Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Nothing new.

Feeling somewhat lazy(and sunburned!)I'm not going to bother reading/reviewing any new books tonight. Instead, I'll just babble about whatever comes to mind until my fingers get tired. Sounds like fun, right? Yeah, I guess it doesn't, but that's what I'm going to do anyway! Let's see, where to start...

I started the JSA series from 1999 last night, and breezed through the first 4 issues. Those comics were written by James Robinson and David Goyer. While they were good(if I were to give them a score, it would be in the 8 to 8 1/2 out of 10 range), I was sort of hoping for a bit more. The team consists of Wildcat, Old Flash and Old Green Lantern(naturally), as well as Black Canary, Hawkgirl, Sand, Atom Smasher, the Hourman from the year 1,000,000, Stargirl, Dr. Fate and the Jack Knight Starman(!). One of my favorite comic series EVER is James Robinson's "Starman", so I'm expecting near perfection here.

The first four issues detailed Mordru(the magician from the 31st century)killing off agents of chaos and order in an attempt to steal the powers of Dr. Fate. Mordru manages to kill off Fate(the one with the red highlights and tattoo over his eye)and kidnaps the baby who was to inherit the Dr. Fate mantle. Needless to say, the JSA steps in and stops Mordru, and the baby winds up aging and becoming Hawkman's son(or something along those lines). I was enjoying everything until the whole Dr. Fate/reincarnation stuff started up, then my mind kind of blanked out. And here I thought Hawkman had a confusing story... His son is just as bad! Once I finish up here and at the picture blog, I'll probably read a few more issues.

I was going to read "Dark Avengers" tonight, but my open disdain for the works of BENDIS has kept me from reading that particular comic for over a week now. If only Noh-Varr wasn't featured in that series... I almost fear reading that comic because I just know BENDIS is bound to completely ruin Noh-Varr's character like he has done to SO many others, see: Hood, The.

I'm expecting a new order of comic books to arrive tomorrow(hopefully)and I'll list what I picked up once those books arrive. Speaking of waiting on new comics, I'm still waiting for a couple of my subscription books to arrive. For Marvel, I'm waiting on Captain America #600, Mighty Avengers #26, Wolverine Origins #37 and X-Men Legacy #225. On the DC side of things, we have Green Arrow and Black Canary #21 and JSA #27(STILL!). Of course that's not counting whatever is getting released today(Wednesday).

Besides comic books, I've been spending an inordinate amount of time playing Final Fantasy VII on my PSP. That damn game is as addicting now as it was when it first came out some 10+ years ago. I'm looking to pick up one more game this summer, either Fight Night Round 4 or UFC Unleashed. I'm completely undecided on which one to buy though...

Hmm, I think that's about all for now. I'll throw up a post or 2 over at the other blog and get ready to call it a night. Come tomorrow, I should have a few new reviews up. Maybe...


  1. The original JSA series doesn't pick up until the next few arcs after the issues you read. It's weird, because as the book transitions from the hands of Robinson to Geoff Johns, it gets so much more readable. I only say that's weird because they are both very solid writers.

    I remember reading that first issue and thinking "This reminds me of a late 90's team comic." The characters just seemed really flat, and the plot was just kind of blah (man, I'm so negative lately, sorry). But if you like team books, I would tell you to stick around and buy the next trade or two, beacuse they introduce Mr. Terrific and Dr. Mid-Nite to the team.

    Comics and Final Fantasy VII...throw in the basement at my old house and you just described my freshmen year in high school.

  2. Yeah, it looks like James only stuck around for about 5 issues before Geoff took over, which in and of itself is just plain weird. A 5 issue comic book run? I wonder what that was all about. I've actually managed to snag all 87 issues of that series, so I'm definitely looking forward to things picking up.

    I'm telling you, I completely forgot just how addicting FFVII was! At this rate, before I know it, my vacation is going to be over, and I'll have accomplished nothing!