Monday, June 22, 2009

Action Comics #878

Thankfully, I discovered this comic in my mailbox today. Had it not arrived, I'd have been stuck reading "Dark Avengers" tonight, and I'm just not in the mood to read through more BENDIS-ization of the Avengers. Without further ado, let's see what Greg Rucka has in store for us in the latest issue of "Action".

-This issue begins with the Kryptonians from last issue, the two who robbed a bank, breaking into a woman's house(and murdering the woman in the process)in New Mexico so they could have sex in her home. The police respond to the home after they receive reports of damage to the place and wind up interrupting the two amorous Kryptonians in the act. The Kryptonians murder the cops, finish up and move on.

-Back in Metropolis, Thara Ak-Var awakens in the apartment of Lois Lane, and the two spend some time getting to know each other while they wait for Chris to return from the Fortress of Solitude.

-Gen. Lane gets wind of the actions of the Kryptonians in New Mexico, and mistakenly believes Nightwing(Chris)and Flamebird(Thara)were responsible. Lane releases the information to the media for propaganda purposes, and tells his forces to figure out where the Kryptonians went after their fun in New Mexico.

-Chris returns to Lois apartment and is happy to find Thara awake, but the happy reunion is dampened by the reports coming out of New Mexico. Thara and Chris suit up and locate the evil Kryptonians not that far from the scene of their crimes. After a brief battle, Nightwing and Flamebird take out the Kryptonians, but are confronted by Gen. Lane's operative, Codename: Assassin and a whole mess of ogres(?)as this issue comes to a close.

Once again, Greg Rucka did a very good job producing an enjoyable comic here. It wasn't world-shattering or anything, but it was a good, fast-paced read. I like the characters of Nightwing and Flamebird, and to be perfectly honest, I really don't miss Supes at all in this series. If I had to state a negative about this comic, I guess I'd say that the battle between Nightwing, Flamebird and the Kryptonians didn't last long enough, but other than that, I had absolutely no complaints. For a score, I'll give this comic an 8 out of 10, along with a recommendation.


  1. Hey X-Man, I have to admit I didn't read this review for fear of spoilers, but I wanted to invite you over to my blog to read my new post.

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  2. Cool, I'll definitely check your blogs out Kello. Good to see you back again!