Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Green Lantern Corps #37

This is one comic I couldn't wait to get my hands on. Peter Tomasi has been doing a truly amazing job since he took over the writing reigns for this book, and I have no reason to believe the great storytelling won't continue with this comic. Now, on with the review!

-This comic begins with Sodam Yat completing his sacrifice and giving his life(?)to turn the sun Daxam revolves around from red to yellow. Why is this significant? Because under the light of a yellow sun, Daxamites gain the same powers as Superman! Now wielding massive powers, the Daxamites who were being forced to serve under Mongul and his faction of the Sinestro Corps want to get revenge. However, Arisia manages to quell the blood lust of the Daximites by explaining to them that they need to train in the usage of their new abilities before they charge headlong into battle. The Daximites agree to follow Arisia and she heads off with them to train.

-From there we find Lantern Ash, the GL who was sent by Scar to find the remains of the Anti-Monitor, battling some space vampires. After finishing off the space vampires, Ash is met by Lantern Saarek, who is able to speak to the spirits of the dead. Saarek tells Ash that he was also sent by Scar to find the husk of the Anti-Monitor and the two decide to travel together.

-Finally we head to Oa where the Green Lantern Corps members are trying to quell a massive prison break that has occurred there. For the most part the battle was a chaotic free-for-all so I really can't explain everything that happened. However, three important events did occur. #1, The Alpha Lanterns were activated in order to regain peace on Oa. #2, Sinestro Corps member Lyssa Drax(she's the Sinestro Corps member who was always carrying around the Book of Parallax)managed to sneak into Scar's private sanctuary where she discovered the Book of the Black. Before Drax could figure out what the meaning of the Book was, Scar snuck up behind her and turned her into a page in the Book(!). Finally, and most importantly, when it looked like the Lanterns were beginning to turn the tide of the battle, Scar decided it was time to open the "door" of Oa. This comic concluded with Scar using her massive powers to begin to literally tear Oa apart!!!

WOW!!! This comic was AMAZING!!! The last issue of this series was extremely good, but I can remember being slightly annoyed by the fact that the prison break on Oa was given so little space. This comic MORE then made up for that! Patrick Gleason, who did the pencils here really put forth a great effort in this book. When Scar raised her hands and all hell began to break loose on Oa, I literally got goosebumps! That scene was just simply awesome.

Usually when I review a comic, I'll say what I liked, then I'll add what I didn't like before I conclude the review with the score. I don't have one single complaint about this comic book. Not one. I can't think of a single thing to quibble about. This was truly a perfect comic book. Um yeah, I think you all know what the score for this comic is going to be. This comic EASILY gets a 10 out of 10 along with my very highest possible recommendation. After reading this comic book, I'm practically salivating with anticipation for the next issue, which should be a direct lead-in to the upcoming DC mega-event "Blackest Night". If you're a fan of DC Comics and have ANY interest at all in Blackest Night, you HAVE to give this comic a shot.


  1. sweet review, it was a great book. I hope sodam comes back more bad ass than ever

  2. Yeah, the only downer in that comic was Sodam's "death". Like you said, hopefully he comes back better than ever.

  3. I thought Sodam's 'death' was neat myself. Superman got killed by being hit in the face repeatedly, Sodam Yat 'died' by revitalizing a star and making it yellow. (Though if he'd really wanted to hyper-power his kin, he would have made it blue...)

  4. Yeah, good point GL. If you really think about it, there aren't many beings in the DCU who have the ability(or the balls for that matter!)to reverse the aging of a sun! As cool as it was though, I kind of doubt it's going to last. I can't imagine that Daxam is going to remain a planet full of ultra-powered beings for long.

  5. No doubt it was a cool way for sodam to go out GL.
    Thinking about it Im sure sodam will be back actually as we see him in the legion of 3 worlds. Im hoping he will be a big player in blackest night, the character has alot of potential

  6. Yeah Matthew, Sodam just recently popped up in World of New Krypton too, so I doubt DC is just going to throw the character away in such an offhanded manner. He's one of those characters that could probably be developed enough to get a series of his own one day. I know I'd buy an Ion series with Sodam as the lead.