Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Currently reading...

When my head isn't buried in my Accounting textbook, I've been reading through the most recent Green Arrow series. The series was initially written by Kevin Smith, who was followed by Brad Meltzer(!). Needless to say, the first several storyarcs were AMAZING! I just finished reading the "Straight Shooter" trade which is written by Judd Winick. "Straight Shooter" was OK, but it was a definite drop off from the initial few stories. After some studying, I plan on ending my night by starting the "City Walls" trade which encompasses Green Arrow #32-39. I haven't heard good things about this trade, but since I own it I might as well read it. Well, that's going to have to be it for tonight, I've got me some hardcore studying to attend to. If you want, check out the picture site, I'll have some new content up over there.


  1. Thats fuuny, Ive just re-read the first two trades myself and am a few issues into the brad meltzer one at the moment. I had very mixed feelings about Judd winicks run on green arrow. It went very down hill for me around one year later. There was also some change in artists which was a shame as phil hester did great work I felt, and suited the tone of the book.

  2. Yeah, Phil's artwork really fit Ollie and Star City perfectly, but damn, Kevin and Brad wrote themselves some pretty sweet stories! Judd is kind of a hit or miss type of writer to me. So far I just haven't really gotten into his GA run yet. Straight Shooter was OK, and so far City Walls is more of the same. I enjoyed his work in Green Arrow/Black Canary(for the most part)and I also liked his take on the Outsiders. For that matter, I'm also enjoying
    his current Batman run, although I may be the only one!