Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I got nothin...

It's pretty late here, and after last night's BENDIS induced madness, I just don't have the willpower to review anything tonight. Instead of reading anything new(I'll probably read Mighty Avengers tomorrow night)I'll be reading a couple of parts of the New Krypton x-over from late last year, along with a couple of the Superboy and the Ravers comics. What the hell is Superboy and the Ravers you ask? To be honest, I have NO frigging clue! Why did I buy them then? Who knows? I guess they must have been pretty cheap or something... Sometimes I have NO idea why I buy the stuff I buy...

Besides comic related stuff, I've been happily spending my free time playing Infamous. I beat it yesterday as a hero, and today I've been spending my time honing my villainous skills. Even though it's pretty awesome to just run around the city frying people and blowing stuff up for no reason, I have to admit that I prefer being a hero. I get more of a rush when the people in that game are crowding around me cheering and taking pictures after I save them from some kind of nefarious bad guy, then when they're running away or cowering at my feet. And I always figured I was more Dr. Doom than Captain America... I guess not.

Besides that, I brought myself a 8GB memory stick for my PSP today. 8GB! That's a LOT of memory! My old memory stick only had 128MB. The first thing I did after buying that memory stick? I went right to the PlayStation store and downloaded Final Fantasy 7. I spent a good part of my adolescence glued to my PS1 playing that game, and I can't wait to jump back into it. I guess that's all for tonight. I'll head over to the other blog, post some pics, and log off for the night.

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