Friday, September 18, 2009

Speed Review for: Guardians of the Galaxy #17

Guardians of the Galaxy #17: Writers- Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning. Penciler- Brad Walker.
This is a "War of Kings" x-over issue.

What Happened: The Guardians who remained in the present get a message from Star-Lord(who is in the future)warning them to do whatever it takes to prevent Black Bolt from detonating the T-Bomb, or time and space would begin to tear apart. Unfortunately, the message comes to late, because the Bomb went off in "War of Kings #6". The Guardians head to Attilan to get a closer look at the tear, and Adam Warlock decides to ally himself with the Universal Church of Truth in an attempt to close the tear. Adam winds up expending an insane amount of power and manages to halt the spread of the tear, but he proves unable to close it. Afterwards, Adam's Guardian teammate, Martyr, stabs Warlock in the back, as per her agreement with Oblivion several issues back. Gamora attacks Martyr and after a brief battle Gamora impales Martyr with her sword. Upon checking on Warlock, Gamora realizes the Magus has taken full possession of Warlock's body, but before she can alert anybody, Magus snaps her neck and tosses her away while the members of the Universal Church bow down to their resurrected God.

What I thought: This one had me a bit conflicted. This issue started off VERY slow, but when it picked up steam, it was like a runaway freight train! Gamora besting Martyr in battle definitely left a smile on my face, since I can't stand Martyr, and I can't get enough of Gamora... I have the strangest fixation on green women... Anyway, Magus apparently killing Gamora definitely wiped that smile off my face, but Gamora is pretty damn tough, so here's hoping she somehow survives having her neck broken and then getting tossed into space... Ahem... Although he killed(?)Gamora, I'm thrilled to see Magus return. Magus is a true universal level threat, and should make all of Marvel's space-faring titles a whole lot more interesting. Magus + The Universal Church of Truth = A nearly insurmountable threat for the Guardians of the Galaxy. The next few issues should be flat out awesome.

Score: 7 1/2 out of 10.Yes, I'll admit it, I marked out big time when the Magus returned here... I'm such a geek!

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