Thursday, June 4, 2009

Another wasted post!

Since I'm still waiting for Wolverine Origins #36, Wolverine #72, New Avengers #53, Wonder Woman #32, Teen Titans #71, Superman #688, Justice League America #33, Justice Society America #27 and Green Lantern #41 to arrive in the mail(COME ON already Marvel and DC!!!)I really don't have too much to say tonight... I placed an order online for some new books earlier today, and since I have little else to post, I guess I'll give a quick rundown of what I ordered:

Authority (2008 5th Series) 11
Avengers Initiative (2007) 24
Dark Avengers (2009 Marvel) 5
Gotham Gazette Batman Alive (2009 DC) 1
Green Arrow (2001 2nd Series) 22
Green Arrow (2001 2nd Series) 51
Green Arrow (2001 2nd Series) 53
Green Lantern (1990 2nd Series) 119
Green Lantern (1990 2nd Series) 120
Green Lantern (1990 2nd Series) 137
Guardians of the Galaxy (2008 2nd Series) 14
New Avengers Reunion (2009) 4
New Mutants (2009- 3rd Series) 2
Nova (2007 4th Series) 25
Secret Six (2008 3rd Series) 10
Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E. (1999) 0
Superman (1987) 188
Superman World of New Krypton (2009) 4
War of Kings (2009 Marvel) 4

Now, to be honest, a couple of these comics are actually for my sister. Since I'm so incredibly kind and benevolent I picked them up for her. :-) She's really into the older issues of Green Arrow and the Kyle Rayner Green Lantern books, so that explains that. The Superman and Authority books are also for her as well... Me, I'm most looking forward to the Guardians book, and the War of Kings. I figure those comics should be arriving sometime in the middle of next week.

Oh, and the new Batman and Robin comic also dropped today! That's one of my mail order books, so who knows when that's going to arrive. I guess I'll probably read a few issues of X-Men to finish out the night, and I might just throw some(VERY)brief thoughts out on those comics. And of course there's my picture blog(you can find a link to get there right on the main page of this blog!)I ALWAYS have fresh content up over there, so stop by that blog too! There, now that I've gotten that gratuitous plug out of the way I can sign off for now!

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