Sunday, June 14, 2009

Secret Six #10

I'll start this review off by stating that I really haven't been blown away by Gail Simone's work on this series thus far. I LOVED "Villains United" as well as the Secret Six mini-series follow-up, but this series just hasn't grabbed me in the way I'd hoped it would. That's not to say this series has been awful, it's been consistantly decent to good, but it just hasn't been up to the high caliber of those prior series'. Anyway, this issue marks the start of a new storyline, so hopefully Gail can make this comic as scorching hot as she's made Wonder Woman. Now, on with the review!

-This comic begins by introducing us to a guy named Mr. Smyth, who appears to hold a number of slaves. Basically Smyth is pure evil, but he does dress rather well. That's all you need to know about him for now.

-From there we head to Bane's bedroom where he is having some wicked bad dreams. After he awakens, he heads to his bathroom to shoot up some Venom to calm himself. Upon entering the bedroom, Bane spots Scandal sitting there holding the Venom. Scandal tells Bane that she'll give him the Venom if that's what he really craves, or she'll help him kick the cravings. Bane decides not to take the Venom and Scandal hops into Bane's bed, telling him she won't leave him until the morning.

-Next we move to Ireland where Deadshot and the Banshee woman(hopefully she'll get a proper nickname soon)are waiting on some clients. The clients turn out to be Mr. Smyth and his goons. Smyth tells Deadshot he works for Mockingbird(really?!?). Upon hearing that, Deadshot agrees to work for Smyth.

-The Six, along with Smyth's goons, wind up taking a plane(along with some type of big bio-hazard container)to some place called Devil's Island. After an emergency landing, the team runs into armed rebels and after a brief battle, the rebels retreat. After the rebels leave, Smyth arrives and tells a woman he'd been keeping as a slave to run for her freedom. After the woman makes a break for it, Smyth tells Deadshot(who didn't see the woman arrive with Smyth)that the woman was an escaped prisoner and to kill her. Deadshot shoots the woman with little hesitation and Scandal checks the body and realizes that Deadshot just killed a slave who was being used for hard labor. This issue ends with the Six realizing that they are now working for slavers.

-After this comic ended there was a five page preview for the upcoming mini-series called "Justice League: A Cry for Justice". The artwork looked great, and the writer was James Robinson... Needless to say I am EAGERLY awaiting July 1st, the day this book comes out.

I've got to say, this issue was pretty good. I enjoyed this issue more than practically any issue of this series to date. The thing that really piqued my interest the most was the mention of Mockingbird. The last Mockingbird(if memory serves me correctly)was Lex Luthor, who was the mysterious leader of the Six back when his son from Earth-3 had usurped Lex's position in the Secret Society of Villains. With Lex currently slaving away for Gen. Lane in the Superman books, I really doubt that Lex is the Mockingbird Smyth was talking about. So, the question then becomes who is this new Mockingbird? My guess? Um, I don't really have one right now... All I know is that it's probably not Lex. So long as it's not that goddamn Mad Hatter, I'll be fine.

Although I did enjoy this comic, the ending kind of bothered/confused me. Why is the Six upset that Deadshot offed that slave woman? All of a sudden they're a scrupulous bunch? Deadshot is a mercenary. He kills people. That's his job! THIS fact surprised the rest of the team? For real??? For a score, I'll give this comic an 8 out of 10. Besides the weak ending, this was a pretty good comic, one I'd have no problem recommending.

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