Saturday, June 20, 2009

Uncanny X-Men #511

This issue should be the final part of the Madelyne Pryor/Sisterhood storyline. For the most part this story has been decent(although I have to question Wolverine having a lock of Jean Grey's hair laying around...), and I'll be interested to see how writer Matt Fraction wraps this story up. Before I even crack this comic open, I'll reiterate what I said last month, there is NO WAY Marvel will allow Jean to be brought back to life in a regular issue of Uncanny. When Jean comes back it will be in a big x-over or an anniversary issue. Now, will I be eating my words? Let's find out.

-This issue begins with a team of X-Men(led by Cyclops)racing to Westchester(to the former site of X-Mansion)in an attempt to prevent Maddie from possessing the dead body of Jean Grey. Another team of X-Men(led by Emma)makes a beeline to the headquarters of the Sisterhood.

-Maddie, Chimera, Spiral and Deathstrike go to the remains of X-Mansion and are met by Domino who is standing at the tombstone of Jean Grey... Oh Jean how I miss you!!! Please come back and make the X-titles good again! Ahem... Anyway, Maddie's Sisterhood attack Domino, but Cyclops, Colossus, Wolverine and Northstar make the save.

-At the headquarters of the Sisterhood, the only thing of note to occur is Psylocke regaining control of her body in an occurrence that EVERYBODY saw coming.

-Back at the graveyard, the X-Men battle the Sisterhood to a standstill until Maddie manages to get near Jean's coffin, which was conveniently dug up before Maddie and the Sisterhood arrived. Maddie doesn't question why the coffin was already dug up, instead she proceeds to tear the lid off. Cyclops warns her not to try to possess the corpse, but Maddie doesn't listen, and begins to put her essence into the corpse. Big mistake! Apparently, Domino had replaced Jean's coffin with a different one before the Sisterhood arrived and Maddie's essence dissipates, since only Jean's body would have been powerful enough to hold Maddie's essence.

-This issue ends with Beast breaking into the bedroom of Scott and Emma and complaining about all of the secrets Scott(and Emma)are holding from the rest of the team. Hank then tells Scott that he was taking the X-Club(that's Hank's group of geniuses)on a little adventure, and that when he returned him and Scott were going to have it out.

Meh. That pretty much sums up my feelings towards this comic book. The story with Maddie has been percolating for almost a year now and all we get is the return of Psylocke? No thanks! Let's face it, Psylocke isn't now, nor has she ever been an interesting character. And I say that as someone who has followed the X-Men for over 15 years! Quite frankly, the only thing Psylocke adds is some more T&A, and that's something this series really didn't need. I guess all of the prepubescent 12 year old's will be happy, as they get to drool at images of Psylocke's ass again. Me, I would have preferred the return of a more interesting character, like say, Jean Grey.

Once again(unsurprisingly)Marvel didn't produce the long awaited return of Jean Grey. By my count, this is the third or forth time it looked like Jean would be making her return, but did not. I really wish Marvel would just bring her back already or stop beating a dead horse and stop bringing her up. I like Jean as much as the next X-Fan(I'd go so far to say Jean is my favorite female X-Man)but by this point I almost don't care if she comes back or not anymore.

I have to say I wasn't really that impressed with this comic, although I am looking forward to next issue, since it seems to be a spotlight on Beast and his motley crew. Right now, somewhat surprisingly, Beast is probably my favorite character in this series. I just can't stand the other characters and all of their secrets and lies anymore. For a score I'll give this comic a 6 out of 10 and move on.


  1. I disagree. Psylocke is way more interesting than the likes of Colossus, Nightcrawler, Angel and Beast. (all boring boring boring) I'm glas she's back. Emma Frost is getting on my nervous in all her annoying glory. I'm glad they're bringing more women to front her.

  2. I'll meet you halfway and say you're right about Colossus, Nightcrawler and Angel, they are all way past stale. With that said though, I just don't see the what the draw of bringing Betsy back is. To be honest, the last thing the X-Men need is another female character. A younger, fresh male character is what Uncanny is sorely lacking right now, not another scantily clad female.

  3. Yeah I think you guys are both right on certain points. Emma Frost has been used so much since new x-men days, im getting sick of her, but..uncanny really doesnt need another female character either, x-man75 is right it does need a fresh younger male character.

  4. Oh, I definitely can't stand Emma either! Let me strongly state that. I didn't like her during her Gen X days, I didn't like her during her New X-Men days, and I don't like her now. IMO, she's best suited to be a villian/antagonist, not a hero. I'll always consider Emma a poor woman's Jean Grey.