Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Accounting: The cure for insomnia.

You know, if not for my accounting class, this semester would probably be a piece of cake. Since I'm STILL working on my accounting HW, which is due tomorrow, I won't be posting any new reviews to the blog tonight. I've got a huge pile of unread, new comic books building up on my nightstand, and I just don't have the time to get around to reading them. Oh well, there's always tomorrow I guess.

Before I go on, thanks for the comments on the previous post about what you guys want to see on the picture blog. Homework or no homework, I'll be posting a couple of the recommendations/requests you guys have been sending me. Some of them I've been having little to no trouble finding, but there are a few which are definitely giving me some trouble... However, I'm still pretty sure I can find all of the pics that have been requested so far. Alright, that's it for tonight, remember to check out the picture blog and keep those requests coming!


  1. We all seem very busy these days, X-Man, what with work and school and all. I have a bunch of drafts saved over at my blog that I'll (hopefully) finish up and post sometime this week. Just don't give up on me yet! And after that...CRISIS!

  2. Yeah, you can say that again! I definitely haven't/wouldn't give up on you Robert, I'm always checking out your blog, and I'm always happy to find some new content up, I'll be looking forward to reading the stuff you do post.

    Oh no, not another Crisis! You're getting worse than DC! :)