the devices, but his friend comes back with nothing. Alan Scott(Green Lantern)stops by Magog's hotel room, and Magog tells him about what he ran across. Alan reads Magog the riot act about his behavior and actions(killing the evil soldiers)and Magog yes's Alan until he leaves. We get a strange interlude with some businessman killing a family with invisible assassins as per instructions he received over his cell phone. Magog heads to his buddy and gives him one of the control devices in the hope that his friend can get some answers as to who is responsible for them. While he's awaiting the results, he heads down to El Paso and destroys some drug dealers. This issue ends with the businessman from earlier vaguely talking to somebody over his cell phone at the scene in El Paso where Magog had come and gone.

What I thought: This was a good first issue. It established to any readers unfamiliar with Magog exactly who he is and what he stands for. The stuff with the businessman was WAY to vague for my liking, but I'm sure as this series unfolds all will eventually be revealed. I like Magog, I like his approach towards crime and I like his personality. This issue did nothing to change my opinion on Magog, which was a good thing. I'll definitely be sticking with this series for the foreseeable future.

Score: 8 out of 10.Well, that'll teach them not to sell drugs anymore!


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  2. Uh-oh, is that a good wow or a bad wow???

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  4. What can I say, I have very strange tastes. If nothing else this should prove that you can never predict what I'm going to score a comic! Unless it's written by BENDIS. Then you can be sure I'm going to give it a very low score!