Thursday, September 17, 2009

The end is near!

Thankfully, this week is finally reaching its end. I just finished printing out my History paper, and all I've got left to do now is some good old fashion cramming for my History exam early tomorrow morning. Classwise, all I've got tomorrow is my History exam, a two hour break and a gym class, then that's it, weekend time! I plan on catching up on all of the comic book reading I've been missing out on this week during that two hour break, meaning that come tomorrow night(provided I'm awake and coherent)I should have a whole bunch of Speed Reviews up.

Other than that, I'll still be checking out the blogs of my fellow Legion of Losers, as well as posting two new scans to the scan site before signing off tonight. Speaking of the scan site, I posted some scenes from "Batman: A Death in the Family" yesterday, and the one and only Matthew Hex left an interesting comment about Jason Todd and whether or not he should have returned from the dead. I'd love to hear from the other members of the Legion concerning Jason Todd and what they think about his death/return. Well that's it, time to hit the books. So long until tomorrow.

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