Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Titans #14

4 comics came in the mail for me today(Titans, Uncanny X-Men, Batman, and Wolverine). Since I really don't have a preference concerning which one to read first, I just turned them over, mixed them up and wound up pulling out the Titans comic. This issue is written by Eric Wallace, whose work I am completely unfamiliar with.

-This issue was a spotlight on Cyborg, so expect a lot of Cyborg and that little green pain in the ass.

-We begin this issue with Cyborg trying to repair some computer systems in the Titans headquarters, while being pestered by Beast Boy. Goddamn is Beast Boy annoying! Anyway, Cyborg and BB go out on a date(and the bromance continues!)which ends with BB giving Cyborg a card to a dating service.

-From there Cyborg heads to his ex-girlfriend Sarah who tells Cyborg to get himself a life away from the Titans.

-Next Cyborg finds himself at a church in Harlem run by some guy named Ron Evers. Rev. Evers has decided that technology is evil, and has his entire congregation following his beliefs. Cyborg tries to talk some sense into Evers, but winds up getting called away by STAR Labs.

-Upon arriving at STAR, Cyborg is forced to deal with some wacky scientist who has donned a suit of nano tech and is running amok. Eventually Cyborg defeats the guy by remembering that the crazy scientist loved a parakeet named Josephine.

-This issue ends with Cyborg deciding to go out on a date with a doctor who happens to be confined to a wheelchair.

What the bloody hell was THAT??? Why did I even bother to read this comic? The entire thing just kind of went nowhere. I could have done this review a lot faster if I just typed out, Cyborg went to lunch, then he saw his ex, then he went to church, then to STAR Labs, then he had dinner. Boring!

For a score, I'll give this comic a 4 out of 10. I guess if you're a huge Cyborg fan you'll dig this comic, but I for one just found it meaningless and boring.


  1. BORING! This was easily the worst issue I'd seen in this series. I usually buy double issues of the books I like, but I stopped with the Titans a few issues ago. If I'd bought 2 copies of this book I probably would've burned the other. It would have been a meaningless gesture, but . . I would've felt better.

  2. Amen to that! This series has really been going downhill for a while now. Hopefully things will turn around soon.