Monday, September 28, 2009

Dark Wolverine #78

Dark Wolverine #78: Writers- Daniel Way & Marjorie Liu Art- Stephen Segovia

What Happened: The tape of Daken(in his Wolverine guise)killing a bunch of criminals gets leaked on the Internet, and needless to say, that's not the kind of thing that makes Osborn's Avengers look very good. Osborn tries to track down who exactly put the leaked footage out there(it was Daken), since only he had a copy, but he comes up empty. In an attempt to salvage Daken's image(not to mention his Avengers), Osborn sets up a very public break out at a federal courthouse in which Moses Magnum is freed at the expense of 10 people's lives. Magnum and his crew head to their hideout, a warehouse in the middle of nowhere, and Osborn sends some camera men and Daken to the scene to take Magnum down(without killing him)in an effort to sway public opinion back towards Daken and his Avengers.

What I thought: As usual I enjoyed this comic. I've never made a secret about my feelings towards Daken, and so far this series has been consistently good since Daken took over as the title character. So this issue, Daken leaks the footage of himself going on a rampage in an effort to further infuriate/discredit Osborn, he also sends Moonstone a book along with a flower as he continues to draw her closer to him and further from Osborn, all while continuing to push Osborn's buttons... That's what I like the most about this series, while Osborn may fancy himself in complete control of things, Daken seems to be the one playing the role of the puppeteer.

Score: 8 1/2 out of 10.And so the Disney invasion begins...

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