Saturday, September 19, 2009

Speed Review for: Batman #690

Batman #690: Writer- Judd Winick Pencils- Mark Bagley.

What Happened: After being ambushed last issue by Clayface and Blanco, Dick manages to gain the upper hand on the odd couple, but he becomes distracted by an explosion at a nearby building. Clayface and Blanco take advantage of the distraction to make their getaway, leaving Dick confused as to why Clayface and Blanco attacked him, as well as who set off the explosives to allow the two villains to make good their escape. The Penguin, who hired a mystery man to set up Clayface and Blanco's attack, is pleased that Batman should now be off his back and after the escaped villains. Penguin tries to end his business agreement with the mystery man, but the mystery man has all of the Penguin's bodyguards killed, explaining to the Penguin that he'll now be working for the mystery man. Finally, Two-Face hires a teleportor and shows her a batarang, telling her to teleport him to the place the batarang was created. The woman complies, and Alfred alerts Dick that there has been a breach at the Batcave. Dick rushes to the Cave, but doesn't see anything wrong, until he notices the giant penny has been uncovered. Before he can react, Dick is shot in the back with several tranquilizer darts and Two-Face, wearing a bizarre take-off of Batman's costume demands to know where the "real" Batman was.

What I thought: This was yet another good issue of this series. Of course, I am a pretty big fan of Mark Bagley's art and of Two-Face, which should explain some of my satisfaction with this issue. I'm about 95% sure the mystery man with the Penguin is Black Mask, but all throughout this comic book he was shrouded in shadows, which is why I had to keep referring to him as the mystery man during the review. Two-Face finding the Batcave is a very interesting prospect. First off, I have to say I'm not really that pleased by the way Judd had Two-Face find the Cave. With how insanely paranoid Bruce Wayne is/was, I just can't believe he doesn't have some type of teleportational dampeners active in the Cave. Even though Two-Face finding the Cave was a BIG stretch, I have to say I am eagerly anticipating the battle between Dick and one of his greatest nemesis', Two-Face, in the confines of the Batcave. Next issue should be sweet.

Score: 8 1/2 out of 10.I absolutely LOVE Two-Face's Bat-costume! I'm not exactly sure why I love it, but I do!


  1. i cant believe you love that two face/bat costume, it is the worst costume ive ever scene, it looks so stupid. dont you find it boring that its two face and penguin being used AGAIN. Batman has a huge cast of villains. mix it up more i say.

  2. I think half the reason I dig that costume is because it looks so bad! It's so ugly I can't help but like it!

    I'm sick of Penguin, IMO he's the most useless of all the Bat-villains, but I like Two-Face, so I'd be fine if popped up every issue.

  3. I think it is kind of slick in a Silver-Age kind of way like the Composite Superman.

    And hey, Bruce was only a man. I am sure there are more ways to teleport throughout the universe that Wayne could've predicted/protected against.

  4. I don't know GL, it is Bruce Wayne we're talking about here...I just can't imagine he'd leave such an obvious hole in his security. I just can't believe Bats wouldn't have the Cave completely safeguarded against all manner of teleportation.