Thursday, June 11, 2009

Wonder Woman #32

Alright, my copy of Wonder Woman FINALLY arrived in the mail today! When DC says to wait at least 2 weeks for delivery of a new comic, they MEAN 2 weeks! Anyway, this is part 7 of the red-hot "Rise of the Olympian" storyline written by Gail Simone. Without further ado, here's the review.

-We open with Wonder Woman facing the corpse of her future self, Genocide, in Washington DC. To set the stage, Genocide has already trounced WW once before and is also in possession of WW's lasso.

-The two women tear into each other for a while until the arrival of WW's boyfriend, Tom Tresser. Tom fires a missile at Genocide from an invisible helicopter which connects, but he winds up losing sight of the creature after the explosion.

-While Tom is hovering above, Genocide launches a bus full of people at the helicopter, which sends it hurtling to Earth. WW chooses to save the bus full of folks, which causes Tom to crash down to the street.

-Before WW can react, Genocide grabs Tom and holds him in front of her. Genocide then decides to play mind games and asks WW if she ever loved Tom. WW responds no(!)and Genocide explains to Tom that all WW wanted him for was his seed(for lack of a better term).

-While Genocide is talking, WW surges forward and slashes the tendons in Genocide's arm, forcing her to release Tom. WW then grabs hold of Genocide and flies into space before smashing Genocide back down to Earth again. After driving Genocide through a moving train, WW flies the two of them into a secluded part of the Atlantic Ocean and proceeds to tear her lasso out of Genocide(!!!)before flinging her into the ocean where she would drown.

-WW stands in the air and weighs her decision to allow Genocide to drown, ultimately deciding she couldn't take the life of her twisted future self. WW dives into the waters but improbably can find no trace of Genocide.

-So where did Genocide go? It seems that Ares has taken her and intends to use Genocide(as well as other sea creatures)to attack WW's homeland of Themyscira, in a shot at his father Zeus.

This was a really enjoyable comic. The fight between WW and Genocide was riveting and I was never quite sure how things were going to end. Oh, and WW TEARING her lasso out of Genocide? AWESOME stuff, simply awesome! With the score now tied at one win a piece, I can't wait for round 3 between WW and Genocide.

I've got to admit I was a bit disappointed in WW's claim that she never loved Tom and was apparently only using him as a sperm bank. I honestly never saw that coming. If all WW wanted was a baby daddy, I would imagine she could have done better. No offense to Tom(I do like him), but WW is always surrounded by super-heroes and gods. Wouldn't one of them serve as a better donor then a guy with no powers? Normally I'd say hopefully Genocide wasn't being totally truthful, but Genocide is the future version of WW, so I'd imagine that if Genocide says WW was just using Tom it must be true. Anyway, for a score I'm happy to give this comic a 9 out of 10. This was a great comic that has me eagerly anticipating the next issue.


  1. I forgot how much action and drama was involved in this issue, X. Your review makes me want to reread it.

  2. Your comments make ME want to reread it Yedna! And I just read it!