Sunday, September 27, 2009

Teen Titans #74

Teen Titans #74: Writer- Bryan Q. Miller Pencils- Joe Bennett.

What Happened: The Teen Titans and the Fearsome Five battle each other on the streets of San Fransisco as this issue gets underway. Red Devil notices that there seems to be a nuclear signature emanating from Alcatraz Island, and the Calculator(posing as an FBI agent)sends Devil to the scene to handle the situation. Devil arrives at Alcatraz and finds the radioactive guy Mammoth stabbed last issue about to explode in a massive nuclear explosion that would level San Fran. Devil loads the guy onto the Titans jet and flies him as high in the air as the jet can take him. By this point the Titans have subdued the Fearsome Five and Devil contacts Miss Martian mentally to say his goodbyes. The Titans who can fly try to get to the jet in time, but it explodes, killing the radioactive guy and Devil in the process. Wonder Girl naturally blames herself, being the leader of the team and all, but Bombshell of all people convinces Cassie that Devil's death wasn't her fault. In the end, Cassie decides to stay on and work harder to make sure no more Titans die. This issue ends with the Calculator forcing the captive Kid Eternity to continuously change into his dead son Marvin, in an effort to be a more attentive father to Marvin in death then he was in life. There was a Second Feature with Ravager, but it was pretty standard stuff, so I'm not going to bother reviewing it.

What I thought: This series has definitely gotten a lot better with Brian at the writing reins as opposed to the previous writer, Sean McKeever. This storyline was pretty good overall, and Bryan actually has me a little bit interested in this series again, which is nothing short of a miracle! Sure, I still don't really like the line-up here, but once Kid Flash and Superboy(two of my favorite characters by the way)return, this series should improve exponentially. I like Calculator as the main villain in this title, I thought he was a great villain during his "Birds of Prey" days, and his motivation(wanting revenge on the Titans for the death of his son and the paralyzing of his daughter)is perfect. I can't say I'm shocked Red Devil was the Titan to die this issue, without his powers Eddie wasn't really needed anymore. I would have preferred to see the annoying Blue Beetle die, but you don't always get what you wish for.

Score: 7 1/2 out of 10.So long Red Devil...

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