Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Busy, busy, busy!

I'm still hard at work, so once again, I don't have any new reviews to post. The most recent issue of Green Lantern Corps just came in the mail today, and it's taking all of my willpower not to dig into that book! However, until I finish all of this damn schoolwork off, I won't allow myself to luxury of reading any new books. I did read the first two issues of the Green Arrow: "City Walls" trade last night, and can't say I was really that impressed. The two issues consisted of Arsenal(Roy Harper)and Connor Hawke going out on the town and realizing that they were two very different people. The other story was about the Scavenger trying to buy the Arrowcar off of eBay... Um yeah.

Anyway, I've still got to study some Spanish vocabulary for a test tomorrow, as well as polish of a 5 page essay on ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia, while studying for a History test Friday, so I'm going to have to cut this post short. I'd definitely recommend checking out the picture blog because I'll be posting scans from "Fatal Attractions" and "A Death in the Family". Thanks for the comments on both sites, they're a welcome break from the monotony of excessive schoolwork. I'll close this post by listing which comics I ordered yesterday:

Adventure Comics Vol 2 #2
Batgirl Vol 3 #2
Batman And Robin #4
Batman Cacophony HC
Batman Streets Of Gotham #4
Blackest Night #3
Blackest Night Batman #2
Booster Gold Vol 2 #24
Captain America Reborn #3
Dark Avengers #9
Dark Avengers Uncanny X-Men Exodus #1
Dark Reign The List Part 1 Avengers
Dark Reign The List Part 2 Daredevil
Dark Reign Young Avengers #4
JSA vs Kobra Engines Of Fate #4
Outsiders Vol 4 #22
Secret Six Vol 3 #13
Superman World Of New Krypton #7
War Of Kings Who Will Rule One Shot
Wednesday Comics #10
Wednesday Comics #11

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