Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Captain America Reborn #3(of 5)

Captain America Reborn #3: Writer- Ed Brubaker Art- Bryan Hitch
Before I get this review started, I have to ask, why didn't I read this comic sooner???

What Happened: Captain America(Steve Rogers)is still continuing his trip through time, with no way of knowing where he'll end up next or why he's passing through various points in his life. However, while he's fighting in the Kree-Skrull War, he manages to give a message to Vision before he is shunted elsewhere in the timestream. Namor and Mr. Fantastic retrieve Steve's coffin which was laid to rest in the ocean. As soon as they look inside of it, Steve's body vanishes. At about the same time, the Black Widow returns to Pym's lab just as Pym and company are learning from the television that Osborn has revealed Sharon Carter as the secondary shooter of Steve. Widow tells Sharon that Osborn wants her to turn herself in to him, or he'll kill the current Captain America(Bucky Barnes). Widow then tells Sharon not to worry, as the heroes already have a plan in motion to free Bucky from captivity. However, Sharon worries that if the heroes were to fail, she would have the death of another Captain America on her head. Bucky is being transported to Thunderbolts Mountain by a couple of the Thunderbolts via an airplane, which is promptly attacked by Falcon. Sam manages to defeat the T-bolts and rescue Bucky in the process. Sam reports his success back to Pym, and before Pym or Widow can tell Shanon that Bucky was safe and sound, they hear a news report stating that Sharon had turned herself over to HAMMER custody. This issue ends with Sin and Crossbones finding the Red Skull(who is still trapped in one of Armin Zola's old bodies)and telling him that Osborn wants to help him take possession of the body he deserves.

What I thought: This was an exceptionally good issue, which really isn't much of a surprise considering who the writer is. Not only was story great, the dialogue was fantastic, especially Steve's inner monologue, and Bryan's art was beautiful. So now Osborn has Sharon Carter in his possession, who seems to be the key to retrieving Steve from the timestream. Why would Osborn want to rescue Steve? Apparently the plan is for the Red Skull to take possession of Steve(which was the Skull's original plan following Steve's "death")and then for Skull to lead Osborn's Dark Avengers as Captain America. There are a few small pieces to this puzzle we aren't privy to yet, such as what exactly Steve told Vision back in the past, as well as what happened to the body that was in Steve's coffin, but with this mini-series rapidly roaring towards a conclusion, I'd say it's a safe bet we'll find out the answers to all of these questions and more. I know I'll be eagerly anticipating the final two issues of this mini!

Score: 9 1/2 out of 10.I loved this scene, the art was fantastic and the dialogue was perfect.


  1. Ha! I just put up my review of this comic as well (along with a bunch of other posts). I'm all caught up now with my blog! Hooray!


  2. You must be as behind with your reviews as I am then! I've got to ask, are you going to start naming your crisis' ala DC?