Thursday, June 18, 2009

Any recommendations?

The comics I review here aren't the only ones I read. For example, just recently I finished up some back issues of the "Superboy and the Ravers" series from the 90's. Considering the fact that I really didn't like the solo "Superboy" comics all that much I was kind of surprised at how much I enjoyed the "Ravers" book. If I was going to give the whole series an overall score, I'd probably give it something like a 6 1/2 or 7 out of 10.

Anyway, the reason for this post is the fact that now that I'm finished with the Ravers, I need to decide on a new series to read. I'm either going to start the "JSA"series from the late 90's, the "Robin" series that was just recently cancelled, the "Ray" or "Damage", both from the mid-90's or the "Green Lantern" series, pretty much from when Kyle Rayner takes over until the end of that series. As you can see I'm looking to expand my knowledge of DC books, I'm still way more knowledgeable about Marvel than DC so I'm trying to read as much DC stuff as possible to catch up.

I'm leaning very heavily towards starting the JSA series. The first few issues are written by James Robinson and have the Jack Knight Starman on the team(!), before Geoff Johns takes over the writing chores. Any series that was both James Robinson and Geoff Johns writing it HAS to be spectacular! So anyway, if anybody wants to throw out any recommendations, I'll gladly hear them out.


  1. The JSA would be a good series. The Ray is good also. But only like the first 20 issues of that series. It started out awesome, and stayed strong through about issue #18 or #20. Then the last 10 or 12 issues of the series really stank. I'd still lean towards the Outsiders. The Batman and the Outsiders from the early 80's is ok. But the one from the mid 90's, I think is better. The current one is fantastic. I think you said one time that you had a lot of the Green Arrow books? The series before the current one was also good. The one that Kevin Smith started. Anyways, that's some of my recommendations. Hope it helped.

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  3. Jeez, I forgot about all of my GA books! I still haven't gotten around to any of them, the series from the late 80's OR the series before the current one! I personally blame eBay for the many piles of unread comics that currently permeate my home. I wasn't even aware there WAS an Outsiders series from the mid 90's Insight! That sounds like something worth researching.

    Being a HUGE fan of Geoff, that mini-series seems like something I need to get my hands on. I'm always looking for work from Geoff that I haven't read before Robert. Thanks for the advice guys.

  4. Hey, I forgot to suggest Ex Machina from WildStorm. It's not in the DC Universe, per se, but it's fantastically written by Brian K Vaughan. It's on issue #43, with #50 being it's last, but it is out in multiple TPBs. Just a suggestion.

  5. I really liked Brian's Marvel work, and my sister has been pressing me to start reading more Wildstorm titles, so this sounds like something else I'll be looking into. Thanks for the recommendations Insight.