Thursday, June 4, 2009

Hey, it's Thursday!

Yeah, the title to this post really doesn't mean anything. I couldn't think of anything else to title this post, so that should explain the things. 5, that's right, 5(!)comics came in the mail today, the day after I was bitching about slow mail service. All 5 books were Marvel Comics(what the hell, DC!). For the record, the books that came were:

Wolverine: Origins #36- I'll be reading this comic before I read anything else. I've been surprised at just how much I've enjoyed the past few issues of this series.

X-Men Legacy #224- I still have to read X-Men Legacy #220-223 before I can get to this comic.

New Avengers #53- Gah, it's a comic written by the DREAD LORD BENDIS! I can honestly state that I'm actually a bit afraid to read this comic. I just know it's going to be horrible...

Wolverine #72- This is part 7(of 8)of the Old Man Logan storyline. Mark Millar and Steve McNiven have really put out a great story the last 6 issues of Wolvie, and this is another book I can't wait to read.

Wolverine #73- Sometimes Marvel really manages to confuse me. This is one of those times. Now, Wolvie #72 was part 7 of the Old Man Logan story, so you'd think this issue would contain the 8th and final part of Old Man Logan... Nope. This issue is a different storyline done by a different creative team... Weird...

Well, it looks like I'll be reading Marvel books the next few nights. That is unless DC gets me my comics! Oh yeah, tomorrow I should be getting my hands on Infamous for the PS3. I've been checking out a few reviews for that game and I've been pretty impressed. Hopefully that game is as good as the hype. That's enough mindless prattling for now, time to read Wolvie: Origins.

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