Friday, September 18, 2009

Speed Review for: Nova #28

Nova #28: Writers- Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning. Artist- Andrea Divito.
This is yet another "War of Kings" x-over.

What Happened: Rich rips into Strontian after he found her standing over his brother Robbie's lifeless body. Rich's fellow Nova Corps members alert him to the fact that Robbie is still alive(barely)but before they can clear out, Strontian's Shi'ar teammates arrive on the scene to assist their leader. After a surprisingly brief battle, Rich and the Nova Corps manage to take out the Shi'ar forces. As Rich goes to leave, he discovers that Blastarr's forces have completely overrun the planet of Kree-Lar. Blastarr agrees to let Rich and his Corps leave, but he refuses to allow Rich to take Ravenous, the now former king of Kree-Lar off world. Rich winds up convincing Blastarr to allow him to leave with Ravenous and his Corps, but Blastarr isn't exactly pleased about the way things went down between Rich and himself. Back on Nu-Xandar, Rich decides to reestablish the Nova Corps, but only after a very meticulous selection process. Robbie gets placed in a healing tank and when he regains consciousness, Rich officially makes him a full-fledged Nova Corps member. This issue ends with Rich and the Corps discovering the tear in time/space from "War of Kings #6". As they investigate, a very old Nova Corps starship emerges from the tear.

What I thought: Things wrapped up a bit to neatly for my tastes here. I didn't like the ease with which Rich was able to defeat Strontian, or how he was able to trick/threaten his way off of Kree-Lar. Blastarr had Rich dead to rights, allowing him to leave Kree-Lar with Ravenous in tow just seemed very weak on Blastarr's part. I will say I'm VERY surprised to see Robbie survive this storyline. After the events of last issue, I thought for sure he was a goner. To me things would have been more interesting for Rich had Robbie died. Usually Nova is among my favorite Marvel books, but this issue just didn't do much for me.

Score: 6 1/2 out of 10.The utter bewilderment of Blastarr in this scene was some pretty funny stuff.

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