Monday, September 7, 2009

A Quick Look at Wonder Woman #35

I was either going to read this comic or New Avengers #56, so my choice was pretty easy. This comic is written by Gail Simone with Aaron Lopresti providing the artwork.

-We start this issue off with Black Canary trying to get Wonder Woman to enjoy herself while in Tokyo. WW is reluctant since the two women are on a mission to capture Dr. Psycho and rescue Sarge Steel, but BC finally manages to convince WW to let her guard down for a change.

-From there the two women head back to Psycho's fight club(in disguise)and beat some goons up. After the fight, WW gets Steel alone(he's trapped in Psycho's body)and manages to fix his fractured mind with her lasso.

-With Steel's mind fixed, the two women only have to take Psycho into custody. However, Psycho seems to be on to them and he has the Goddess Pele(who wants revenge on WW for the death of her father)lined up to fight the two women in the next round of the fight club. Pele strips them of their disguises and takes WW's spirit away to some realm where Pele is all powerful.

-Psycho sends every one of his fighters into the ring to kill the defenseless WW, but BC ends up defeating every one of the villains. Pele rages about the death of her father at the hands of Zeus, and WW explains that she has forsaken Zeus due to his actions. WW then vows to do whatever it takes to make things right between herself and Pele and the two make some kind of pact(that we aren't privy to).

-Pele returns WW to her body and WW, BC and Steel(still in Psycho's body)easily defeat Psycho and presumably get Psycho and Steel back in their appropriate bodies. This issue ends with WW heading back to the States to speak to Tom Tresser about what happened between him and Genocide. Before WW can explain things to Tom, he returns the courting gifts WW gave to him a while back and tells her that whatever they had was now over.

Eh, this issue really didn't do anything for me. Everything that is happening is still just the fallout from the "Rise of the Olympian" storyline, and I for one am ready for WW to move on! Yeah, I liked the "Rise" storyline, but I'm ready for a new storyline to get underway. Hopefully after we finish up the stuff between WW and Tom, WW can finally begin moving forward. For a score, I'll give this issue a 6 1/2 out of 10.Now this is the Black Canary I know and love! Not the incompetent one currently bumbling through the pages of "Green Arrow and Black Canary"!

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